Nobel Koel – Round 15

The Nobel Koel is back! Who will be the Coaches Panel coach of the year? Can Troy go back to back? Will a Panelist be the one to beat? Firstly though, let’s do some house cleaning and explain what the Nobel Koel is and how to enter it.  For ALL the rules and FAQ’s click here. For this article we will only be highlighting the key to getting involved.

What is the Nobel Koel?

It is a competition across three formats of salary cap fantasy that will eventually decide in Round 23 who The Coaches Panel coach of the year will be.

How do you enter?

Just join either one or all three of the Super Coach, Real Dream Team and AFL Fantasy groups and you are in the competition.We suggest you join all 3 to maximise your potential of winning.


SuperCoach – click here

RealDreamTeam – click here

How do you score points?

Each week we award each of the formats highest points scorers with points, !0 points for highest, 9 for second highest, 8 for third highest, 7 for fourth, 6 for fifth, 5 for sixth, 4 for seventh, 3 for eighth, 2 for ninth and 1 point for tenth, so there is 155 points available per week across all three formats.


Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.20.18 am

***The Renegades with a score of 2039 took out the 10 Super coach points, Mikes Magic got the 9 and Inner Sanctum the 8, there really wasn’t much movement at all from this group with most of the point scorers registering their first points of the year in what proved to be the most challenging bye of the lot.  Great to see GoodBetterBest@SCT coach Raj move into 2nd place overall in the Super Coach Competition, well done and played so far in what is the most heavily populated format in the  Competition. ***

Real DreamTeam

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.19.26 am

***Pretending to pick a decent Real Dream Team worked for John this week as he took out Armageddon in the process and registered a very nice 10 Nobel Koel points, The Mighty Lambs took out the 8 whilst a sneaky 2 points from the Woolley Roos sets them up very nicely indeed. One coach who needs a special mention and who’s looking very equipped is Robert from Robs Squad who took the 6 and attached himself to our leaderboard in the process, in fact Robert is 15 points short of overall first place in the Real Dream Team Competition and certainly has traded well through the byes and is giving himself every chance for the run home to Round 23 glory. Well done son.  ***

AFL Fantasy

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.18.10 am

***The Running Man suited up well for Round 15 AFL Fantasy and he pretty much blitzed the field with his 1857 and took the 10 points easily this week. Woolley Roos is one that has jumped into contention and second place with a 9 whist the rise of wombat related teams in the comp is becoming a weekly phenomenon. Baka’s, Year of the Swan and Pseudo Sedawie all got involved again and all seem genuine threats to the leaders. Woolley Roos coached by Jason is in 54th place overall in AFL Fantasy, and is having a real crack at the prize.***

Overall Leaderboard

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.27.24 am

***Things got a smidge closer on the leaderboard this week with the Woolley Roos springing into 2nd place and tightening up the slack between our leader The Richie Benaud’s. Last year it was the Shanes this year it could be the Rob’s turn as a contingent of Rob’s hit the leaderboard in style with Psuedo Sedawie, Year of the Swan and Robs Squad  all turning it on again this week and rising through the ranks. I was made aware of one particular coach leaving  Zerret in the locker this week which cost them a huge 10 Koel Points, and could end up very costly for them. With 8 weeks still to go everyones a chance still of being crowned the Coaches Panel Coach of the Year in 2016, enjoy the run home out of the byes everyone, cheers Fox     ***

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