MJ’s 50 Most Relevant

Across SuperCoach, AFLDreamTeam and AFLFantasy who are the 50 most relevant players? We rank them 50 to 1.

#1 Most Relevant – Taylor Adams

In my eyes Taylor Adams is my Most Relevant player for 2017, while many wouldn’t question his relevance the fact that he’s number one may surprise some.

#2 Most Relevant – Isaac Heeney

He is well and truly the most hyped player this preseason, and for good reason. He’s primed to breakout to be one of the best forward options for us in 2017.

#3 Most Relevant – Patrick Dangerfield

Last year he was the best player in the competition. He finished last year as the #1 player in DreamTeam, SuperCoach & AFLFantasy & topped it all off with a Brownlow Medal. The big question is, can he do it again?

#4 Most Relevant – Max Gawn

Last year he was simply stunning. Far and above the best ruck option last year & barring something disastrous happening he should be once again.

#5 Most Relevant – Adam Treloar

Just a few weeks ago Champion Data rated the Collingwood midfield unit as the number one in the competition. If Adam Treloar can take the next step in 2017 he will be the #1 midfielder in the #1 midfield group.

#6 Most Relevant – Jackson Macrae

Every year we get a surprise DPP addition and this year it’s Jack Macrae, given he’s averaged over 90 the past 3 season it can feel like a walk up selection.

#7 Most Relevant – Dayne Beams

A fit Dayne Beams is a walk up 100+ averaging player in all formats, but with him playing only 50% of games possible in the past 4 years his durability raises massive concern for coaches. But is the reward greater than the risk?

#8 Most Relevant – David Myers

All David Myers needs to do is be named round one and he could well be the most selected cash cow of 2017 and for a very good reason.

# 9 Most Relevant – Brodie Grundy

After being look passed by Nathan Buckley for round one selection Brodie fought his way not just into the Collingwood side, but into contention for being one of the best fantasy football rucks.

#10 Most Relevant – Tom Rockliff

For the second season in a row coaches would feel indifferent towards the year Tom Rockliff delivered. Multiple times he was injured and multiple times coaches traded him out. Yet the one thing that Rockliff posses which can set him apart from the pack is his ceiling. But is it…
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