Friday Fun: Round 11

The Multi bye rounds are here! Over the next 3 weeks not only do you have extra trades, but a big opportunity to climb the rankings ladder. We’ve got plenty to discuss so let’s jump into it.

Getting Loopy

Last night DreamTeam/AFLFantasy coaches were given the opportunity for something that exists weekly in SuperCoach which is to utilize the Vice Captain in a captaincy loophole. Simply by placing your VC on a playing Cat or Power player you then (if happy with the scoring output) place the C on a non scoring player on the field and then the player listed as an emergency in that line will have their scores count as well as the VC scores double.

Popular captaincy option Tom Mitchell has been quiet over the past fortnight in comparison to his previous blitz of 120+ scores, however, a score of 118 is certainly worth taking if you chose to use him as a loophole option. That being said, I could understand why you’d try and make up some even further ground if you wanted to be aggressive during this bye round. If you’re a Brad Ebert owner, you’d be loving life right now as he’s putting together a strong season including last nights 142. If you placed the VC on him, you shouldn’t be considering any other options, take those points to the bank! Charlie Dixon, Ollie Wines and Ryan Burton all gave you score over 110 and you’d certainly consider loopholing them if you had the VC on them, however the number of coaches that did that would be quite small.

If you still can’t decide on what you should do this week with your captaincy I suggest you read Rids’ Top 5 Captains Choice article here.

It Doesn’t Matter about 18

For this week and the remaining 2 weeks of the multi bye rounds every salary cap format of the game takes on a “best 18” rule. Of the players available that are placed on the ground up to 18 players scores count towards your overall weekly points tally, if you have more than 18 it will cull the lowest scores off. While having 18 players (or more) during this week is certainly ideal, too often we the fantasy coach can focus on the wrong number. The 18 on field shouldn’t be the focus, it should rather be around how many premiums do I have to field. You can fill 18 players potentially quiet easily, but if you only have 5 or 6 genuine premiums playing, then your scoring is going to take a serious dive. Yes, cash cows will play a valuable part of cash generation and points scoring, but they shouldn’t be relied upon for premium scores. So before you check ‘Do I have 18 on the field?’ Look first to see how many premiums, this will give you a better indication around the health and also likely scoring potential over this bye period.

AFLFantasy – Potential DPP’s

Prior to the commencement of Round 6, 12 & 18  AFLFantasy will award some new Dual Positions, and with the second batch due early next week here’s my take on some of the popular names who’ll miss out and some potential new options who may pick it up.

Jack Newnes – ADD DEF

Last round picked this exact status up in UltimateFooty and I can see him being awarded DEF status to his existing midfield status. In his last 7 games he’s scored 91 or more including last rounds monster 143. The only score below was when he was concussed early in the first term of their round 9 clash against the Swans. Priced just over $500,000 and on current form he could be a top 10 averaging defender for the remainder of the year.

Dan Lloyd – ADD FWD

While this one may not make you go out and trade him in, what it will do is give you some ripping flexibility. With many teams heavy with Round 11 forward options and Round 13 midfielders the ability to flip Dan into your forward line bench could save you a 0 and potentially culling him too early. Brilliant chance at gaining M/F DPP.

Isaac Heeney – ADD MID

No real surprise this one, and while it doesn’t add more relevance it does provide handy versatility through the byes.

Cam Pederson – ADD RUCK

Another No-Brainer this one… Do I really need to explain why 😉

Sam Mitchell – ADD DEF

In a recent interview with radio station SEN, Sam discussed the difference of role he’s playing as an Eagle in 2017 compared to his time at Hawthorn. He spoke off his role being that ‘off the half back flank’ and from there ‘pushing himself into the midfield’. Depending on the criteria Champion Data use he could land MID/DEF status, but I wouldn’t be holding my breath.

Sam Menegola – ADD FWD

Now this gets interesting! Currently averaging a touch over 100 for the season and is yet to score below 90. Sam’s consistency has been super. Even prior to Scott Selwood landing in the Geelong side he’s started to be used as a link man through the Cats forward bursts and also providing strong forward pressure while still maintain solid enough midfield minutes. I think he’s spending enough time there to meet the criteria required and given a lack of variety in the top forward premiums AF may just throw fantasy coaches a bone here and give us another option.

Chad Wingard – ADD MID

Sadly with him missing the past fortnight of footy many coaches that would have targeted as an upgrade to get through the byes will likely look elsewhere. That being said his recent 4 game history of 98, 132, 85 & 122 is as good as you’ll get from a premium forward this year. The reason for the coring spike is why he’ll gain MID status next week as he’s spending plenty of time through the guts,

Jordan Lewis – ADD DEF

I think you could build a similar argument for Lewis as you could for his former teammate Sam Mitchell.However, I’d be surprised if Jordan did pick it up here as he’s often apart of alot of around the ground stoppages. If you own him I’d start praying, who knows you might get lucky.

Tomas Bugg ADD FWD

While he’s irrelevant from a fantasy perspective he’s certainly found a place at home inside the Demons forward 50. He’ll pick it up, but that doesn’t mean you should consider him.. Next!

Travis Boak – ADD FWD

I feel like every time I write about potential DPP’s I always find myself talking about the Port Adelaide Captain. He’s still playing midfield but is having plenty of forward rotations as Port look to add some of their XFactor and speed around an already strong inside unit. From all reports he’s been close the past few DPP allocations and will certainly be there once again. Not sure I could pick him, even in a year where our premium forward pool is shallow, but certainly isn’t a bad pick if he gets it.

Matt Suckling – ADD FWD

With the bulldogs strong half backline already bursting at the seams, Suckers has been forced to reinvent his game and find a new hoke within the side. He’s now spending alot of time in the game playing off half forward and pushing up through the wing and then working his way into being the driving inside 50 kick for the Dogs forwards pushes.

Daniel Rich – ADD DEF

In previous season a DPP gain for Daniel Rich would certainly increase his relevance but given the likes we already have Taylor Adams, Sam Docherty, Rory Laird, Jake Lloyd, Leigh Montagna, Kade Simpson, Luke Hodge, Michael Hibberd & Dylan Roberton all averaging over 90 let alone any potential new gains I can’t see anyone upgrading to him.

Marcus Bontempelli – ADD FWD

While you can build a case for this I’m not so sure it happens. Yes, he’s impacting the scoreboard and he’s also getting plenty of FWD minutes but I’m not certain it’s enough to warrant a positional change. The Bulldogs rotate plenty of players through a variety of positions and if “The Bont” has had enough time FWD to meet the criteria then also Lachie Hunter and also Liam Picken. Doubtful, but one can hope.

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