2016 Season

Cash Cows – Post NAB Rucks

Yesterday I covered the Ca$h Cow defender$. If you missed it you can read it by clicking here. Today I will focus on the rucks. A lot of the cheaper guys are very speculative but I think they are only an injury away from having decent JS. Lets get this…
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Cash Cows – Post NAB Defenders

I have always been surprised when people start predicting rookies and potential cash cows even before the NAB has taken place. At the end of the day all the educated guessing in the world won’t help you identify them. When I go about doing my team planning I generally go…
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The Nobel Koel

With only two weeks left before the AFL season gets underway, its time to get you and your mates involved in what we believe is one of the most fun and challenging competitions in AFL fantasy. Yes we’re talking about the prestidous “Nobel Koel” or the trophy awarded to our sites fantasy coach of…
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