Makers and Breakers – Round 14


Welcome to Makers and Breakers for 2016. Each week I’ll take a look at the players that helped make and break our fantasy sides and also calculate the perfect score for the round in DreamTeam and SuperCoach. 


Rory Sloane (139DT/145SC) and Matt Crouch (126DT/144SC): Sloane and Crouch were instrumental in the Crows Thursday night victory against the Kangaroos. Sloane finished with 30 touches (a game-high 19 contested), seven clearances, 13 tackles and four inside 50s, while Crouch had 32 disposals (16 contested), eight clearances, seven tackles and two goals. If you had the VC on either of Sloane or Crouch to make use of the captaincy loophole, I hope you took their scores has numerous popular captaincy options in Tom Rockliff (101DT/100SC), Patrick Dangerfield (95DT/110SC) and Scott Pendlebury (83DT/87SC) failed to go big.

Gary Ablett (129DT/159SC): Since missing Round 9 through injury Ablett hasn’t scored less than 120 points in DT or SC and is averaging a massive 123DT and 137SC points from those four games. Against the Hawks on Sunday Ablett accumulated 40 touches (25 contested, more than double the next highest player on the ground), two marks, 15 clearances, four inside 50s, four rebounds from 50, three tackles and a goal. I think I speak for most footy and fantasy fans when I say it’s great to see Ablett back in form, as he’s certainly a modern great.

Dustin Martin (127DT/129SC): Martin starred for the Tigers again on Saturday against the Lions collecting 35 disposals, seven marks, six clearances, 10 inside 50s and two goal assists. Martin has produced seven 100+ SC scores in his past eight games and looks like the forward to have on the run home.

Jack Riewoldt (119DT/161SC): Riewoldt produced his highest DT and SC score of the year on Saturday against the Lions thanks to his 21 disposals, 10 marks (four contested and nine inside 50), four goals, three behinds and two goal assists. Riewoldt’s fantasy relevance for mine lies in matchday formats where his enormous ceiling can separate you from the pack. Back in 2010 Riewoldt feasted on the Eagles scoring 150DT and 217SC point due to his 19 disposals, nine marks and 10 goals.

Adam Treloar (127DT/119SC): Treloar’s first season with the Magpies has been incredible with the ex-Giants midfielder averaging career-highs for disposals (30), marks (4), tackles (6), DreamTeam (112) and SuperCoach (109) points. Treloar is a remarkably consistent fantasy performer with his lowest DT and SC score 85 and 73 points respectively. Additionally, Treloar has produced DT tons in 9/13 games this season, while in SC he’s scored tons in 10/13 games. Trelaor’s balance of inside and outside work makes him extremely difficult to tag and I can see him being a regular part of my future fantasy sides.

Brayden Maynard (123DT/96SC): Maynard has been in career-best form in his past four games reeling of DT scores of 113, 94, 83 and 123. Maynard wasn’t on my radar heading into this week but for those that jumped on you’d be laughing as he’s performing at a premium level for defenders. I couldn’t consider trading in Maynard in limited trade formats but for AFL Fantasy it could be a clever way to generate some cash while still scoring well.

GWS midfielders: The Giants kicked away from the Blues in the second half largely due the dominance of their midfield brigade. Dylan Shiel (113DT/114SC), Stephen Coniglio (109DT/138SC), Callan Ward (104DT/122SC), Josh Kelly (103DT/118SC), Ryan Griffen (88DT/104SC) and Tom Scully (87DT/96SC) all racked up the points. The only negative of the Giants insane midfield depth is that they share the points around, which is why none of them are in the top few midfield premiums.

Sam Mitchell (121DT/152SC): Mitchell found an abundance of space against the Suns on Sunday in Tasmania collecting 35 disposals (a game-high 24 uncontested), six marks (all uncontested), eight clearances, five tackles and three goal assists. Mitchell was the inform DT player in the competition through the first five weeks of the season averaging 123 points, however, in his following six games he could only produce one ton. Sunday’s performance was a reminder of how good a fantasy player Mitchell can be and if your looking to upgrade to a premium midfielder, Mitchell at less than $500k is a bargain in DT.

