Fixture Analysis – Round 21


The upcoming DT Fixture for each club, for Rounds 19-23.

DT Fixture Analysis 2017 – Round 21

This article looks to do something a little different – it will be a look at the upcoming rounds based purely on the AFL Fantasy/Dream Team (DT) Fixture. In other words, it’ll be a largely stats-based analysis with little subjectivity. 

As will be updated regularly, and as I’ve made available in previous years, here is the 2017 Fixture Analysis PDF, with figures up to date as of today. It’s all useful stuff and will become more so as we add more rounds of data to it. Download here:

PDF_LogoDT Fixture Analysis – After R18, 2017


Rounds 15-18 Snapshot (for those interested in immediate form)


Round 120 Recap:

Well, the scoring has definitely slowed down in recent weeks. Not massively but it’s there. Round 18 was the lowest scoring round of the season across the AFL (for DT points) and while Round 19 & Round 20 were improvements on that, it’s not as high as earlier in the season. As always though it depends exactly who you had on field so it was still possible to score well overall.

The Cats continued their stinginess at Kardinia Park this year as they held Sydney to 1497 points this week, despite the Swans winning easy. The Dees scored quite well away to GWS on the flipside though with a couple of very nice scorers, headlined by big Maxy Gawn. It was interesting as GWS away projected as a tough matchup for all except the opposing ruckman and it kinda fell that way in the end.

The Saints, Crows & Magpies all topped 1800 points this week to be the highest scorers, with guys like Crouch, Sloane, Treloar, Adams, Steele & Billings reaping the rewards of it (or contributing to it depending on your point of view).

Port & West Coast were comfortably the lowest scorers for the week so if you had players from those teams you were probably cursing a bit while following the fantasy scores.

Who has the EASY match-ups this week:

Sydney – (v Fremantle @ SCG) – Freo have been a reasonably high conceder all season and in a week with no clear standout it looks reasonably likely that the Swans will score well on them. It’s getting really hard to pick an easy matchup though.

Any more? Nobody else really stands out as having an easy week this week, again. The season is too volatile at present and even the Hawks have been a bit better lately.



Who has the HARD match-ups this week:

Western Bulldogs – (v GWS @ Etihad) – The Giants have long been a dominant force at home and this year is no exception. Currently, they are by far the most restrictive team in the AFL this year and are generally quite hard to score against. They’ve also been much better away from home this year than in previous years. However – they haven’t been as good in the last couple of weeks and so it’s kinda the best of a bad bunch. It ‘should’ be a harder than average matchup for the Dogs but it’s no guarantee.


Best of luck for this week!

Tim (3rdM)


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