JLT Review: Tigers v Pies

What a rubbish game of football this one was! I am not saying this because I am a Tiger’s supporter. I am saying this as a football lover. Both teams had large periods of this game where they showed absolutely no interest in winning or manning up or at times hitting a target by hand or foot. Pendles was a late out with a tight achilles as was Caddy (who actually played in body but was more interested in sitting in a fwd pocket with an esky full of beers). This did make it very difficult for the other players to navigate around but since Caddy was watching Netflix on his tablet he was none the wiser!

What we learnt?

That Gerard Healy thinks the JLT is the Grand Final in October! And that he hates Richmond with such a biased view that it is actually embarrassing. Anyone would have thought that there was 100 point margin in this game the way he was carrying on. Don’t worry, there will be more about this fool under the Pies banner!

Closing Thoughts

  • Dusty had the same role he had in 2015. A little forward here and a little mid there. It doesn’t matter anyways where he plays. He just knows how to find the ball and where the big sticks are.
  • Dion Prestia started slowly after arriving at the ground just after quarter time – car trouble I believe!! He did sneak on to the ground and hid in the forward pocket where no one saw him including the Pies. After his second goal for the quarter, where no one was within 50 metres of him, they caught on though. One of those goals he did have to sidestep Caddy’s esky as he was off on a toilet break!
  • Bachar Houli returned and missed every target he went for for the first half. He did get better as the game went on however so I expect a much better % entering into round 1. He will no doubt edge towards his turnover per every 2 disposal 2016 figures by approx round 8!
  • After giving Nick Vlastuin a rap a few weeks ago I have changed my mind. It was a little unfortunate that he tripped over Caddy’s esky a few times in the second quarter however. He looked terrible for the whole game. Robinson Crusoe he was not though!
  • Reece Conca was probably the Tiger’s best player for this game! Nuff said.

What we learnt?

Gerard Healy has a man crush on Mason Cox! I think he really believes that the big Cox is a cross between Wayne Carey and Royce Hart (for those not old enough to know who these guys are, go visit google – I am not in the mood to explain!!!) I really liked the big American’s game and think he has improved greatly. But I do believe that seeing a naked Gerard Healy, draped in the Stars and Stripes flag in the commentators box when the game concluded was a little overkill.

Closing Thoughts

  • Adam Treloar was very very good. We already knew this however entering this game so if you don’t know this by now then you should really give up playing fantasy footy and look towards Formula 1 fantasy. This guy needs to be on everyone’s radar. Not just for round 1, but for the whole year.
  • Ben Reid played and I remembered that he is very good at football. There is still 2 weeks to go however till round 1 and all my Pie supporter mates have advised me that this means there is every chance his calf could flare up again. Please stay away from Reid boys and girls! He just cannot be trusted ok.
  • Josh Smith is best 22. And not only is he best 22, he is really the half back general we all wished Scharenberg to be. Damn you Josh Smith! Where is Tonya Harding when you need her… again kiddies, google it!
  • Taylor Adams played a lot of football thru the mids. He did go off with a little blood on his chin then came back on and just did Taylor Adams’ things. If you don’t have him on your radar then tweet me so I can block you please!
  • Tom Phillips wins a lot of time trials in the pre-season. This is because he can run. The other thing about him is he is a ball magnet! A running machine who knows how to find the ball. Think it through coaches! He isn’t the worst option going around.

Is Gerard Healy a flog?

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