Makers & Breakers – Round 12


Welcome to Makers and Breakers for 2017. Each week I’ll take a look at the players that helped make and break our fantasy sides and also calculate the perfect score for the round in DreamTeam and SuperCoach. 

5 Makers

Gary Ablett (153DT/146SC): Ablett continued his incredible run of performances against the Hawks with another masterclass on Saturday. The little master amassed 37 disposals (15 contested), 10 tackles, eight clearances, two goals and 11 score involvements. The only slight on his season so far has been the fact that he missed Round 10 with shoulder soreness but the way he’s playing you have to heavily consider him when completing your team as he looks back to his best.

Zach Merrett (151DT/135SC): Merrett is an extremely reliable premium midfielder but on Saturday night against the Power he showcased that his ceiling isn’t too bad either. The Bombers star stuffed the stats sheet with 38 disposals, six marks, six clearances, seven tackles, eight inside 50s, four rebounds from 50 and a goal. If you don’t own Merrett he has to be right at the top of your shopping list after his bye this week.

Sam Docherty (149DT/144SC): Many coaches were hesitant to select Docherty due to the fear that he couldn’t reproduce his breakout 2016 numbers, well he’s found a whole another level this year. Against the fantasy frugal GWS Docherty thrived collecting 35 disposals (20 kicks and 27 uncontested possessions), 12 marks, five tackles, four inside 50s and eight rebounds from 50. We’re always cautious in calling a player a ‘must-have’ at the Coaches Panel but when you’re scoring 15-20 points more than the other top players in your position you deserve that kind of praise.

Matthew Kreuzer (149DT/132SC): Kreuzer is putting together an All-Australian quality season. The Blue ruckman has missed just one game and has boosted his average to a massive 108DT and 106SC points thanks to a barnstorming last three weeks where he has averaged 133DT/SC points. The prophecy of the top two rucks changing every year in fantasy formats looks to be playing out again.

Brodie Grundy (158DT/116SC): Grundy, like most ruckman that have come up against the Dees since Gawn and Spencer went down, went enormous on Monday. Hitouts have been the primary area that have caused massive ruck scores against Melbourne and Grundy certainly fired in that regard with 53 but it was his 11 tackles that pushed him to a career-high score. Barring Cox re-entering the side I can’t see Grundy being out of the top few rucks on the run home.

5 Breakers

Jason Johannisen (27DT/21SC): Johannisen was shadowed by Sydney’s George Hewitt and restricted an abysmal nine disposals, one tackle and zero marks. A gut-wrenching performance to kick off your round of fantasy football and now begs the question if Johannisen needs to be upgrade as he’s clearly off the pace of the best defenders his year.

Rory Sloane (62DT/66SC): O Rory we meet again in Makers and Breakers. Sloane’s huge range of scores this season have resulted in him featuring this article in a near weekly basis. On Friday night against the Saints Sloane was tagged by Koby Stevens and kept to just 14 disposals, one mark, four tackles and a goal and was heavily aided by five free kicks for. I’m not sure where I sit on Sloane as an option after his bye, part of me is scared by his susceptibility to a tag yet conversely his ceiling can be a huge difference maker.

Koby Stevens (67DT/55SC): Stevens successfully completed his mission to negate Sloane’s influence but as a result he quelled his own scoring, which prior to this week has seen him among the top forwards. Stevens had a respectable 18 disposals, five marks and five tackles but it was six free kicks against that really quashed his score.

Nat Fyfe (82DT/81SC): While Fyfe’s score wasn’t disastrous on Saturday against Brisbane it certainly was disappointing particularly when you consider he was in the 60s at halftime. The 2015 Brownlow Medalist gathered 18 disposals, five marks, three tackles and two goals but I feel coaches patience has run out with him and that he’ll be a popular trade out this week with the Dockers on their bye.

Jack Steele (57DT/53SC): Steele has had a great first season as a Saint but was quiet on Friday night. Clearly Steele is building his fitness as he more often than not starts off the ground and as a result spends only around 70% time on ground. Against the Crows Steele played a season-low 64% time on ground and amassed just 15 disposals, three marks and four tackles.

Perfect Team (Best 18 this week with the byes)


Defenders: Sam Docherty (149), Jake Lloyd (122), Steven May (118) and Rory Laird (115)

Midfield: Gary Ablett (153), Zach Merrett (151), Dayne Beams (145), Tom Mitchell (141), Steele Sidebottom (133), Dayne Zorko (131), Dyson Heppell (128) and Scott Pendlebury (126)

Ruck: Brodie Grundy (c) (316) and Matthew Kreuzer (149)

Forward: Jack Gunston (138), Justin Westhoff (133), Tom Lynch (ADE) (115) and Cale Hooker (114)

Total: 2577!


Defenders: Sam Docherty (144), Cale Hooker (140), Rory Laird (134), Jeremy Howe (125) and Michael Hurley (118)

Midfield: Gary Ablett (c) (292), Dayne Beams (146), Zach Merrett (135), Dayne Zorko (129), Lachie Neale (125), Jobe Watson (122), Dylan Shiel (122) and Lachie Whitfield (117)

Ruck: Matthew Kreuzer (132) and Brodie Grundy (116)

Forward: Justin Westhoff (133), Isaac Heeney (131), Jack Macrae (123), Tom Papley (121) and Jack Gunston (121)

Total: 2726!

Who were the Makers and Breakers in your side for Round 12?

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