Cash Cows – Round 5

Last week’s good showing by our cash cows wasn’t exactly repeated this week as we were faced with what we’ve been accustomed to over the years- their unwavering inconsistency! It’s not all bad however, as we’ve had some really good showings and we might have a couple of decent options around the corner to bring in! Firstly, as usual we’ll assess how our breakevens are looking this week:

Top 15 AFL Fantasy Breakevens:

Name Position Price Breakeven
Jake Barrett MID 241k -18
James Parsons FWD 201k -16
Nic Newman DEF 270k -14
Harley Balic MID/FWD 178k -7
Dan Houston FWD 309k -3
Tom Williamson DEF 191k 0
Cam McCarthy FWD 278k 0
Brandan Parfitt MID/FWD 278k 1
Braydon Preuss RUC 316k 1
Robbie Fox MID 202k 2
Andy Otten DEF 259k 5
Matt Kennedy FWD 224k 5
Troy Menzel FWD 238k 9
Jordan Dawson MID/FWD 160k 11
Zac Fisher MID 212k 11


Top 25 SuperCoach Breakevens:

Name Position Price Breakeven
Nic Newman DEF 206.7K -63
Brandon Matera FWD 331.9K -62
James Parsons FWD 117.3K -59
Tom Williamson DEF 117.3K -53
Robbie Fox MID 156.5K -45
Harley Balic MID/FWD 123.9K -38
Brett Eddy FWD 141.9K -34
Brandan Parfitt MID/FWD 206.6K -30
Andy Otten DEF 286.3K -28
Shaun McKernan FWD 277.5K -26
Ben Ainsworth MID/FWD 198.3K -26
Jake Barrett MID 170.6K -24
Troy Menzel FWD 183.9K -23
Cam McCarthy FWD 230.6K -17
Tim Broomhead FWD 228.7K -9
Alex Neal-Bullen MID/FWD 356.4K -8
Brayden Fiorini MID 279.1K -8
Will Hayward FWD 176.2K -7
Sam Petrevski-Seton MID 274.4K -4
George Horlin-Smith MID 234.0K -3
Dan Butler FWD 239.7K -2
Dan Houston FWD 233.9K 1
Jack Bowes MID/FWD 201.3K 1
Jy Simpkin FWD 181.9K 3
Andrew McGrath DEF/MID 278.1K 4


Top 25 AFL Dream Team Breakevens:

Name Position Price Breakeven
James Parsons FWD 125.3k -70
Nic Newman DEF 214.3k -66
Tom Williamson DEF 125.3k -47
Jake Barrett MID 202.6k -46
Harley Balic MID/FWD 132.4k -36
Brandan Parfitt MID/FWD 236.4k -35
Ben Ainsworth MID/FWD 206.3k -33
Brandon Matera FWD 389.4k -33
Robbie Fox MID 154.7k -32
Brett Eddy FWD 139.0k -27
Troy Menzel FWD 195.2k -23
Alex Neal-Bullen MID/FWD 404.1k -16
Cam McCarthy FWD 267.3k -14
Teia Miles MID/FWD 132.4k -11
Hugh McGluggage MID/FWD 210.8k -9
Will Hayward FWD 184.8k -9
Jy Simpkin FWD 195.7k -7
George Horlin-Smith MID 201.7k -7
Dan Houston FWD 274.6k -6
Brayden Fiorini MID 330.7k -6
Matt Kennedy FWD 217.1k -3
Tim Broomhead FWD 253.2k -3
Braydon Preuss RUC 294.5k -2
Dan Butler FWD 231.6k 0
Jason Castagna DEF 348.6k 0


The ‘Must-Have’s:

Nic Newman is still attainable if you’ve missed him for whatever reason so far in DT and SC, but I wouldn’t be going for him now in AF. James Parsons is going to be great for us to downgrade to across all 3 comps…… when he returns from his holiday! It remains to be seen if he’s an instant-inclusion after his suspension as well, but definitely at some point he’ll be an option for us. Probably the best 2 options this week in Harley Balic and Tom Williamson are hard to split, and it will likely come down to which area of the ground you are downgrading from.

