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2017 Crystal Ball Predictions – Defenders

In this mini series we work our way through each line and ask the panel to complete the sentence. This is all done in isolation to every member of the panel and it’s very interesting to see what they come up with. Today we discuss the defenders. 

JLT Over Cash Cows – Forwards and Rucks

Over the last 2 days I have taken a very close look at all the cash cows through the JLT series per position. If you have missed any of them then just click on Cash Cow Defenders or Cash Cow Midfielders for a look. As always, all comments are just…
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Strategy Part 2: Value v Injury Potentiation

For those who haven’t yet read part 1, you may do so here. I do recommend it as these thought processes are required in order to understand the considerations of part 2. As previously mentioned, today will be an article focussed towards identifying the moment in which a choice is…
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JLT Over Cash Cows – Midfielders

Yesterday I discussed and shared my views for the Defensive Cash Cows. Today I am going to have a look at the midfielders. Anyone who is Dual Position in the forward line will be discussed in the Forwards section (stay tuned – tomorrow!). The midfield options do look a little…
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Strategy Part 1: Understanding the Predictability of Injury Variance

We are in the business of predictions. Fantasy coaches worldwide utilise different habitual methods to predict future outcomes. Some forensically focus on tape. They conclude that ‘X has a new role change = Y improvement of points’. Others consider the potential of a player who has recently surpassed the axis…
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JLT Over Cash Cows – Defenders

After 4 weeks of JLT preseason action we should now be in a much better position moving into the season proper! I am going to break down the cows that I have seen throughout the JLT. Today we start with the Defenders and the Rucks. Unfortunately I do not think…
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JLT Review: Saints v Swans

The match was of fairly high quality considering what we’ve had so far this pre-season. It was played in Albury and both teams played pretty strong teams. During the week Alan Richardson said this would be very close to their best 22, and the main player missing was through injury…
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JLT Review: Cats v Bombers

Another game of 2 halves for the final round of the JLT series! The Cats were trailing the Bombers at half time by 40pts but ended up running over the top to win the contest by 22pts. We all need to understand however that these games are preseason practice matches…
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JLT Review: Port v Hawks

The Power rewarded fans who took the trip down South to Noarlunga with a 28 point win over the Hawks in a game which we had many players to monitor with interest in their final JLT series hit-out. The game was played with a noticeably strong wind and there were periods…
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