Makers & Breakers – Round 18


Welcome to Makers and Breakers for 2017. Each week I’ll take a look at the players that helped make and break our fantasy sides and also calculate the perfect score for the round in DreamTeam and SuperCoach. 

5 Makers

Rory Sloane (134DT/169SC): Sloane was back to early season best on Friday night against the Cats gathering 28 disposals (15 contested), seven clearances, seven tackles and three goals. Geelong coach Chris Scott allowed Sloane to roam tag free in the first quarter and by the time he put someone on him he was on fire. Next will should shed some light if Sloane has worked out the tag as I’d be shocked if Nathan Buckley didn’t send Levi Greenwood his way.

Dayne Beams (142DT/131SC): The Lions captain was sensational against the Blues amassing 30 disposals (21 kicks), 10 marks, three tackles and three goals, and is incredibly cheap across the board due to an injury affected score and some subpar scores. I can see a lot of coaches bringing Beams in this week for a fellow Brisbane midfielder who will be discussed later.

Michael Hibberd (129DT/140SC): Hibberd has been a much needed addition to the Demons side this year with his ability not only use the ball smartly but win one-on-ones a huge asset. On Saturday against the Power he racked up 36 disposals (24 kicks and 12 contested possessions), five marks, nine rebounds from 50, four tackles and four inside 50s, and has had a phenomenal season after missing the start with injury.

Jack Gunston (132DT/146SC): Gunston has been swung into defence in recent weeks and on Saturday night against the Dockers he had a field day. Allowed to play as a spare man he racked up 35 disposals (32 uncontested), eight marks (all uncontested) and a goal. Gunston has struggled for consistency this season so hopefully this role in the backline helps him find some form and will make it interesting for 2018 as what positional eligibility he’s given.

Brodie Grundy (127DT/125SC): Grundy had no problem dismantling the Eagles makeshift ruck duo of Nathan Vardy and Drew Petrie in the Magpies come from behind victory. Not only did he dominate in the hit-outs with 42, he provided an option around the ground collecting 19 disposals, three marks and seven tackles. At his age he’s bound to be a premium option for a long time.

5 Breakers

Michael Walters (39DT/47SC): Walters has been an X-factor for coaches this season with his purple patches of form producing strings of massive scores. However, against the Hawks he was kept to just 10 disposals, two marks and two tackles before a knee injury ended his night in the third quarter and is likely to see him miss a chunk of footy.

Tom Rockliff (44DT/57SC & Bryce Gibbs (37DT/45SC): I’ve coupled Rockliff and Gibbs together because that’s how they were on Sunday. Rockliff was given the responsibility of tagging the inform Gibbs and much to the disgust of fantasy coaches he did a terrific job, albeit at the expense of his own fantasy game. Gibbs was restricted to just eight disposals, one mark and four tackles, while Rockliff had 10 disposals, one mark and five tackles. It seems like coaches are fed up with Rockliff, who clearly isn’t himself and as a result has being handed different roles in the side, so expect him to moved by many this week.

Andrew Gaff (51DT/44SC): Gaff was shadowed by Levi Greenwood and unable to impart his usual contribution on the Eagles side. The hard-running midfielder had just 16 disposals, two marks and two tackles, and is prone to this type of scores when matched up with an equally strong aerobic opponent as winning the ball on the inside isn’t a strength of his game.

Chad Wingard (58DT/59SC): Wingard has struggled interstate this season and unfortunately it was another dirty day for the Power star who’s day ended early with an ankle injury. Prior to going off he had 13 disposals at just 38 percent efficiency, three marks, two tackles and one goal. Thankfully for owners and Port Adelaide fans it looks like it’s not too serious an injury.

Perfect Team 


Defenders: Michael Hibberd (129), Shannon Hurn (117), Sam Mayes (113), Shane Biggs (111), Cale Hooker (111) and Jayden Hunt (111)

Midfield: Dayne Beams (c) (284), Rory Sloane (134), Tom Mitchell (130), Jack Crisp (121), Travis Boak (120), Dayne Zorko (119), Brad Ebert (118) and Dustin Martin (116)

Ruck: Brodie Grundy (127) and Callum Sinclair (117)

Forward: Jack Gunston (132), Taylor Garner (129), Ben Brown (119), Luke Dahlahus (109), Jack Martin (108) and Luke Breust (107)

Total: 2782


Defenders: Shannon Hurn (149), Michael Hibberd (140), Zac Williams (139), Cale Hooker (132), Phil Davis (127) and Jeremy Howe (114)

Midfield: Rory Sloane (c) (338), Dustin Martin (150), Patrick Dangerfield (142), Dayne Zorko (142), Matt Crouch (134), Dayne Beams (131), Jack Crisp (129) and Joel Selwood (127)

Ruck: Sam Jacobs (133) and Matthew Kreuzer (128)

Forward: Callum Sinclair (148), Jack Gunston (146), Ben Brown (134), Ryan Lester (134), Jordan De Goey (130) and Mitch Wallis/Richard Douglas (124)

Total: 3171!

Who were the Makers and Breakers in your side for Round 18?

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