Be Patient With:

Jake Barrett was dropped for round 4, much to the frustration of fantasy footy coaches! I wouldn’t necessarily be looking to get him out ASAP if I didn’t need to though- his last game was a big score which makes his breakeven nice and low for if/when he does return (and a huge NEAFL game on the weekend won’t do his chances much harm). Curtly Hampton was quiet on the weekend but the only reason I’d be looking to move him on would be if he was (unluckily) dropped this week- play the wait-and-see game on this one as he does have a couple of nice games coming up. Similar story with Sam Powell-Pepper, but I wouldn’t blame any coaches who are moving him on this week. Tim Taranto also had his best game so far on the weekend and earned himself at least another week if you still have him. Will Hoskin-Elliott had his worst game of the season after dealing with a wrist-injury early, however his breakeven is easily low enough to justify holding him for this week. Be aware that another 70ish score or less will greatly stall his cash generation and could put him on the block for next week. George Horlin-Smith is every chance of coming back in this week for James Parsons so if you have him still, I’d be holding if he’s named.

Consider Moving:

Mitchell Hibberd still has massive ownership across the formats- unless he miraculously gets a call-up this week, I’d definitely be looking to get him out if you can. Tom Stewart looks to be a real slow-burner for us and if he’s your worst current rookie, swapping him to one with a negative breakeven won’t be the worst thing to do. Most of our other cows are probably okay for another week but keep in mind that next week there may be a few popping up that we can start to move on.

The 1-Gamers:

Don’t go anywhere near Tim O’Brien. Ben Long wasn’t prolific so he’ll need to impress next week to come under consideration. Cedric Cox wasn’t too bad but again, I’d be waiting until I see what he does next week before thinking about jumping on. Blake Hardwick was okay but could easily find himself out of the team in any given week. Matt White is surprisingly cheap but hasn’t been known for his fantasy scoring in the past. Jake Spencer was good, and he’ll be at least solid for the next couple of months. Zac Fisher impressed and could be an interesting prospect for us- I wouldn’t blame anyone for jumping early in AF, and DT/SC players will no doubt be keeping an eye on him this week.

Mid-Priced Madness?

The current in-thing in fantasy football these days is jumping on guys like Will Hoskin-Elliott, Alex Neal-Bullen and David Swallow who are coming off some big scores and despite being mid-priced, are offering us tasty short-term cash gains as well as (ideally) some decent scoring potential. WHE and ANB have largely been a success but an unlucky injury has probably cost quite a few who jumped on Swallow last week. This week’s interesting prospect is Brandon Matera (no typo!). In his 2 weeks, he’s belted out 107 and 138 in AF/DT as well as 98 and 159 in SC. I think he’s too expensive and out of reach in AF, however at 389.4k with a -33 breakeven in DT and 331.9k with a -62 breakeven in SC, he can definitely offer a quick-fix stepping-stone sort of role in your side, particularly if you’ve had rookies struggling for cash generation. This is a sort of move that I think needs to be considered with 30 trades in those competitions now. In a similar vein, Brayden Fiorini over the last 2 weeks has scored 77 and 109 AF/DT and 75 and 95 in SC. Again, he’s way too highly priced in AF however at 330.7k with a -6 breakeven in DT and 279.1k with a -8 breakeven in SC, he could also provide some mid-priced cash generation relief for your sides.

Options Lurking:

Hugh Greenwood and Harrison Wigg are facing an uphill battle to crack into the Crows best 22 but could be options if they have a few injuries. As mentioned earlier, Jake Barrett was huge in the NEAFL and could return soon and it’s worth noting Alex Witherden was also prolific and may be another Lion debutant at some stage. Cameron Polson was BOG for the Northern Blues and could find himself playing for Carlton relatively soon. Josh Daicos and Matt Scharenberg are probably next in line to make their debuts for Collingwood if any opportunity presents. Mature-age rookie Ben McNiece was one of Bendigo’s best and could appear for Essendon at some stage and David Myers will be close to a lock for most of us when he returns. Hopefully Aaron Black gets a gig for Geelong at some point but it’s hard to see them making big changes anytime soon. Will Brodie has been plugging away and will no doubt see AFL action sometime this year. Harry Perryman and Daniel Lloyd continue to amass big NEAFL numbers but face the daunting task of cracking the GWS side. Dallas Willsmore had a big game for Box Hill and the Hawks will likely make some big changes this week, could he help answer their apparent lack of pace in the midfield? Ed Vickers-Willis continues to be an option for North, it’s just a matter of when they finally call him up. Nathan Freeman has had a couple of games for Sandringham now, however you’d think they will be cautious with him and keep him waiting. Nick O’Kearney was prolific but it’s unclear if there’s a spot for him. Kurt Mutimer has been emergency for West Coast a few times- could you imagine Fox’s rage if they picked him over Dom Sheed?! Patrick Lipinski and Tim English were impressive for Footscray, however it’s hard to see them making their way into the Dogs’ side.

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