Hammer Time: Round 22 Captains

Last week we were reminded all over again how important nailing your captains decision is, it really can be the difference in your league match up this week and maybe even in your quest for overall glory. So let’s look at the best SuperCoach, AFLFantasy & DreamTeam captaincy picks for the week.



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1) Scott Pendlebury

This for some may come as a shock, especially giving the match up some Cats midfielders have, but let me explain. Scott Pendlebury is a picture of SuperCoach consistency and regardless of his opposition he is in captaincy consideration but with his match up this week for me he’s the best. Yes, I’m aware that he’s failed to score 100 in his past fortnight, something that is rare as an accurate set shot from Levi Casboult. The magpies have their last winnable game of the year up against the Gold Coast, a side that genuinely have none of their first choice midfielders. Gary Ablett, David Swallow, Jaeger O’Meara, Dion Prestia & Michael Rischetelli are all out of the side. That leaves Aaron Hall & Touk Miller as the best 2 midfielders for the Suns, and while they have been valiant Scott is a clear class above them. In his past 3 matches against Gold Coast he’s dominated with scores of 135, 134 & 103. The beauty of the weekend is 3 of my next 4  captains options all have Sunday games so if you have the ability to loophole Pendls as VC on Saturday night it’s the perfect storm for you. Also due to his ‘down’ fortnight people will less likely consider him compared to most weeks, something that could be the difference  in your match up.

2) Luke Parker

You could throw a few of the Swans midfielders here, and while Dan Hannebery is unlucky to not be mentioned the fact that Ben Jacobs is a likely in this week I can see Hanners having a tougher time of it given Ben’s recent good form on him. Hence why Luke Parker steps into the void. Luke’s form is red hot, 8 consecutive tons and with Hanners and JPK getting it done in the guts he’s slipping under oppositions radars a little more than he should. His form against the Roos is pretty good too, from his past 2 outings he scored a  130 last year while in the 2014 preliminary final he punished them with a 3 goal effort and 158 SuperCoach points. Good current form, good opposition history + good choice for me this week.

3) Marcus Bontempelli

6 Hundreds in his past 7 games and coming off the back of 2 consecutive 130+ scores ‘The Bont’ is well and truly one of the most in form midfielders in the competition at the moment. A match against Essendon who have been gifting 100’s to midfielders all season should see his current red hot form continue. With The Bombers and Dogs being the final game of the round  he gives you the option of surveying how Saturday unfolds before deciding whether or not he’s the right unique captains call for you based on your match up in a league final or not.

4) Max Gawn

He just keeps getting it done week in week out. Averaging 135 in his past 5 and 142 in his past 3, he seems almost impossible to stop at the moment. In his past 6 he’s only had one game that hasn’t been over 120 and only once since round 10 has he NOT scored over 100 and that was 98 against Adelaide in round 15. The fact that he’ll line up against Matthew Kruezer and Andrew Phillips will pose no concerns and with the Demons Vs Blues the first of the Sunday afternoon clashes he’s a perfect captains choice if your unhappy with your Vice Captain score.

5) Patrick Dangerfield

Arguably the most consistent and reliable SC captaincy option this week only just makes my top 5 this week. And i mean just… guys like  Adam TreloarDan Hannebery, Josh P Kennedy, Rory Sloane, Tom Rockliff and even Patrick Cripps are all in ripping form currently and probably deserve to be mentioned (which I just did.) I don’t need to build a case for why to captain Dangerfield as that’s obvious 2016 is exhibit A, B & C, rather here’s why Danger is so low,. In his past 4 matches only once has he scored even close to his seasonal average of 130. Over the last month Danger has posted scores of 111, 144, 99 & 101. Is a big season starting to impact his SC scoring? Perhaps. Are the cats attempting to be less Patrick centrist? To some degree. Or is it that Danger is only at his points scoring best when the game is on the line and ‘lesser’ sides he doesn’t deliver the big points. All have some validity about their arguments. He’ll also cop some heavy attention from Mitch Robinson. Yes a tag won’t really worry him, but if the Cats do as I expect Danger won’t have many reasons to get out of second gear. Sadly with him playing the mid Sunday afternoon game you are unable to loophole him, so it’s captaincy or bust if you pick him. Still a solid captaincy option considering his game style is made for SuperCoach points and could very well pump out some strong numbers this weekend, just for me i think better options are available.

AFLFantasy/Real DreamTeam

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1) Tom Rockliff 

Simply put, if both yourself and your opponent have Rockliff, you can’t really afford not to captain him this week. I know it’s boring, but if he yanks out another massive score, you’ll wish you’d listened to this advice when you’re playing catch-up on your opponent for the rest of the weekend. He has scores of 124 & 140 on the Cats in his last two and loves playing at the Gabba. My only concern is that, while Rockliff didn’t suit up for the Lions in their Round 3 clash against Geelong, the Cats restricted the Lions to no tons and a measly 1258 DT points. If the same happens again in Geelong’s push for percentage points, Rocky might have some issues. That would be the only reason I’d look elsewhere, along with if you don’t have him, of course.

2) Joel Selwood

If you’re someone that is in the somewhat unfortunate position of not owning Rockliff and playing someone that does, very few people have a proven pedigree against this week’s opponent like Joel Selwood. Assuming that Robbo again runs with Dangerfield, Selwood has scores of 111, 146, 139, 97 & 121  (122.8) in the last 3 years on the Lions, and while won’t have the ability to compete with Rockliff if he pulls out a monster score, is a very good bet if you’re wanting to roll the dice.

3) Stephen Coniglio

The Dockers are still the #1 side in the comp for leaking points, and leaking 1875 of them, as well as 7 tons, against Adelaide last week probably didn’t help in that regard. Most of the GWS midfield should do quite handily, however I’m picking Coniglio, averaging 112 in his last 5, because he is the one in form. I am slightly worried by a Sheridan tag, but with a 129 on the Dockers earlier this year, as well as a 109 at the end of last year, I’m backing him in to pump out a decent score once more.  

4) Josh P Kennedy

Come on, are you really THAT surprised? Sure, all of Sydney’s midfield did extremely well both last week against the Saints, and against North in their Round 10 clash, however JPK has the best previous record against the Kangaroos out of the lot. With 5 tons, and 4 110+ scores, in his last 6 starts against North. He is in ripping form to boot. Hannebery should also do pretty reasonably mind you if you don’t own JPK, regardless of North being a hard team to score against. Tom Mitchell top scored with 163 last time these two sides met, but with his current form you’d be a braver man than I would be.

5) Sam Mitchell

Toss up between Mitchell, Merrett & the Bont for the last spot, and realistically, you shouldn’t go wrong with any of the 3. Mitchell had a whopping 146 on the Eagles earlier in the year, has 4 straight tons against the Eagles, and a has a 5 year average of 112 on them. With the Hawks needing every win they can get to lock up the minor premiership, I would expect Mitchell to be good again in the west.as he was at the MCG earlier this year.  

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