Makers & Breakers – Round 11


Welcome to Makers and Breakers for 2017. Each week I’ll take a look at the players that helped make and break our fantasy sides and also calculate the perfect score for the round in DreamTeam and SuperCoach. 

5 Makers

Dustin Martin (164DT/165SC): Martin was simply ‘on’ on Saturday night and unfortunately for North Melbourne they were on the receiving end. Martin fended his way to 38 disposals (15 contested), eight marks (two contested), nine clearances, six tackles, nine inside 50s and two goals. A genuine uber premium now and with his ceiling, he has to be considered for the captaincy in your team each week. 

Josh Kelly (159DT/176SC): I think we all knew this guy was a talented footballer but I don’t think anyone thought he would elevate his game to this level quite so soon. Kelly torched the Bombers with 38 disposals (14 contested) at 87% efficiency, five marks, seven clearances, 10 tackles, 10 inside 50s, a goal and three goal assists. No matter where Kelly continues his football career, he’ll certainly be a staple of my fantasy sides. 

Charlie Dixon (128DT/167SC):  Dixon was smashed this week in the media after time mismanagement error cost Dixon a set shot at goal at a pivotal moment against Geelong. However, the key forward responded the best way a footballer can, by dominating the next week. Dixon tore the Hawks defence to shreds collecting 20 disposals (15 contested), eight marks (five contested), six tackles and four goals.  

Joel Selwood (117DT/151SC) and Patrick Dangerfield (125DT/149SC): Dangerwood kicked into full gear against the Crows on Friday night amassing 66 disposals (40 contested), 16 clearances, 11 tackles, nine inside 50s and four goals. I’m not sure if there’s SuperCoach points for courage or spilling your own blood but if there is that’s another statistic Selwood can lay claim to. 

Brad Ebert (142DT/141SC): Ebert continued his career-best season with another phenomenal performance this time against Hawthorn in his 200th game. His ability to compete in the contest and yet cover the ground smoothly is incredible and showcases why he stuffs the sheet in every column. Ebert finished with 34 disposals (14 contested), five marks, seven clearances, 12 tackles and five inside 50s, and I think has finally broken through to genuine premium territory.

5 Breakers

Jack Gunston (29DT/27SC): It wasn’t until the third quarter that Hawthorn kicked their first goal against Port Adelaide on Thursday night but that’s no excuse for Gunston’s horrendous performance. The gun forward had just seven disposals, two marks and one tackle, and would have devastated coaches in the already difficult bye rounds.  

Robbie Gray (38DT/44SC): Clearly a role deep forward isn’t conducive to premium fantasy numbers for Gray and despite gaining forward eligibility in AF I don’t think it’s enough to select him. Gray had just 10 disposals, one mark, two tackles and a goal. It will take a clear move to the midfield before I even consider Gray and with the Power playing sensational football it will take a huge injury toll for that to take place. 

Rory Laird (65DT/59SC): The Crows were unable to play their natural game against the Cats and as a result Laird was well-down on his usual output. The master accumulator across defence finished with just 20 disposals and one mark, both well below his seasonal average. It’s the second subpar score from Laird in a row but I still see no reason to panic, surely your team has more pressing issues. 

Brendon Goddard (66DT/77SC): While Goddard was 20-30 points below his average across the formats on Saturday against the Giants the true crime occurred off the field at halftime. I know it’s your 300th game Brendon but those poor lollies didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. 

Daniel Lloyd (34DT/31SC), Luke Ryan (36DT/37SC) and Andy Otten (40DT/36SC): It’s harsh to put these guys in the breakers since they are only rookies but when sides are stretched line with the byes it would have been nice for these guys to produce something respectable. Lloyd, Ryan and Otten all have the bye in Round 13 so hopefully they can repay the faith next week, if they hold their spot. 

Perfect Team (Best 18 this week with the byes)


Defenders: Taylor Adams (131), Josh Smith (131), Zac Williams (131), Bachar Houli (129), Andrew Mackie (113) and Kade Kolodjashnij/Heath Shaw (113)

Midfield: Dustin Martin (c) (328), Josh Kelly (159), Trent Cotchin (148), Brad Ebert (142), Dion Prestia (137), Jarryd Lyons (133), Patrick Dangerfield (131) and Steele Sidebottom (127)


Forward: Charlie Dixon (128), Ryan Burton (118), Levi Greenwood (111), Jordan De Goey (110)

Total: 2520!


Defenders: Zac Williams (145), Bachar Houli (139), Harry Taylor (117), Hamish Hartlett (116), Matthew Broadbent (114) and Josh Smith/Andrew Mackie (107)

Midfield: Josh Kelly (c) (352), Dustin Martin (165), Joel Selwood (151), Patrick Dangerfield (149), Brad Ebert (141), Gary Ablett (139), Trent Cotchin (131) and Adam Treloar (128)

Ruck: Zac Smith (117)

Forward: Charlie Dixon (167), Darcy Moore (108), Tom Lynch (ade)/Jack Riewoldt  (105)

Total: 2591!

Who were the Makers and Breakers in your side for Round 11?

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