Hammer Time – Round 23


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1. Tom Rockliff

Tom Rockliff = DT Beast!

Last 3 average —-> 147

Last 5 average —-> 137

Last 3 v Dogs —-> 102, 114, 139

The end!

2.  Stefan Martin

Stefan is the quiet DT Beast! With all this Goldstein talk, have we forgotten Stefan? He has a last 3 average of 127 and a last 5 of 130. This is the type of game that Stefan will go big. His lowest score for the year is 87. Yep… that was 87! He is bloody unlucky not to be number 1 but his club captain is crazy good.

3. Tom Mitchell

The man we call Titch is coming off a 138 and a 142 in his last 2 games. There was a week off in between due to a finger in the eye. Let me just say…….. FINALLY!!!! Horse Longmire has seen what we have all seen the past few years. This kid is a midfielder and a very very very good midfielder at that. He has the ball on a string when he is played as a midfielder. He isn’t a tagger. He isn’t a small forward. He isn’t going to give you run and carry. He gives you in and under with a contested ball game second to none in the AFL. This means he needs to play midfield and around the stoppages. The Swans play the Suns this week and should belt them. Plenty of ball to find this week for Titch!

4. Liam Picken

This one will surprise people but I am going with my gut here. Time for this bloke to get some recognition. His last  month hasn’t been huge but the month prior was.  On 6 separate occasions Picken has gone 120 or better and I expect him to make that 7 this weekend!

5. Scott Pendlebury

Mr Reliable. Mr Dependlebery! Not many players and teams, that won’t feature in finals, have much to play for this time of the year. Not the Collingwood captain. The Pies were stung by the Tigers 2 weeks ago and bounced back to form last week against the Cats. Pendles led the way playing a new role off half back with a monster 142 points. He will go big again this week! Take it to the bank.


Smokey – Daniel Hannebery

I am very very cautious with the Swans this week. I think Tom Mitchell knows only one way so am comfortable with him being at #3. This game could be over very early and it could see many of the star Swan’s players either seeing plenty of bench time or some very interesting positions.  Could there be some late outs if the Tigers and Dogs both lose earlier in the round?



Josh P Kennedy

1. Josh P Kennedy

JPK makes it to number 1 for me but it comes with a caveat. I would suggest he is the perfect man to use with the VC loophole. #1 with the VC and if he does get rested or managed through the game and scores poorly then #2 with the captaincy. I would be very hesitant however to go the captain on JPK as this game might be over very early (gee… heard that before. Look above with Hanners comments).

2. Scott Pendlebury

In such a very hard week to predict, there is one lock! There is one sure thing. That is the Pies captain will come to play. I have covered this already above for the DT section. There were 155 reasons in Supercoach why he was a good VC loophole option last week and might be the same number of reasons why he will be a decent captain option this week against a Bombers outfit that might just have gone on holiday a week early.

3. Rory Sloane

The last 4 weeks has seen Sloane recapture that amazing SC form from early in the year. 128, 145, 149 and 112 mean that he has to be in the conversation when we are talking possible Supercoach captains this week. The Crows have been on fire lately securing a finals spot and if the results go their way, then it could very well be a home final at that! Friday night will tell everyone whether the Crows have much to play for. Tigers lose then Sloane could just be that unique captain you are looking for.

4. Marcus Bontempelli

Are you being serious Rids? I am being VERY serious with this. The Bont has had one of the best second seasons I have ever seen. All year I have been worried about him fading late but he has actually gotten better. He is going at 112 in his last 3 and 114 in his last 4. He is now averaging 100 for the season. This man will be SC relevant for the next decade! Coming off a 153 against one of the hardest teams to score against last week in North and he is right in the mix.

5. Daniel Hannebery

I have expressed my concerns about the Swans and guys like JPK and Hanners this week. With a rolling lockout however, Hanners is definitely worth a VC loophole look with Pendles as back up for the c.

Smokey – Nic Naitanui

This one is from left field and could only be done with a VC loophole. On 5 separate occasions in 2015, Nic Nat has gone 130 or better. This means on any given week he is a very good unique captain smokey option. The young Saints with American rookie Jason Holmes could be ripe for the picking.