Cash Cows – Round 18

Only 5 rounds to go! Unfortunately we saw one of preseason’s best touted ‘cash cows’ appear on the weekend as a late in. Funny when these cows appear so late. Some love it! I just find it bloody annoying that 2017’s crop of cash cows will now be heavily affected over the last month of 2016.

Time to look at whose price tags have now been ruined for season 2017!




Defenders Round 18

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Nathan Drummond -50Josh Cowan -6Nathan Drummond -35
Aaron Francis -50Nathan Drummond 2Aaron Francis -26
Nathan Broad -47Aliir Aliir 4Nathan Broad -25
Brendan Whitecross -37Nathan Broad 9Josh Cowan -25
Josh Cowan -25Jack Leslie 13Xavier Richards -23
Jack Leslie -24Xavier Richards 17Thomas Cole -23
Thomas Cole -17Brendan Whitecross 17Sean Dempster 0
Sean Dempster -15Reuben William 18Reuben William 1
Xavier Richards -4Steven May 21Brendan Whitecross 1
Bailey Williams 4Harry Marsh 22Jack Leslie 6

Aaron Francis was one guy I had pencilled in for 2017! I was very much hoping that we wouldn’t see this kid debut and more importantly, so bloody late in the season! Instead he debuted on the weekend and did what I as well as many others thought he would do…. play well. He has some talent this kid! Plays a lot taller than he actually is. I used the reference of Chad Cornes on yesterdays review podcast and I think he will be just as relevant. Can play both ends as well! Bombers have a beauty here.

Nathan Drummond’s debut game last year was bittersweet! He landed awkwardly and ended up having a knee reco. 14 months later and we got to see him roll out once again in the Yellow and Black! Kid is a real goer and can play forward, back and through the mids. The Tigers will be keen to get some games into him as he is definitely one for the future!

I love that Brendan Whitecross is getting games! He isn’t just getting games however, he is performing his role nicely! Very nicely priced across all the formats, Whitecross is shaping as a solid bench depth option. Having DPP also helps his flexibility in our teams.

Forwards Round 18

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Sam Naismith -53Sam Naismith -21Sam Naismith -49
Shane Yarran -50Tom Phillips 0Shane Yarran -33
Brendan Whitecross -37Shane Yarran 8Sam Grimley -30
Harrison Himmelberg -18Liam McBean 10Tom Phillips -29
Tom Phillips -13Clay Smith 10Harrison Himmelberg -4
Conor McKenna -4Sam J Reid 14Brendan Whitecross 1
Oleg Markov -3Nick Kommer 14McKenzie Willis 2
McKenzie Willis -1McKenzie Willis 15Nick Kommer 3
Sam Grimley 0Brendan Whitecross 17Bailey Dale 6
Daniel Rioli 0Ed Langdon 19Oleg Markov 6

Last week I stated that I thought Sam Naismith was now the #1 ruck at the Swans! Based on the weekend’s game, I am even more confident of this. He is a serious brut of a guy. His tap work and intensity around the stoppages has been very impressive. If and when Tippett returns, I can see Sinclair being replaced in the current line up! Really impressive kid this one!

Shane Yarran was talked up by everyone in the preseason. As the season was fading away I was hopeful we wouldn’t see him get a game. Then suddenly he was named to debut last week. I nearly cried in my coffee. He doesn’t get huge numbers and isn’t the greatest of fantasy options, but as a cow he is perfect for what we need. He should get a few more games now and knows where the goals are. Smart small forward!

Midfielders Round 18

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Sam Menegola -122Sam Menegola -22Sam Menegola -129
Joshua Schoenfield -58Ryan Clarke -1Joshua Schoenfield -99
Aaron Francis -50Joshua Schoenfield -1Ryan Clarke -37
Ryan Clarke -46Tom Phillips 0Tom Phillips -29
Kieran Lovell -28Darcy MacPherson 9Aaron Francis -26
Josh Dunkley -23Clay Smith 10Thomas Cole -23
Kade Stewart -22Kade Stewart 13Darcy MacPherson -17
Jack Trengove -22Jordan Foote 13Jordan Foote -15
Thomas Cole -17Sam J Reid 14Jack Trengove -14
Tom Phillips -13McKenzie Willis 15Kieran Lovell -9
Jordan Foote -12Matthew Goodyear 19Brady Grey -8
Darcy MacPherson -8Jack Hiscox 19Kade Stewart -4
McKenzie Willis -1Ed Langdon 19Josh Dunkley -2
Matthew Kennedy 1Kieran Lovell 21Bardley Hill -1
Bradley Hill 2Thomas Cole 24McKenzie Willis 2

If Yarran wasn’t bad enough, then Sam Menegola was a late in against the Crows. yet another cow gone for 2017…. What are these coaches doing to us!!! And to make things worse, Menegola came out and went bang! He is my ‘Beef of the Week’! If you need a downgrade option, then jump on board.

Joshua Schoenfeld loves to run! The kid just never stops running. He is the Forrest Gump of the AFL. I was rapt to see him debut on the weekend and he didn’t disappoint. He ran up and down the wing gathering touches at will. Love watching quality kids running round and getting games. Just wish it wasn’t this late in the season!

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