Cash Cows – Round 17

Round 17 is upon us! Round 16 saw some very impressive cow scoring which was handy help to many as the bench cover was important. Hopefully everyone jumped on a few of the cows that were on the bubble last week as the paddocks are fast running out of meat! From now on though in the limited trade formats we all should have completed teams and be holding trades for premium LTI’s. Good in theory I know haha!


Top 20 AFL Fantasy Breakevens - Round 17

Sean DarcyRuck$303,000-10
Mitchell HibberdDef/Mid$187,000-8
Luke RyanDef$272,0001
Ryan NyhuisDef$168,0002
Alex WitherdenDef/Mid$305,0002
Aidyn JohnsonFwd$168,0002
Dallas WillsmoreMid$175,0004
Robbie FoxMid$202,00010
Ben McNieceDef$174,00010
Gary RohanFwd$326,00010
Declan MountfordMid$268,00011
Ivan SoldoRuck$189,00011
Kurt MutimerMid/Fwd$212,00012
Brayden PreussRuck$316,00013
Brennan CoxDef/Fwd$231,00013
Harley BalicMid/Fwd$250,00013
Tyson StengleFwd$166,00014
Daniel NielsonDef$160,00014
Wylie BuzzaFwd/Ruck$177,00015
Jordan DawsonMid/Fwd$160,00016

Top 20 SuperCoach Breakevens - Round 17

Ryan Nyhuis*Def$117,300-86
Aidyn Johnson*Fwd$123,900-66
Sean DarcyRuck$184,000-60
Alex WitherdenDef/Mid$193,300-50
Ben McNieceDef$102,400-48
Robbie FoxMid$156,500-44
Daniel Nielson*Def$123,900-42
Fraser McInnesDef/Fwd$155,100-41
Brett EddyFwd$141,900-33
Mitchell HibberdDef/Mid$156,500-31
Wylie BuzzaRuck/Fwd$157,500-27
Jordan Gallucci*Mid/Fwd$148,800-26
Callum BrownMid/Fwd$117,300-25
Jordan Cunico*Mid/Fwd$123,900-24
Ivan SoldoRuck$123,900-20
Joe Atley*Mid$117,300-20
Sam DurdinFwd$123,900-18
Jack Fitzpatrick*Ruck$217,100-17
Sam Simpson*Fwd$102,400-13
Luke RyanDef$245,500-10
* players who have only played 1 game. Price changes will only occur in SuperCoach after the player has played their 3rd game.

Top 20 DreamTeam Breakevens - Round 17

Sean DarcyRuck$224,500-71
Ryan Nyhuis*Def$125,300-64
Aidyn Johnson*Fwd$132,400-60
Alex WitherdenDef/Mid$214,400-58
Fraser McInnesDef/Fwd$145,300-46
Ivan SoldoRuck$132,400-35
Mitchell HibberdDef/Mid$170,900-34
Ben McNieceDef$109,300-34
Sam Simpson*Fwd$109,300-33
Josh Thomas*Mid/Fwd$207,000-30
Robbie FoxMid$154,700-30
Dallas WillsmoreMid$132,400-28
Josh Deluca-Cardillo*Mid/Fwd$109,300-27
Brett EddyFwd$139,000-25
Daniel Nielson*Def$132,400-24
Jordan Dawson*Mid/Fwd$132,400-22
Luke RyanDef$258,400-21
Jordan Gallucci*Mid/Fwd$156,800-20
Wylie BuzzaRuck/Fwd$132,400-19
Joe Atley*Mid$125,300-18
* players who have only played 1 game. Price changes will only occur in DreamTeam after the player has played their 3rd game.

Fresh Beef

Not much fresh beef this week truth be told. Maybe a Ryan Nyhuis in AFL Fantasy becomes an option. Daniel Nielson doesn’t appear to be a fantasy type from what I saw and Joe Atley did enough to warrant another look. I wouldn’t recommend jumping on either though.


Ross Loves his Rookies

Who would have thought I would have a heading like that 1!!! We, the fantasy coach, usually see Ross Lyon as someone who has killed many fantasy dreams over the years. But have a look at this crop and it appears the leopard has changed his spots after all!

The big fella has come in and rocked the show! In his first 3 games in SC he has gone 50, 99 and 71, and in DT/AF has gone 80, 114 and 82. He doesn’t look to have the aerobic fitness to run out games and often looks buggered by the second quarter but the size of his heart is huge! There is something special about Sean Darcy and the way he goes about it. I reckon there will be a few years that he features prominently in our fantasy teams.

How about this lad! We heard heaps about him in the preseason only to have to wait till halfway through the season to see him debut. Since then though, he has improved every single game! His latest effort against the Kangaroos was clearly his best game. He was integral in the Dockers winning that game I thought. Luke Ryan is shaping as a very handy d7/d8 for the remaining 7 rounds!

Brennan Cox has been outstanding in all of his games this season! He has a great pair of hands and an even better leap. He also possesses a very good tank which means playing the second ruck role is very much right up his alley way! The Dockers have a very special kid in this guy.

Ryan Nyhuis had a debut that is made in dreams really! Prior to the weekend, he had never played in the forward line since his time at the Dockers. He then comes in late as a replacement for the ill David Mundy and kicks 4 of the best goals you are likely to see. Talk about having an instant impact! Of course we would be nuts to be expecting that on a weekly basis but just goes to show that Ross may have just changed his spots!

On the Bubble

Josh Thomas is the only one worth looking at and he faces an uphill battle to get through Thursday evening teams first! Move along, there is nothing to see here.

On the Horizon

As the year is starting to fade away, there isn’t much coming late that we don’t already know about. Wigg and Gallucci continue to find plenty of it at SANFL level for the Crows. Kayle Kirby continues to kick VFL goals almost at will for the Pies. Harley Balic is back playing in the WAFL reminding everyone of his obvious talent. He will be back playing seniors very very soon! The big Preuss keeps pushing his rucking claims at the Roos by dominating all VFL rucks that cross his path. The one guy that should feature late is Jack Graham for the Tigers. The big bodied mid is starting to get some miles under his belt and I think he will definitely feature at some stage. It will probably come too late to help us in the limited trade formats but might appear just in time to be a very handy downgrade AFL Fantasy option!

All the best for round 17 coaches. Apologies about the lack of detail this week but the cupboard is getting very bare very quickly! I purposefully didn’t mention a certain young Brisbane Lion defender this week in the hope of not jinxing the kid! If he continues his run however in round 17 I might just mention him next week. Make sure you give us a like on the facebook page by clicking here or a follow on twitter by clicking here. May the DT Gods look upon you favourably for this week!

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