Friday Fun with MJ

Friday Fun: Round 11

The Multi bye rounds are here! Over the next 3 weeks not only do you have extra trades, but a big opportunity to climb the rankings ladder. We’ve got plenty to discuss so let’s jump into it.

Friday Fun: Round 10

One game into Round 10 and with the multi bye rounds commencing next week let’s jump into this weeks Friday fun and look at some of the big decisions facing fantasy coaches.

Friday Fun: Round 7

We’re 6 weeks into the season & by now you’ve got a realistic picture of how your season is going. With just a few hours remaining before lockout commencing let’s discuss some of the big decisions facing coaches this week.

Friday Fun: Round 5

Another massive week of AFL approaches and with this round stretching out to Tuesday it’s going to be a great weekend. Let’s get looking at some of the big discussion points before we head into the round. 

Friday Fun: Round 3

It’s Decision Day for SuperCoach and DreamTeam coaches! This week prices change and nailing the trades this week can set up your season, while AFLFantasy coaches have plenty of decisions about how to get creative and start making some money. Let’s talk through all the big decisions and dilemmas for…
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Friday Fun: Round Two

One week down into the season and already we’ve experienced the full spectrum of emotions this game can provide. Whether it be joy of nailing a midprice pick in Jack Steele, starting a unique like Zach Merrett or the disappointments of premiums like Dan Hannebery or the fielding of poor…
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