Nobel Koel – Round 14

The Nobel Koel is back! Who will be the Coaches Panel coach of the year? Can Troy go back to back? Will a Panelist be the one to beat? Firstly though, let’s do some house cleaning and explain what the Nobel Koel is and how to enter it. 

For ALL the rules and FAQ’s click here. For this article we will only be highlighting the key to getting involved.

What is the Nobel Koel?

It is a competition across three formats of salary cap fantasy that will eventually decide in Round 23 who The Coaches Panel coach of the year will be.

How do you enter?

Just join either one or all three of the Super Coach, Real Dream Team and AFL Fantasy groups and you are in the competition.We suggest you join all 3 to maximise your potential of winning.


SuperCoach – click here

RealDreamTeam – click here

How do you score points?

Each week we award each of the formats highest points scorers with points, !0 points for highest, 9 for second highest, 8 for third highest, 7 for fourth, 6 for fifth, 5 for sixth, 4 for seventh, 3 for eighth, 2 for ninth and 1 point for tenth, so there is 155 points available per week across all three formats.


Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 10.52.24 pm

***Whilst the Tigers were belting the Lions the Vlaustn Translation was racking up his own points and did enough to take the 10 from old mate Porky who was only just 3 points shy and sits on a total of 14. The Big lads of SC were out in force this week with Big MAX and the Double Damo Brothers surging up the rankings and getting amongst the points along with Raj from GOODBETTERBEST who’s 5th overall in SC and with his 7 points, takes his Koel points total to 14. Our boy Kane from Salmon Boys got 4 points and Team Dribbz is right in the hunt and on the leaderboard now with a 6. We have 5 of the Overall Top 62 ranked players in our SC Group so really well done guys on your SC prowess this year and hope you guys can carry that form through yo the end.   ***

Real DreamTeam

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 10.45.58 pm

***No use banging it up the fairway with the BIg Dog if you cant Putt out for Dough as Pete did this week with a bye round of 1934 which earnt him the 10 points on offer in RDT. Rob’s Squad wasn’t far off the pace with the 9 and Multiple ScOrgasms close with the 8 points. Gazza from Odd Balls took a very handy 6 which sets him right up for a crack at the leaders in the coming weeks. Robert from Rob’s Squad is sitting 2nd overall in RDT, old mate Justan Grant is 8th and John from Oompa Land is 9th, in fact their lining up from the Coaches Panel with some big names and big reputations closing in . Well done on your RDT years so far coaches.***

AFL Fantasy

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 10.41.09 pm

***A slower week in AFL Fantasy saw the Wombat FC waltz in to collect the 10 points, Dream Team United took the 9 whilst Rhonda luvs ROK’s bum took the 8. Kingy FC who has been a dominant force in previous years, turned his season around and chipped in for a very solid 4 points, edging out The Grizzled Nut, Tragic Ben and Katfish who had to settle for minor points. In a nutshell Allan from Brainpharts is 64th Overall in AF which is a great effort .***

Overall Leaderboard

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.04.43 am

***Won’t be long now till the byes are over and we’ll soon get a gauge on which coaches have set themselves up the best for the run home and ultimately locked themselves in to be crowned the Coaches Panel, Coach of the Year Award for 2016. Out front is The Richie Benauds but the peloton is gathering momentum and any round now we’re going to see the big challenge. Lots of great coaches on 14 points as well so expectations are that we’re going to see some big point grabs in coming weeks. Good luck and hope your week is massive, cheers Fox.***

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