Friday Fun Round 23


Dane Swan has been the standout forward for 2015 and would be in most successful and high ranking teams for this year. With this our final round simply put if you have a trade then Dane has to go, so let’s look at a few trade in options for him.

First Choice: I barely had to think about this, the moment Swan was subbed out I decided the trade for me is Swan to another Swan, but this one is a Sydney Swan. Tom Mitchell’s past 4 AFLFantasy/DreamTeam scores have been: 142, 138, 89 & 132 in SuperCoach they’ve been 121, 147, 77 & 130. A match against the Suns this week too, a team that have given up massive midfield numbers to opposition players even has Tom as a potential captain this week.

Already Got Him: This one is a pie for pie by trading in Taylor Adams. Just averaging under 100 across all formats he’s been a beast this year. Outside of his injury affected game against Carlton he hasn’t dropped under the AF/DT ton since round 9. In SuperCoach 87 is his lowest score in that time. The magpies also have a great fixture match up against the Bombers, so should score heavily.

Needing Unique: Way behind in your league match up and need something different? Why not try looking at one of the Brisbane Lions duo in Dayne Zorko or Mitch Robinson. In the past 5 games Zorko is averaging 115 in SuperCoach and 95 in DT and Fantasy. For Robbo his 5 game average in SuperCoach is 116 and 118 in DT and Fantasy. Both would likely be unique in your match up and have a high ceiling as well. Against the Doggies this week they both could score very well.

17motlopDepth Wins

I’ve said it often in 2015, build the depth of your list. Max your on field points yes, but not at the cost of leaving you with no playing bench. Just look at the backline, in a round when Higgins, Boyd, Hibbo & in AFLFantasy Mundy and Griffen are all not playing, some teams backs are in some serious pain. Is that bad luck, yes for sure, but those who’ve had cover are minimising the on field 0’s they could’ve covered with some better planning. I hope for your sake you’ve fallen on the lucky side and have little pain here. It’s been a year filled with many painful carnage rounds, hopefully for you this round and the results go your way and see you leave fantasy footy in 2015 with a smile on your face.

gws celebrateFalls Your Way

It takes skill to be successful to get in contention to win leagues and overall rankings, yes, no question. However, to take out the prize of overall rankings and league wins will take luck going your way. I hope for your sake whether it be leagues, drafts or in overall contention the luck goes your way this week.


Thanks for being on the journey with us all of 2015, looking forward to a massive 2016!


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