Rookies: Last week I put the rookies in the breakers as there weren’t many that produced scores that you’d want in your best 18. However, this week there were a number of rookies that stood up and delivered premium numbers such as Josh Smith (96DT/93SC), Tom Phillips (92DT/87SC), Sam Collins (81DT/126SC), Connor Menadue (103DT/130SC), Rhys Mathieson (96DT/89SC), Tom Ruggles (96DT/91SC), Lincoln McCarthy (85DT/69SC). Luck plays a huge role in fantasy and if you had any of these guys on field, things certainly went your way this week.


Heath Shaw (42DT/46SC): Shaw has been the clear No. 1 defender in 2016 but against the Blues on Saturday he was tagged by Simon White and restricted to his lowest DT and SC total in three years. Shaw could only manage 12 disposals, four of which were clangers, one mark and two tackles, which is well below his seasonal average prior to the match of 26 touches and nine marks.

Mitch Robinson (19DT/32SC): Robinson has been phenomenal at tagging the oppositions best midfielder in recent weeks but sadly for Brisbane he suffered a knock to the head in the second quarter and was done for the day with concussion. The Lions have the bye next week so hopefully Robinson will be right to play in Round 16 when they face the Suns for the Q-Clash at Metricon Stadium.

Pearce Hanley (41DT/32SC): What a difference a week can make. Last week Hanley was terrific against the Eagles gathering 36 disposals, 12 marks and two goals, but against the Tigers on Saturday at the MCG, Hanley had a performance he’d quickly like to forget. Hanley only had the 10 touches, three marks, two tackles and a goal, however, it was his lack of discipline that would have frustrated the Lions coaching staff the most. The bye comes at a good time for the Lions and Hanley, as they clearly have a lot to tide up in their game.

Jimmy Bartel (45DT/54SC): Bartel was rarely sighted for the Cats on Saturday night against the Saints amassing 12 disposals (5 contested), three marks and three tackles. Bartel’s fantasy effort was his lowest in a non-injury affected game in more than a decade, so I wouldn’t expect Bartel to struggle to this degree anytime soon.

Brodie Smith (51DT/47SC): Smith can be a frustrating player to own in fantasy formats as he’s an extremely inconsistent scoring. Against the Kangaroos on Thursday night Smith had 17 disposals and seven inside 50s, but his score was hurt by his disposal efficiency of 58 percent, six clangers and just two marks and one tackle. Ideally you’d love to have Smith as your D6/7 so that in SC you can loophole his score each week to try and avoid his low ones.

Perfect Team

Round 14 is the second of the three bye rounds so instead of the usual best 22 format we’ll take the best 18 from on field positions. 

DreamTeamDefenders (3): Brayden Maynard (123), Grant Birchall (115) and Josh Gibson (112)

Midfielders (8): Rory Sloane (c) (278), Gary Ablett (129), Adam Treloar (127), Matt Crouch (126), Bryce Gibbs (126), Sam Mitchell (121), Joel Selwood (113) and Jordan Lewis/Dylan Shiel (113)

Rucks (1): Stefan Martin (105)/Brodie Grundy (105)

Forwards (6): Dustin Martin (127), Jack Riewoldt (119), Michael Walters (119), Nick Riewoldt (116), Steve Johnson (115) and Michael Barlow (107)

Total: 2291



Defenders (4): Zac Williams (141), Sam Collins (126), Grant Birchall (119) and Josh Gibson (114)

Midfielders (8): Gary Ablett (159), Sam Mitchell (152), Rory Sloane (145), Matt Crouch (144), Anthony Miles (141), Stephen Coniglio (138), Callan Ward (122) and Jordan Lewis (122)

Rucks (0):

Forwards (6): Jack Riewoldt (c) (322), Connor Menadue (130), Dustin Martin (129), Michael Barlow (119), Maverick Weller (117) and Lachie Henderson/Nick Riewoldt (116)

Total: 2556

Who were the makers and breakers in your side for Round 14? Let me know on Twitter @KaneGrimster 

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