Friday Fun: Round 10

One game into Round 10 and with the multi bye rounds commencing next week let’s jump into this weeks Friday fun and look at some of the big decisions facing fantasy coaches.

Getting Loopy

Last night DreamTeam/AFLFantasy coaches were given the opportunity for something that exists weekly in SuperCoach which is to utilize the Vice Captain in a captaincy loophole. Simply by placing your VC on a playing Cat or Power player you then (if happy with the scoring output) place the C on a non scoring player on the field and then the player listed as an emergency in that line will have their scores count as well as the VC scores double.
Scores of around 120 or more your very happy to take as a captaincy score normally, so players such as Mitch Duncan, Scott Selwood and even Ollie Wines who all scored above 109 but not quite 120 are pretty likely options to pass over and look elsewhere. Especially considering most in DT/AF that used the loophole option this week are Dangerfield owners and his 125. The beauty of this score is it gives fantasy coaches a great dilemma, do they bank the ‘250’ points or do they trust in this year 2 most consistent and durable guns in Tom Mitchell and Zach Merrett. Rather than telling you what you should do, I’d rather equip you with the tools to make your own decision.

  • Merrett has only one score below 124 (108) in his past 6 games
  • Prior to Round 6 Mitchell hadn’t scored over 130, but in the past 3 weeks his lowest score is 132
  • AFLFantasy 22% of coaches already have Danger as Captain – let alone those who VC him
  • DreamTeam 17% of coaches have Dangerfield as captain – let alone those who VC him
  • Do you need to make up more unique ways of making up points in either a league match up or overall rank?
  • How many more points does your fall back captains choice make over Danger, and is it ‘worth the risk’?

Whatever decision you make i hope luck goes your way.

New DPP’s

On Wednesday afternoon drafting format UltimateFooty announced it’s next batch of DPP inclusions, they are:


One of the big relevant inclusions is St Kilda’s Jack Newnes being defensive eligible. Prior to his concussion affected 10 from last week his last 6 scores have been 82, 123, 91, 99, 101 and 110. These are premium defensive numbers and a huge boost for his current owner. Brandon Ellis isn’t scoring great with a move into the Tigers back 6, but he may be doing enough to get on your ground while Rory Lobb, Levi Casboult & Cam Pederson gaining RUC status could be of huge benefit to coaches lacking in their ruck stocks.

While you may not play UF it is a helpful indicator of what positional inclusions we may see in a fortnights time in AFLFantasy, especially with Jack Newnes whom you may be able to pick up off the waiver wire in your draft league, or maybe even look to him as an upgrade post the Saints bye round.

Get the Timing Right

This is one of my favourite parts of the season as a Fantasy football coach! Over the next 4 weeks we will finally get an accurate picture of where our sides are at it contrast to the rest of the competition in terms of our ranking. Some sides are prepared well for the byes (as well as you can be anyway) while others have given it minimal thought and strong scoring over the coming weeks may well be a long way off. As well (or poorly) as you may think you’re currently going, you’ll get a realistic picture of where you are and what needs to be done after round 13 concludes. Over this next 4 week period, many coaches are planning to upgrade aggressively once players have come off their bye which is 100% the strategy you should be pursuing. However, there is one thing to factor in before you blindly pull the trigger on a premium, and that’s to check out the current week’s match up.

For example, Gary Ablett was (and especially in DreamTeam/AFLFantasy) an understandable upgrade target for many especially prior to confirmation he’d miss this week with Gold Coast being uber conservative with his shoulder. However, with a match up against in form tagger Bernie Vince, who has been destroying premiums the past few weeks I’m not sure I could’ve gone there this week. With an already hard to achieve breakeven coupled with a tricky match up you’d unlikely have got the impact from a scoring side or ‘value’ from a financial sense in trading him in this week. I understand that your trading him in for more than just this weeks scores, and I know he’s not playing this week. My point is this, when upgrading to a premium the timing of when you bring him in is equally as important. A match at home the following week against West Coast (a ground where his average is strong) and then playing Hawthorn & Carlton (again back at home) is a handy run and would make more sense from a financial output and points scoring perspective.

This isn’t Gary specific, rather, it’s a principal. Who have you identified as upgrade targets post bye? For the week you are planning to trade them in do they come up against a restrictive side or player? If so consider if other options can be done in another line that week or perhaps that player can wait another week. In the end hindsight will be the judge on which call was right, all you can do is plan, research, back your gut & hope for the best. Good luck!


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