Nobel Koel – Round 15

The Nobel Koel is back! Who will be the Coaches Panel coach of the year? Can Colin go back to back? Will Troy bounce back in 2017 and reclaim his 2015 title? Will a Panelist be the one to beat? Firstly though, let’s do some house cleaning and explain what the Nobel Koel is and how to enter it. 

For ALL the rules and FAQ’s click here. For this article we will only be highlighting the key to getting involved.

What is the Nobel Koel?

It is a competition across three formats of salary cap fantasy that will eventually decide in Round 23 who The Coaches Panel coach of the year will be.

How do you enter?

Just join either one or all three of the Super Coach, Real Dream Team and AFL Fantasy groups and you are in the competition.We suggest you join all 3 to maximise your potential of winning.


AFLFantasy – 9YTJ3492

SuperCoach – click here

RealDreamTeam – click here

How do you score points?


Each week we award each of the formats highest points scorers with points, 10 points for highest, 8 for second highest, 6 for third highest, 4 for fourth, 2 for fifth, so there is 90 points available per week across all three formats. There is also a chance for an additional BONUS POINT for the top team on any of the formats. If they score 50 or more than the second ranked team for any given week then an additional Bonus Point!


Koel PointsTeam/CoachScore
10Wu Tung Clan/James2537
6The Massiv/Jamie2506
4Reigning on Ur Parade/Cameron2505
2Crippers Rippers/Harley2504

Real DreamTeam

Koel PointsTeam/CoachScore
8Apache Cats/Dave2414
6Geoffrey Harharwood/Wendy2380
4Pseudo Sedawie/Robert2364
2Holliwood's Heroes/Mick2356

AFL Fantasy

Koel PointsTeam/CoachScore
10Squeakeroos DTC/Jaryed2376
8Clowns of Wrath/Clint2375
6Crippers Strippers/Jason2366
4Doppell gangers/Jamie2358
2Team MP/Michael2348

Overall Leaderboard

Weekly PointsTeam/CoachTotal Koel Points
8Apache Cats/Dave26
Jay Rox FC/James21
M.Gayfers Allstars/Kyle20
Booms Spartans/Sam20
Tyrannosaurus Tex/Kyle 20
PK's BenchWarmers/Paul18
Suns Guns/Paul18
Sri Hawkers/Sri14
Heaters Heroes/Heath14
Good Gods/David14

Very much a moving week in the Nobel Koel as Apache Cats/Dave “Tex” Huston found another gear and with a very nicely timed 8 points he leads the comp by 5. Sunsets/Valerie got the 10 points in AFL Dream Team scoring 2430 and with that sits equal second with Jay Rox FC/James.Our group leaders in Dream Team sit overall #2 Narcissist FC/Damon and #6 Cash Cows/Mick.

In Super Coach the 10 points went to Wu Tung Clan/James with a monster 2537. Our Super Coach group leaders sit overall #3 Tyrannosaurus Tex/Kyle and #8 PK’s Bench Warmers/Paul.

AFL Fantasy was very tight at the top for points but coming out on top was the mighty Squeakeroo DTC/Jaryed who pipped the Clown of Wrath with a score of 2375.Our AFL Fantast group leaders sit #11 Cripps SOMF/Hayden and #27 Purple Reign/Derek.

Still is plenty of time to make your claim and take the title of The Coaches Panel Nobel Koel Coach of the Year for 2017, good luck.

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