Friday Fun Round 22

gazzaGo For the Win

In these final 2 weeks the moves you make will be either defensive or aggressive. The trades, bench decisions & captains choice will determine you fate this weekend. Over the past 5 seasons I’ve gone from being a conservative approach style of coach to becoming a little more daring (I’m no Rids yet.)  Many years ago I previously would’ve done trades and made calls based purely to ‘cancel out’ the uniqueness of my opposition. While I can understand that approach I’m  much more in the camp now of wanting to make my team different, by picking players I think that are capable matching, heck even outscoring that dangerous premo of opposition. Unique players will win you the match ups from here. The more unique players you have the more variables you have of being able to outscore your opponent. If you have only 3-5 unique players each then the fate of your season is in the hands of a few players.  If I have 2-3 guys go above averages by 10-15 and my opponent has 3-4 that go under average by 5-10 points I have 50 point turn around in my favor. Back yourself and your team in for the win, take a risk if you need be. Personally, I’d rather lose having a crack than playing it safe. Go a unique trade, pick a point of difference skipper, but don’t just do it for the sake of it, make sure it’s a calculated risk.

Nathan fyfeFyfed Out

It was mid Wednesday afternoon we learnt that Nat Fyfe  will miss the next two weeks with inflammation in the fibula in his left leg. For those lucky enough in the limited trade formats to still have a trade or two you’ll need to pull the trigger  and sadly farewell this superstar. Here are 3 trade options (not ranked) that could work across all salary cap formats.

Liam Shiels: He’s been awesome in 2015 and although last week he had to tag I can’t see him playing this role against the Lions. Especially with the absence of Hodge the Hawks will need to use him as a ball winner where he’s put up seriously good scores. He’s uber unique and with a great draw. I like this option! Alot!

Steele Sidebottom: If you want someone with ceiling the Steele’s could be ya man. History shows he can go 130+, and a Cats & bombers final 2 weeks is a pretty decent draw.

Rory Sloane: Since losing the helmet 2 weeks ago we’ve see Rory recapture his early scoring form. If cash is an issue (especially in DT & AF where Fyfe’s lost some value) then here’s a handy scoring option that’s pretty consistent and with a

You can choose from similar options if you have to trade out Brisbane Lions injured premium Jack Redden.

Luke-HodgeHodge Off

Similar to Fyfe, we’ll now be without Luke Hodge for the remainder of the season. For him though it’s not injury affected, rather the MRP has given him the next fortnight off to get himself ready for the finals. Like Fyfe, here are 3 trade options (again not in a ranking order.)

Bachar Houli: Rids suggested him during the podcast (see the link below) and I think he’s a great option. Good ceiling for a defender, and against the bombers this week should get plenty of cheap transition footy.

Heath Shaw:  One of the best backs across all formats in 2015, if you don’t have him the Hodge omission has provided you a chance to grab him. In SuperCoach he’s been a captains option and against a tiring Melbourne he could be huge.

Liam Picken: The biggest surprise of 2015 for me has been this former tagger. Still pretty unique for what he’s produced and the Lions have given away plenty of decent scores in 2015.