JLT Review: Cats v Bombers

Another game of 2 halves for the final round of the JLT series! The Cats were trailing the Bombers at half time by 40pts but ended up running over the top to win the contest by 22pts. We all need to understand however that these games are preseason practice matches and not get sucked in by the commentators whinging and sooking about intensity etc. Both teams got exactly what they needed out of this game.

What we learnt?

Patrick Dangerfield reminded everyone what he is capable of in this contest. He really has taken it to the next level since arriving at Geelong and once again went BIG! Just a lazy 38 touches, 17 of which were contested means he is fit and firing for round 1. Nothing I have seen would worry me about Danger and the 2017 season across all the formats.

Danger’s partner in crime came out to play as well yesterday! Joel Selwood thought it was time to tune up the chords in preparation for round 1. 32 touches, 2 goals and 6 tackles later, the man we know as Jelwood looks set for a monster year! Don’t forget that he didn’t have a preseason at all last year and hasn’t missed 1 session this year. Plus he has a point to prove now after being done for speeding not too long ago which cost the club some sponsorship dollars. Jelwood may just go BANG and give his buddy a run for his money as the best in the fantasy business in 2017!

George Horlin-Smith really caught the eye in this game. He is nicely priced across all the formats and the guy who we have been waiting for to make an impact looks set to finally do so in 2017! He had plenty of centre square involvements in this game and has a very friendly bye round. Will hopefully cover the lack of midfield cows available!

Closing Thoughts

  • The commentators mentioned that Tom Stewart went off the field in the 3rd quarter and had his hammy looked at. He didn’t come back on so he needs to be monitored going into round 1. I think he allows Harry Taylor to play forward so he will be selected if he is fit. Just have a plan B in case he doesn’t get up.
  • Zac Tuohy’s very impressive JLT series continued. He wasn’t as clean in this game as he usually is but he still found plenty of it and rounded out his preparations for round 1. Now for everyone to decide whether he is fool’s gold or a legit option. I personally think he will be very very good but I still don’t trust him to start him in the salary cap formats. If you do like him however as an option then at his price tag he really should be a great buy.
  • Brandan Parfitt really impressed me. He is a very good size and he knows how to get to the right spots. He also has some deft touch with ball in hand and I think he should be named for round 1. Has played senior footy last year and isn’t the worst option.

What we learnt?

I learned that we will be watching a lot of Shaun McKernan early in season 2017. Leuenberger went down with a hammy 10 minutes into the game which unleashed the former Crow into the ruck. 21 touches, 19 hit-outs and 3 goals was a very good return. He played this role a few years ago however and was absolutely dominated by the real big boys. Maybe a SuperCoach captaincy VC loophole option if your ruck plays against a #1 McKernan early on.

Zac Merrett just knows how to find the ball. He also loves hugging men on the football oval. And all this was in second gear and 70% time on ground. He has been the least spoken about uber premium mid of 2017. Just the way I like my smokies.

I think we can now officially rule out 2016 #1 draft pick Andrew McGrath as a fantasy option for 2017. He is playing a lockdown small defender role and is being taught where to run to in games. I personally think this is a great way for the kid to learn his trade and he will be very relevant in a few years time. But for now, put that line through him everywhere.

Closing Thoughts

  • Stanton played back again in this game. Not sure this role will be great for his output however but if he gains DPP status through the year we will have enough data to work it out.
  • Walla was amazing. I have some serious man love for this running small defender come forward! Every time he goes near the ball or man with ball the crowd rises with anticipation. He is very Cyril like I reckon and great for the game. 4 very good goals in this game. Not fantasy relevant but love watching him play!
  • Watson and Heppell saw plenty of the ball and would of made their admirers very happy. Both are moving very well and have now rounded off their preparations for round 1. I am really enjoying seeing the joy of playing footy back on Jobe’s face and hope to see him smiling throughout the year.
  • Darcy Parish is going to be a beast. Don’t forget this name! He will be in your starting 2019 midfields!!!

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  1. Kirk Mackintosh

    I got laughed at for having Zac Tuhoy as my third defender in draft haha with people offering to give my Josh GIbson to replace him haha nope

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