Makers & Breakers – Round 20


Welcome to Makers and Breakers for 2017. Each week I’ll take a look at the players that helped make and break our fantasy sides and also calculate the perfect score for the round in DreamTeam and SuperCoach. 

5 Makers

Max Gawn (140DT/160SC): Gawn was back to his All-Australian best on Saturday against the restrictive Giants. The star ruckman was sensational in tight with 15 of his 19 disposals contested, five of his six marks contested, seven clearances and five tackles. To complete he all-round performance he additionally he won the lion’s share of the hitouts with 52 and pushed forward to kick a goal. With Brodie Grundy likely to be suspended for a tackle on Ben Brown I can see Gawn being a popular trade in this week.

Jack Macrae (126DT/162SC): Macrae has delivered exactly what coaches would have expected from the midfielder who was given forward status this season. Rarely does Macrae produce a poor score and with the amount of midfield minutes he plays can deliver massive scores like he did on Saturday against Brisbane. Macrae filled his stats sheet with 32 disposals (15 contested) at an 84% efficiency, 11 marks, six clearances, four tackles, eight inside 50s and three goal assists. I’d be surprised if we’re given the luxury of locking him into our forwards in 2018 though.

Lachie Neale (152DT/156SC): Neale has quietly gone about his business this year but is still among the premier midfielders. The strength of his fantasy game is his huge ceiling and against the Suns on Saturday night he unleashed a giant score on the back of 32 disposals, nine marks, 11 clearances, 10 tackles and a goal. It’s hard to shut a guy down who can impact the game in as many areas as Neale does and that’s why he’s a fantasy jet.

Josh Caddy (142DT/137SC): When the fantasy formats were opened earlier in the year Caddy was one of the most selected players. However, after a subpar preseason where he was stationed up forward a lot of the time many coaches cooled on him. On Sunday against the Hawks Caddy exploded with 28 disposals, nine marks and four goals, and unlike Macrae will be a forward next season.

Adelaide Crows (1804DT/1999SC): The Showdown was hyped as a top four clash but quickly it was evident that Adelaide was the superior side and in the end they dispatched Port Adelaide by 84 points. The fantasy numbers were also heavily in the Crows favour with eight players reaching the ton in DT and SC compared to two for the Power. Brad Crouch (129DT/149SC), Sam Jacobs (125DT/138SC), Rory Sloane (124DT/151SC),  Matt Crouch (116DT/139SC) and Taylor Walker (115DT/140SC) all cashed in with phenomenal scores.

5 Breakers

Lance Franklin (37DT/42SC): The Swans dominated the Cats at Simonds Stadium and it without Franklin having anywhere near is normal impact on the game. The superstar forward was restricted to just eight disposals, one mark and one goal by Tom Lonergan, and would have angered a lot of coaches in the first week of league finals.

Aaron Hall (44DT/41SC): Hall was a popular trade in for many coaches as they looked to combat the byes with Port Adelaide and Gold Coast who had the early bye. Unfortunately for those with Hall he went down with a hamstring injury in the second quarter and didn’t return to the field. To make matters worse it looks like he’ll miss games too, which coupled with the plethora of other injuries and suspensions going around could be donuts for a few sides.

Jobe Watson (36DT/35SC): Watson produced his lowest score for the year on Saturday against Carlton and was only able to muster 11 disposals (nine handballs), one mark and two tackles. While he’s certainly not the player he was five years ago he still is averaging 91DT and 85SC points and is solid contributor for the Bombers.

Joel Selwood (64DT/82SC): Selwood injured his ankle late in the second quarter and was able to battle on until early in the last quarter where he was benched for the rest of the match. While his score was disappointing the real breaker comes in the fact that he has been ruled out for the remainder of the home and away season. Hopefully you have trades in the bank to move him on.

Luke Shuey (58DT/79SC): Shuey has tailed off in the second half season after his blistering start of the year. On Sunday against the Saints in a vital clash for the Eagles he was particularly underwhelming collecting just 18 disposals, two marks and three marks.

Perfect Team 


Defenders: Luke Ryan (126), Taylor Adams (124), Bernie Vince (119), Shane Savage (112), Rory Laird (109) and Tom McDonald (109)

Midfield: Lachie Neale (c) (304), Dyson Heppell (138), Nat Fyfe (132), Josh Kelly (131), Scott Selwood (131), Jack Ziebell (130), Brad Crouch (129) and Bryce Gibbs/Dion Prestia (125)

Ruck: Max Gawn (140) and Sam Jacobs (125)

Forward: Josh Caddy (142), Jack Macrae (126), Jack Steele (124), Blake Acres (120), Jarryd Roughead (119) and Brad Hill (119)

Total: 2934!


Defenders: Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (144), Taylor Adams (127), Luke Ryan (116), Tom Jonas (116), Shane Savage (115) and Jarryd McVeigh (113)

Midfield: Lachie Neale (156), Rory Sloane (151), Brad Crouch (149), Nat Fyfe (140), Matt Crouch (139), Luke Paker (134), Dyson Heppell (134) and Daniel Rich (133)

Ruck: Max Gawn (160) and Sam Jacobs (138)

Forward: Jack Macrae (c) (324), Taylor Walker (140), Jack Steele (137), Josh Caddy (137), James Sicily (130) and Jack Billings (129)

Total: 3162!

Who were the Makers and Breakers in your side for Round 20?

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