Cash Cows – Round 21

Hello there! Welcome to the very last Cash Cows for season 2016! Time flies when you are having fun. No need to muck around today so I will jump straight into it.



Defenders Round 21

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Nathan Broad -46Kurt Heatherley 6Kurt Heatherley -32
Kurt Heatherley -43Nathan Broad 10Nathan Broad -24
Jack Leslie -23Nathan Brown 10Thomas Cole -22
Alex Silvagni -17Josh Cowan 11Mitch Brown (Ess) -9
Thomas Cole -16Zaine Cordy 11Nathan Brown 2
Mitch Brown (Ess) -10Jack Leslie 14Reuben William 3
Bailey Williams 4Alex Silvagni 16Alex Silvagni 4
Josh Cowan 6Nathan Drummond 16Zaine Cordy 8
Zaine Cordy 9Oscar McDonald 18Jack Leslie 8
Caleb Marchbank 10Xavier Richards 20Martin Gleeson 11

Forwards Round 21

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Michael Close -72Michael Close -15Michael Close -49
Jake Long -45Jake Long 4Jake Long -42
Jesse Palmer -13Shane Yarran 4Oleg Markov -26
Mitch Brown (Ess) -10Simon Tunbridge 5Jesse Palmer -26
John Butcher -9Jesse Palmer 9Ryan Burton -24
Oleg Markov -7Levi Casboult 12Shane Yarran -11
Michael Apeness -6Liam McBean 12Mitch Brown (Ess) -9
Sam Weidemann -3Nick Kommer 15Blake Hardwick -6
Ryan Burton -3Oleg Markov 16Levi Casboult -3
Levi Casboult -3Ryan Burton 16Simon Tunbridge 0

Midfielders Round 21

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Adam Marcon -65Rupert Wills -27Adam Marcon -96
Rupert Wills -63Adam Marcon -24Rupert Wills -60
Jake Long -45Jake Long 4Jake Long -42
Kieran Lovell -28Sam Menegola 6David Cuningham -39
Sam Menegola -22Darcy MacPherson 11Thomas Cole -22
David Cuningham -22Jordan Foote 14Darcy MacPherson -15
Kade Stewart -21Kade Stewart 15Jordan Foote -14
Jack Trengove -21McKenzie Willis 17Jack Trengove -11
Thomas Cole -16Malcolm Karpany 18Kieran Lovell -7
Jordan Foote -11Matthew Goodyear 20Sam Menegola -7

At this time of the year, we aren’t necessarily looking for the best option per position. We are looking at freeing up some cash and maximising on-field scoring/points. So for the last Cash Cow article I will do a ‘Best 5 Cows’ options for the week. These are not in any particular order.

Jake Long might not be the greatest fantasy option going around but I really like his timing. With only 2 weeks left, he becomes a great downgrade target for our teams. Especially in AFL Fantasy if you are carrying a Sam Reid type. Long has DPP as well so I have no doubt that becomes very very important! This isn’t about generating cash anymore moreso than freeing it up. Long is perfect and did enough to warrant a little confidence to play the next 2 games.

Staggering to think that Rupert Wills has only played 3 games of senior footy at Collingwood! Where have they been keeping this kid? Tackling machine – going over 10 tackles a game in his first 3! Wills is averaging a tad under 18 possessions a game yet an incredible 90 in AFL Fantasy and 92 in SuperCoach. Impressive when a guy doesn’t need a heap of footy to rack up some very solid fantasy output! Wouldn’t mind Wills on field either looking at those numbers.

Brayden Fiorini hasn’t debuted yet for the club but must be close! He had another 40 touches in the NEAFL on the weekend which has him banging down that door. I think he would be odds on to debut before the season is over. Doesn’t matter the standard of footy. To demonstrate the ability to accumulate in such a way is exactly what we the DT coach is looking for. Even if he doesn’t debut, with 2 weeks to go, it isn’t the worst downgrade you will ever do!

Adam Marcon is still on the bubble. I have no idea why he was omitted on the weekend but he performed very well in a VFL win for the tigers. The good thing though here with Marcon is price tag. In the limited trade formats he is still basement rookie price. This should allow maximum freeing up of the $$$ for that all important upgrade!

Michael Close does NOT play Carlton every week! If he did, he would be my #1 cow suggestion of the week. But who cares! Isn’t it great to see this bloke back playing footy and kicking goals. If you take a walk down memory lane, Close did his ACL on that now infamous Etihad boundary turf. Took him a while to get back into it but I thought he was great on the weekend. I wouldn’t go near this guy as an on field suggestion, but he makes the cut for the best 5 options of the week for me.

Well there you go! That is the last cash cows for 2016. Next week I will be doing a Best of the Cash Cows articles for season 2016. I hope you have enjoyed this series as much I have enjoyed writing it! All the best for your league finals.

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