JLT Review: Crows v Lions

After calming down for over an hour and a couple of calming bourbons, I decided it was time to tackle the JLT game between the Crows and Lions. This game was very free flowing and ended up reasonably high scoring affair. There were some very relevant things to take out of this game from a fantasy perspective! Time to get stuck in.

What we learnt?

When Rory Laird plays a game of football, he will always score well. This is now a given. Just lock it in. He will never get tagged and it doesn’t even matter what role he plays any more. 30 touches again in this game playing through the midfield as well as a half back. He was definitely in the guts a lot more in this contest than I have seen previously however.

There is every chance Matt Crouch will go 100+ in DT and AF this year. And he has also added tackling to his box of tools! If you like the kid then there is nothing that I have seen over the JLT series to have changed your mind! Time to lock and load Crouch lovers! There are still to many questions around him for my liking however.

Hammer mentioned the name Rory Atkins during last year’s preseason to us at CP head office! He wasn’t wrong to like this kid. 30 very silky and very damaging disposals in this game. He is like a very polished version of David Mackay. Very smart footballer who makes very smart decisions. More a draft option for this year than a salary cap option.

Closing Thoughts

  • Curtly Hampton did his round 1 hopes no harm at all gathering 26 touches through the midfield. There weren’t too many in the first half that actually hit a target but he improved greatly the longer the game went on.
  • There is no doubt the Crows forward line is as good as any going around. Jenkins (5 goals), McGovern (4 goals), Walker (3 goals), Betts (3 goals) all dominated this game. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues of key forwards kicking multiple goals against the very young Brisbane defensive line.
  • Andy Otten surely has secured a round 1 spot now in the Crows backline. I know that guys like Lever and Cheney should be right for round 1 but I think runs on the board should hold him in good stead!
  • Hugh Greenwood had a very good game I thought. He even appeared in the centre square on multiple occasions. He is really athletic and could really surprise a few this year. Monitor as he will come into play at some stage.

What we learnt?

Tom Rockliff’s role was very solid in this game. He featured in the midfield a lot more than in previous weeks. He moved very well and looks super fit. If you were keen on him prior to this game then there is nothing there to turn you off. If you were 50/50 on him then there were some very promising signs with his role and touch. If he didn’t feature in your plans then this game again would have solidified your thoughts on it. Plenty of ways to look at his game today and none are really wrong!

Dayne Beams has always been a ball magnet. This has never been in question. It has all been around injury the last few years. He is a stud and I expect his numbers to double between now and the start of round 1 across all the formats.

Stefan Martin as a sole ruck is the biggest lock ever in DT and AF! This game proved to us once again this. He was everywhere and plays more like a very tall mid than a big lumbering dinosaur.19 touches and a goal to go with his 41 hit-outs. I was more impressed however at the way he moved around the ground. He looks super fit! Now to try and work out that question…. will he be the sole ruck?

Closing Thoughts

  • I really enjoyed the game of Ben Keays today. He went through the midfield a lot more than previously and did not look out of place. Expect to see this more as his career lengthens.
  • Jake Barrett did his round 1 chances no harm at all. He played a lot forward in this game and kicked a goal. He is rookie listed however so we will have a better idea prior to round 1 as he will need to be elevated.
  • Dayne Zorko played a lot less mid mins in this game than previously in this JLT series. How does this impact Rockliff and Beams moving forward? I really don’t know sorry.
  • I am in no way suggesting to go and get this guy. But I did see Michael Close was the relief ruck for Stefan in this game and he didn’t look terrible which is good news. Schache also needs to come back into the team which will mean Hipwood, Close and Schache likely to be the 3 tall forwards.

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