Makers & Breakers – Round 9


Welcome to Makers and Breakers for 2017. Each week I’ll take a look at the players that helped make and break our fantasy sides and also calculate the perfect score for the round in DreamTeam and SuperCoach. 


5 Makers

Tom Mitchell (177DT/158SC): In the absence of Rockliff this week, Mitchell stepped it up a notch. He’s been Mr. Consistency for us all year, registering between 27 and 38 disposals in every game for the first 8 weeks. This week in a loss against the Pies, he bucked that trend, amassing an incredible 50 disposals. In doing so, Titch became just the 7th recorded player to reach the 50 disposal mark in an AFL/VFL match. Just the 3rd in this handball dominant century.

Patrick Dangerfield (156 DT/ 151SC): Dangerfield was one of many premium mids to go massive this week, honorable mentions going to Mitch Duncan (169DT/130SC) and Dan Hannebery (159DT/137SC). Dangerfield was coming off a quiet month, at least for his lofty expectations, but Friday night was Danger at his very best. Coaches who risked putting the Captain’s armband on him would have been very pleased. If you don’t own him in any format, now is the time to jump on, before his price spikes again. He has that handy round 12 bye also.

Dayne Beams (144DT/134SC): When we first heard Beams had suffered another quad injury, alarm bells were ringing. Reports were saying two weeks, but history suggested otherwise. Most people jumped off Beams, unwilling to take the risk, making him a lot more unique for those that chose to build around him. 2 weeks later and he’s straight back into the team, already paying dividends for those who held.

Todd Goldstein (148DT/135SC): Goldstein’s season to date has been quite the roller-coaster, between injury niggles and the emergence of Braydon Preuss. Having dropped in price, Goldy loomed as a tasty upgrade target this week, coming up against the under-sized Pederson in a high stoppage generating team. The output of Nankervis, Sandilands and Witts kept a lot from doing so, but those that did take the punt welcomed a handy boost this week. Can he return to the Goldy of old? Time will tell.

Hugh Greenwood (93DT/104SC): Hugh Greenwood cops a mention here partly because of my man crush for him, but he was also a popular downgrade target this week in fantasy. Few also took the punt in SC/DT, and would be glad they did. The basketball convert got his career off to a flying start with 3 goals in the first half against the Lions. The rest of his game was more than solid, he picked up a modest 15 disposals (7 contested and 80% efficiency), and laid an impressive 9 tackles. Greenwood is just the big body around the contest that the Crows need, and he’s versatility makes him dangerous up forward. Known for his consistency at SANFL level, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him become a permanent fixture in the Crows lineup.

5 Breakers

Heath Shaw (68DT/73SC): Heath Shaw’s underwhelming season continues. He’s just not getting the same amount of looks as he was, which may be a by-product of this GWS side maturing. Shaw has dropped 114k, 108K and 122K across the formats, but won’t be dropping much further. I wouldn’t be losing hope however, he’s still showing glimpses of his former form, and is still a viable upgrade target. Just don’t expect the big scores we grew accustomed to.

Marcus Bontempelli (73DT/81SC): Bont was one of the very few gun mids to have a quiet game, and for that reason, he was a breaker this week. If you owned Bontempelli as a unique this week, he probably came up against the likes of Hannebery or Pendlebury in a match-up. The Bont was unable to have his usual impact against a rampaging Geelong midfield, picking up just 19 touches, and missing his 3 shots on goal.

Jack Macrae (76DT/84SC): Bont wasn’t alone in having a quiet game within the Bulldogs midfield, Macrae was also down a little on his usual standards. Not a terrible score for Macrae, but in a week full of big scores, he didn’t quite do enough. He did still have 23 disposals, but just 7 kicks and 2 marks. He should bounce back next week against St Kilda.

Isaac Heeney (70DT/69SC): Heeney was in red hot form leading into this game, but he was probably due a poor score. There’s been rumors suggesting Heeney isn’t 100% fit yet, so a bit of variance is to be expected. I wouldn’t be worried as an owner, unless a trend appears.

Zak Jones (59DT/49SC): Zak Jones has become quite popular due to his value starting price, and high ceiling. Just two weeks ago he hit 101DT/143SC against the Lions, but fell well short of that mark this week. Inconsistency is to be expected from a player of his type, but 59DT/49SC hurts in a big week. Jones found the pill 20 times, but rarely kicked it, and only managed to lay 1 tackle.

 Perfect Team


Defenders: Jeremy Howe (125), Jake Lloyd (122), Dylan Roberton (121), Mark Baguley (120), Sam Docherty (119) and Taylor Adams (116)

Midfield: Tom Mitchell (c) (354), Mitch Duncan (169), Dan Hannebery (159), Patrick Dangerfield (156), Scott Pendlebury (144), Dayne Beams (144), David Zaharakis (137) and Seb Ross (135)

Ruck: Zac Smith (148) and Todd Goldstein (148)

Forward: Cameron Pederson (120), Tom Lynch (119), Michael Walters (118), Tom Boyd (117), Jack Billings (113) and Paul Puopolo & Jack Steele (104)

Total: 3,108!


Defenders: Nathan Wilson (127), Dylan Roberton (119), Zach Touhy (116), Harry Taylor (112), Taylor Adams & Jake Lloyd & Rory Laird & Michael Hibberd (110)

Midfield: Tom Mitchell (c) (316), Patrick Dangerfield (151), Dustin Martin (144), Scott Pendlebury (142), Dan Hannebery (137), Lachie Neale (134), Dayne Beams (132) and Connor Blakely & Mitch Duncan (130)

Ruck: Zac Smith (136) and Shane Mumford & Todd Goldstein (135)

Forward: Michael Walters (135), Mitch Wallis (132), Joe Daniher (124), Cameron Pederson (113), Tom Boyd (109) and Eddie Betts (108)

Total: 2,972!


Who were the Makers and Breakers in your side for Round 9? 

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