Makers & Breakers – Round 13


Welcome to Makers and Breakers for 2017. Each week I’ll take a look at the players that helped make and break our fantasy sides and also calculate the perfect score for the round in DreamTeam and SuperCoach. 

5 Makers

Bryce Gibbs (194DT/208SC): Wow… what an unbelievable performance by Gibbs against the Suns. Few have stuffed the stats sheet as full as he did on Saturday night with the midfielder amassing 43 disposals, eight marks, 10 tackles and two goals. Prior to Round 13 Gibbs was already having a sensational season but a score like is the type of thing owners can only dream of, especially from a unique premium. Hats off Bryce that was insane.

Dayne Zorko (157DT/143SC): Zorko certainly didn’t rest on his laurels after being thrust into All-Australian contention on the back of his stellar game against the Dockers last week. Despite the Power controlling the match Zorko buzzed around the ground as only he does, working hard to provide an option as well as relentlessly pressuring anyone with the ball. Coaches who took the unique route were rewarded with a fantastic score courtesy of his 32 disposals (24 kicks), four marks, 12 tackles and two goals.

Sam Docherty (143DT/153SC): When are opposition sides going to start putting some time into this guy? Docherty flew out of the gates with 60+ point first quarter and continued on his merry way in the Blues win. The creative defender finished with 30 disposals, nine marks and nine tackles, and if already haven’t been, you need to consider him as a captaincy option as he rarely puts in a poor score.

Nic Newman (112DT/104SC): Newman’s fantasy game was as equally impressive as his actual game, which is massive for a player who found himself on the fringes of the side earlier in the year. Newman was a catalyst for the Swans revival against the Tigers with his tackling matching his exquisite ball-use. If you still own the former rookie priced defender, I wouldn’t be hurrying to upgrade him, you’ve already got a premium on your hands.

Kade Simpson (137DT/142SC) and Matthew Kreuzer (112DT/144SC): It’s a Carlton special in the Makers this week with Simpson and Kreuzer delivering massive scores in lines where huge scores were hard to find. Simpson thoroughly enjoyed the space given to him racking up 33 disposals and 15 marks, imagine if he laid a tackle. While Kreuzer extended his blistering run of form with an 18 disposal, three mark, six tackle and 30 hit out effort.

5 Breakers

Tom Rockliff (74DT/59SC): I’m not sure what to make of Rockliff’s performance on Saturday against the Power. The fantasy royal produced his second lackluster score in a row but only played a mere 59% game time. Social media was going crazy throughout the match with some saying he was ill and others saying his shoulder was troubling him. At at the time of writing this we’re yet to hear officially from the Lions but I feel whatever the news is will have a huge impact on people’s trade plans this week.

Lance Franklin (61DT/48SC): Saturday at the MCG saw two champions of our game Franklin and Alex Rance battle it out. While the Swans snatched the win, Rance certainly quelled Franklin’s fantasy numbers with the superstar forward kicking only one goal to go with his 16 disposals and six marks.

Tom Lynch (GC) (34DT/37SC): Speaking of star forwards being quiet, Carlton’s Liam Jones continued his resurgence with a stunning defensive job on Lynch. The Suns big man tore the Blues to shreds when they met in Round 4 booting seven goals as well as gathering 19 disposals and 12 marks. However, this time he was held goalless and took just the lone mark, a huge reason the Blues got the win.

Jason Johannisen (51DT/58SC): The footy world was waiting to see how Johannisen would respond from the forward tag Sydney effectively applied on him last week. Unfortunately for the Bulldogs and fantasy coaches he was quiet again against Melbourne managing just 15 disposals, three marks and two tackles. I can’t see a player of JJ’s calibre staying down for long though, which would make him a handy D7 option on the run home at a bargain price.

Dayne Beams (60DT/66SC): Beams returned from injury in phenomenal fashion averaging 130+ in the last three weeks but against the Power on Saturday the Lions captain was restricted to 20 disposals, three marks and two tackles. Beams has been incredibly consistent this season scoring above 100DT points in seven of his 10 games but hasn’t enjoyed his time against Port Adelaide producing scores of 68 and 60, his two lowest for the year.

Perfect Team (Best 18 this week with the byes)


Defenders: Sam Docherty (143), Kade Simpson (137), Bachar Houli (114), Nic Newman (112), Leigh Montagna (111) and Christian Salem (110)

Midfield: Bryce Gibbs (c) (388), Dayne Zorko (157), Ollie Wines (119), Robbie Gray (117), Sam Mitchell (117), Patrick Dangerfield (116), Seb Ross (115) and Sam Gibson/Trent Cotchin (113)

Ruck: Jordan Roughead (116) and Matthew Kreuzer (112)

Forward: Isaac Heeney (109) and Nick Riewoldt (106)

Total: 2412!


Defenders: Sam Docherty (153), Kade Simpson (142), Bachar Houli (129) and Dylan Roberton (119)

Midfield: Bryce Gibbs (416), Dayne Zorko (143), Patrick Dangefield (141), Robbie Gray (129), Dom Sheed (127), Sam Mitchell (122), Ryan Bastinac (122) and Seb Ross/Andrew Gaff (120)

Ruck: Matthew Kreuzer (144) and Todd Goldstein (128)

Forward: Ryan Lester (127), Patrick Ryder (119), Tom Papley (118) and Elliot Yeo (117)

Total: 2616!

Who were the Makers and Breakers in your side for Round 13?

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