DT Fixture – Round 23


If a matchup is green – expect DT points to be easier to score. If a matchup is red, DT points will be lower.

 DT Fixture - The Run Home (R23)

Ok, only one round to go so we’ve cut to the chase. If you want the PDFs and their minute detail, please refer to a previous week’s article. This week we’ll be short & sharp. Assuming you’re either doing two trades in AFL Fantasy, whether you have one or two left in RDT or SC, or whether you’re looking at who to field in a draft league, here’s a quick look at the DT fixture for the last round.




  1. Sydney
  2. Brisbane
  3. Port Adelaide


  1. GWS
  2. Geelong
  3. Richmond




  1. Sydney
  2. Essendon
  3. St Kilda


  1. North Melbourne
  2. Adelaide
  3. Carlton




  1. Hawthorn
  2. Adelaide
  3. Sydney


  1. Richmond
  2. Port Adelaide
  3. North Melbourne



22 stringerEASY:

  1. Western Bulldogs
  2. Richmond
  3. Collingwood


  1. North Melbourne
  2. Carlton
  3. St Kilda



It’s a great reminder that just because a team has a tough DT fixture doesn’t mean it’s the same for all positions. Richmond have almost the hardest DT fixture in the league for this week, however they still have the easiest DT fixture for ‘Forwards’. {NB All rating are based on the table, above, that is broken down by position} Since there is only ONE WEEK left in the season, DT fixture trading is arguably more crucial than ever as one big score by a player is all that you’re after.


Good luck for your grand finals if you’re in any, and we’ll see you back here again next year!


– Tim (3rdM)