JLT Review: Giants v Roos

A very interesting game was played in the nation’s capital yesterday! The Giants didn’t really get out of second gear all day in this game yet they ran out convincing 6 goal winners after trailing by 8 at half time. The young Roos side showed plenty of grit and once again in the JLT proved that they will be very competitive throughout season 2017.

What we learnt?

A very handy reminder arrived in this game from one of the game’s greatest characters, Heath Shaw. 33 touches across half back with 27 of them kicks. He did a lot of chipping and marking as well with his fellow teammate collecting a whopping 16 marks. We all know this guy is a gun! And we all know he will no doubt be a top 10 defender for season 2017. Did he remind opposition teams however of his dominance when left alone?

Toby Greene is a gun! It doesn’t matter where he plays. If it is forward he will kick goals. If it is midfield he will rack up the touches. I reckon he could play in the ruck and still collect 20 odd hit outs a game. In a position where round 13 premiums are scarce, Greene is shaping as a ripper option! Just for the record, in this game he had 26 touches (18 contested) and snagged 5 goals. Toby Greene is a gun!

Tim Taranto is going to be a gun! He is so clean inside and outside. He started in the guts a few times as well in the second half. No idea if he gets picked for round 1 and if so, how many games he can string together but I think he has shown enough. Also loves giving out hugs in a game of footy! Definitely worth watching for when he is on the bubble.

Closing Thoughts

  • That midfield!!! Who knows who will average the most but gee they rack it up. Ward (28 touches), Shiel (27 touches), Kelly (24 touches), Coniglio (21 touches in a half of footy)! Nuts man!
  • Devon Smith was outstanding in big bunches in this game. He does smell like a downhill skier however as he seems to score very very well when the Giants are very well on top in the game. This might not be a massive issue either for 2017 as I don’t see many teams troubling the Giants!
  • Jeremy Cameron could have kicked 10 goals in this game. I think he might do exactly this in at least 1 game in 2017! He is going to get a lot of opportunities. Might be worth a sneaky look late in drafts.


What we learnt?

I cannot not mention this guy again! I thought he was brilliant in the half of footy he played and should now be strongly considered especially in SuperCoach! Shaun Higgins is playing plenty of midfield to warrant the consideration. He was clearly North’s best player in the first half where they entered half time ahead. He has burnt us before and is a definite worry moving forward but based on role and form he has to be considered in my opinion.

Jarrad Waite was clunking marks everywhere in this game. Took 10 marks, kicked 5 goals and was moving very similar to the start of 2016. Not sure I can do it….

Kayne Turner started this game like a man possessed. His first quarter was outstanding. He is priced like a premium rookie forward for 2017 and wouldn’t be the worst selection! I just don’t know whether he can string a couple of these performances together is all.

Closing Thoughts

  • I am none the wiser on the rucking situation at the Roos. Goldstein is clearly the number 1 ruck and Brad Scott said Ben Brown will play next week in the VFL practice game. I think he is still the number 2 but Daw and Preuss are not far behind. Goldy moved ok in this game. He was a little rusty at times and will improve on the run.
  • Mitchell Hibberd impressed me when he came on at half time! He looks a little shaky however with his disposal but will improve with each outing. He is a solid size as well. I think he is firming for rd 1.
  • Vickers-Willis played roles in this game and didn’t do them to well so hopefully this means he won’t do these roles next time out haha!

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  1. Kirk Mackintosh

    Interesting would you go Shaw or Doc and Simp saving money so bloody hard decisions alright

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