Nobel Koel – Round 23 Final Results

The Nobel Koel is back! Who will be the Coaches Panel coach of the year? Can Troy go back to back? Will a Panelist be the one to beat? Firstly though, let’s do some house cleaning and explain what the Nobel Koel is and how to enter it. 

For ALL the rules and FAQ’s click here. For this article we will only be highlighting the key to getting involved.

What is the Nobel Koel?

It is a competition across three formats of salary cap fantasy that will eventually decide in Round 23 who The Coaches Panel coach of the year will be.

How do you enter?

Just join either one or all three of the Super Coach, Real Dream Team and AFL Fantasy groups and you are in the competition.We suggest you join all 3 to maximise your potential of winning.


SuperCoach – click here

RealDreamTeam – click here

How do you score points?

Each week we award each of the formats highest points scorers with points, !0 points for highest, 9 for second highest, 8 for third highest, 7 for fourth, 6 for fifth, 5 for sixth, 4 for seventh, 3 for eighth, 2 for ninth and 1 point for tenth, so there is 155 points available per week across all three formats.


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 1.05.01 pm

***To get amongst the big points this week you needed a score of 2664 and Samuel of Black Star’s had the team to do it, our buddy Ben from Fort Bondi got the 9 points and Phoenix took the 8 on offer. wasn’t a lot of movement or action otherwise from the leaders in the SC format. The leader of the group overall was Ashley of Take no Prisoners who finished in 30th spot overall in the most popular format, a great effort Ash.   ***

Real DreamTeam

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 1.04.18 pm

***It was Kingy’s Crew that sank the others this week with a massive 2581 to take the 10 this week with Benjo/s Betrayal getting the 9 on offer. Aussie Floggers took the 8 points by just a a solitary point as they edged out the big teeth of Chompers with a 2570, Matthew of Living the Dream has come home strong with a 6 this week to jump into the Top 50. #likeaboss Frosty moved into 11th spot with his 3 points. The leader of the Real Dream Team group was Rob of Rob’s Squad who held up very well to record a 4th overall in RDT and comes away a little richer for his efforts too, as does Frosty who was one place back in 5th, great work gents on a fantastic year.   ***

AFL Fantasy

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 1.03.10 pm

***You may not have many fans Sam but you got the 10 points in AFL Fantasy this week with your score of 2638. Just da tip got 9 whilst Daniel from the Metallicats was our biggest leaderboard mover this week with a 6 taking him into equal 5th spot in the comp. Demolition Dane was at it again with a 2. Our group leader Simon of No Buddy Way was unable to hunt down that top spot and had to settle for 3rd overall in AFL Fantasy which is a really great achievement without the dollars, well played Simon on your year.***

The Winner – Bakas (Colin)

Nobel Koel Colin

It’s an honour to take out the prestigious Nobel Koel for 2016 against a lot of very good coaches. I had a decent year in all three formats highlighted with my highest ever finish in AFL Fantasy (55th) which is traditionally my weakest format.
A couple big weeks in rounds 19 and 20 enabled me to take the lead and hang on despite a poor finish to the season.

Just want to say thanks to all the crew at the Coaches Panel for all their efforts put into the weekly podcasts and articles.

Looking forward to defending the title in 2017!

Overall Leaderboard

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 6.38.55 pm

***The curtain has been drawn on the 2016 season and we are happy to announce that the 2016 Coaches Panel Coach of the year is Colin Shek of team name Bakas, Shekky won with a total of 61 points which was 9 clear of second placed Richard of The Richie Benaud’s, and filling out the podium in 3rd was Rob from Pseudo Sedawie. To break it all down Colin scored 39 AFL Fantasy Koel points, 18 Super Coach koel points and 4 Real Dream Team koel points in his total of 61 and he ranked overall 55th in AF, 1375th in SC and 644th in RDT. From all of us at the Coaches Panel we congratulate you on winning the coveted Nobel Koel Trophy which will be on it’s way to Western Australia in the next few days. Heave Ho way to go Colin, you hit em real hard and sent em down below, enjoy the title of being named the 2016 Coaches Panel Coach of the Year.   ***

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