Cash Cows – Round 19

This is the 3rd last Cash Cow article for season 2016! Where has the time gone?



Defenders Round 19

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Nathan Broad -46Josh Cowan -4Zaine Cordy -31
Zaine Cordy -41Nathan Drummond -1Nathan Drummond -29
Nathan Drummond -35Zaine Cordy 7Nathan Broad -25
Jack Leslie -23Aliir Aliir 7Thomas Cole -23
Sam Day -19Nathan Broad 9Sam Day -21
Thomas Cole -16Xavier Richards 11Xavier Richards -20
Brendan Whitecross -10Sam Day 11Josh Cowan -10
Aaron Francis -5Jack Leslie 13Logan Austin 1
Josh Cowan -2Reuben William 19Reuben William 1
Aliir Aliir 5Austin Logan 20Jack Leslie 6

Here is a picture of the best defender’s Cash Cows this week! Lovely picture but suck it up boys and girls! There is not one cow, let alone a decent one in sight. And the road is a long one. What you now have is what you should now keep!

Forwards Round 19

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Shane Yarran -35Sam Naismith -14Shane Yarran -31
Sam Naismith -29John Butcher -5Sam Grimley -30
Harrison Himmelberg -25Tom Phillips 1Tom Phillips -29
John Butcher -24Shane Yarran 4Sam Naismith -28
Sam Day -19Ed Langdon 10Sam Day -21
Michael Close -17Sam Day 11Michael Close -7
Sam J Reid -14Liam McBean 11Blake Hardwick -7
Tom Phillips -13Sam J Reid 13Harrison Himmelberg -6
Brendan Whitecross -10Nick Kommer 14John Butcher -3
McKenzie Willis 0Michael Close 15Ed Langdon -3

Shane Yarran is mature aged and on the bubble. He is my clear #1 choice for a forward cash cow this week. Having said that, maybe it is better to try and use DPP and bring in one of the available mid cows I will be mentioning shortly. Keep reading to find out who it is… ***builds suspense***

This guy is NOT a decent cash cow! I am in no way suggesting to go and grab him. But in true Rids tradition if someone catches the eye (ala Zac Dawson earlier in the year), then I will highlight them! Does John Butcher play Brisbane every week? No. Is John Butcher guaranteed be named on Thursday night? I really don’t know. It will depend on the availability of the other tall Port forwards. This is his time in the spotlight though so good on him!

Midfielders Round 19

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Sam Menegola -101Sam Menegola -29Sam Menegola -111
Rupert Wills -97Rupert Wills -12Rupert Wills -97
Joshua Schoenfield -47Adam Marcon -5Adam Marcon -80
Adam Marcon -45Tom Phillips 1Joshua Schoenfeld -68
Kieran Lovell -28Joshua Schoenfeld 6Tom Phillips -29
Jack Trengove -21Darcy MacPherson 10Thomas Cole -23
Kade Stewart -21Ed Langdon 10Darcy MacPherson -17
Thomas Cole -16Sam J Reid 13Jordan Foote -15
Sam J Reid -14Kade Stewart 14Jack Trengove -14
Tom Phillips -13Jordan Foote 14Kieran Lovell -9
Jordan Foote -11McKenzie Willis 16Brady Grey -8
Darcy MacPherson -7Malcolm Karpany 17Kade Stewart -4
Aaron Francis -5Matthew Goodyear 19Ed Langdon-3
McKenzie Willis 0Jack Hiscox 19Malcolm Karpany -1
Ryan Clarke 0Kieran Lovell 22McKenzie Willis 3

This guy is the clear standout cow for this week, especially in the limited trade formats. Sam Menegola has some serious negative BE action happening in the above table. But that isn’t the only thing. The Cats have a dream run home! Essendon, Richmond, Brisbane and then Melbourne. Every chance Menegola can score better than well against all those teams. Menegola has also shown decent scoring potential across the fantasy formats. He could be a late season beauty for our teams!

Great debut for Rupert Wills on the weekend! Got to love a guy who loves a man hug. Rupert found 11 hugs on the weekend. This guy is well worth a look in AFL Fantasy this week to free up some cash to upgrade elsewhere.


Joshua Schoenfeld is the third decent mid cow option this week! Truth be told though, I think the other 2 are probably better fantasy wise. Having said that, if you do like to try something different then this kid won’t let you down I reckon. He is a runner and doesn’t stop! Suns might have found a decent winger for the next decade here.

Any questions about anyone in particular just flick it to me @CoachRids or on the Coaches Panel facebook page here.

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