Cash Cows – Round 17

17 rounds down and with only 6 to go now! Finals is just around the corner now. The year has flown away very quickly. We will soon be entering my favourite time of the year, draft and trade talk. But before we start that, Cash Cows is back! Not sure how useful this article is anymore for the limited trade formats as coaches everywhere run think on trades, but we shall persist!




Defenders Round 17

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Nathan Broad -47Jason Castagna -21Jason Castagna -50
Jason Castagna -39Aliir Aliir 5Reuben William -35
Matthew Hammelmann -28Reuben William 5Nathan Broad -25
Reuben William -27Josh Cowan 7Thomas Cole -23
Jack Leslie -25Nathan Broad 9Josh Cowan -14
Thomas Cole -17Jesse Joyce 13Aliir Aliir 2
Brendan Whitecross -11Jack Leslie 13Neville Jetta 4
Josh Cowan -11Fletcher Roberts 17Jack Leslie 6
Aliir Aliir -2Jake Kolodjashnij 17Eric Hipwood 9
Billie Smedts 2Matthew Hammelmann 18Matthew Hammelmann 10

Reuben William has done a couple of nice things but it appears he is not fantasy relevant. I don’t personally think he has nailed his opportunity either yet so he will be fringe at best. Is not worth the trade moving forward for mine in any of the formats.

Josh Cowan is the one most likely in the defender cows paddock but truth be told, he also doesn’t appear to have a fantasy friendly game. Has had a shocking run with injuries over the years so really wish him all the best moving forward. If you have to downgrade to a defender cow, then I would suggest Cowan is the best of the crop.


Forwards Round 17

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Oleg Markov -65Clay Smith -12Oleg Markov -74
Sam Naismith -57Sam Naismith -10Sam Naismith -48
Matthew Hammelmann -28Tom Phillips 0Sam Grimley -30
Tom Phillips -14Sam J Reid 0Tom Phillips -30
Clay Smith -13Oleg Markov 4Clay Smith -22
Brendan Whitecross -11Jack Silvagni 4Sam J Reid -15
Jack Silvagni -3Liam McBean 9Jack Silvagni -1
McKenzie Willis -1Nick Kommer 13McKenzie Willis 2
Sam Grimley 0McKenzie Willis 15Nick Kommer 3
Sam J Reid 1Jeremy Cameron 16Harrison Himmelberg 4

I have been banging on about Sam Naismith for the better part of 2 years. There is a real opportunity here for him to nail the number 1 ruck spot for the Swans. He is a monster of a man as you can see in the picture. He has been very impressive the last 2 weeks and is now on the bubble this week. Having DPP means he would make a solid cow at f8 for the limited trade formats (DPP ruck will be required obviously in the rucks for Naismith to swing around). Longmire said on the weekend that Naismith had impressed him so I see quite a few more games for the big fella!

Jeremy Cameron won a Coleman medal 2 years back. This kid can play! I was surprised however to see him feature in the above table for AFL Fantasy. Then I started thinking through this a little more and suddenly became interested in him as an AFL Fantasy option. Having a guy like Cameron at f7 is not the worst of ideas. GWS finish the year against Port, Richmond, Suns, Eagles, Freo and North. I can definitely see him kicking a bag against a few of those teams. At least think about him this week!

Oleg Markov is on the bubble this week. This kid is exciting! His output however from a fantasy perspective will be very up and down. He was originally drafted to the Tigers as a project player and has improved so quickly that he is now playing senior footy. But I wouldn’t want to rely on the kid being on my field in any format. I think Naismith might be a better option.

Midfielders Round 17

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Ryan Clarke -47Clay Smith -12Ryan Clarke -53
Kieran Lovell -29Sam J Reid 0Tom Phillips -30
Jack Trengove -22Tom Phillips 0Thomas Cole -23
Kade Stewart -22Ryan Clarke 6Clay Smith -22
Thomas Cole -17Darcy MacPherson 9Darcy MacPherson -17
Tom Phillips -14Jesse Joyce 13Sam J Reid -15
Clay Smith -13Kade Stewart 13Jack Trengove -14
Darcy MacPherson -8McKenzie Willis 15Kieran Lovell -9
McKenzie Willis -1Matthew Goodyear 19Brady Grey -8
Matthew Kennedy 0Jack Hiscox 19Kade Stewart -5
Sam J Reid 1Rhys Mathieson 20McKenzie Willis 2
Bailey Williams 3Kieran Lovell 21Matthew Goodyear 5
Bailey Dale 3Thomas Cole 23Bailey Dale 6
Rhys Mathieson 7Corey Wagner 24James Polkinghorne 7
Brady Grey 12Bailey Dale 26Jack Hiscox 9

Ryan Clarke adds something to the Roos team and that is speed. His disposal however needs work. I don’t think he will get through the team sheets on Thursday night personally but if he does, then he might be fine as a m11 option for the remaining 6 rounds to free up some cash.

Clay Smith has done everything he can to stay in the team for the rest of the season. Originally I was worried that he might have been keeping Dahlhaus’ spot warm but now I am not as sure. He has provided the Dogs with a little grunt through the forward line. His tackling pressure is second to none at the Dogs. Shaping as an awesome f7/m9 swingman!

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