Reveal My Team – Ridley United AFL Fantasy Pre-NAB


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I have shared my RDT and SC teams so far over the last 2 weeks. There have been changes already to both but the structure has remained the same. The last team to share is my AFL Fantasy team. I will be honest here and say that I am still none the wiser what the right way to do things are in AFL Fantasy. So I did a little of both below. I selected a couple of the better premium options in each line. Then I threw in a large number of mid pricers. The biggest issue I see though is cash generation. To counter this I either have the mid pricers who I think can average close enough to a premium in their specific line as well as mid pricers who I think are priced nicely enough to make some quick $$$. It really is a balancing act and one I have enjoyed playing around with so far the last few weeks.

Time to look at the team!


Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 7.35.00 am


How does my pre-NAB AFL Fantasy team compare to yours? Have I missed a must have?

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  1. AJ Sutts

    With 2 trades a week who are you looking to trade after weeks 1 and 2 Rookies? Or one of the midpricers?

    I keep looking at my AF team and wondering who I trade. Rookies/midpricers haven’t made enough money and not much point trading premo’s?

    Best I can think of is B/E chasing until the cash cows reach their max price.


    1. Rids (Post author)

      It is a very good question. I think I will use my first 2 weeks of trades chasing BEs. So if one of my mid pricers fails I will then look at going him to a rookie if available or sideways to another mid pricer that went well etc. Really hard to work out though whether the price rise in a week is worth it though but won’t die wondering 😉

  2. Moe Samsa

    Curious on how much $ you have left over in order to bring in CEllis in for Mathieson and Frost for Cox?

    Secondly, how many of these players do you plan on upgrading?

    1. Rids (Post author)

      I have $33,000 left over. Pretty much all rookies are place holders until NAB. I am sure we will get through the NAB and have a clearer idea of who is what.

      I am planning on upgrading 9 maybe 10 of the above guys.

  3. Brandon Romano

    Can someone please explain this bastinac hype??

    1. Rids (Post author)

      Bastinac is a pure mid. At North he was played in multiple roles which meant he could never settle properly. New club where he has been touted and played as a mid so far in the preseason. He is also cheaper than Libba and Crouch and is very able to score similar. Great bye round as well which adds to the flexibility of trading him through the byes. If he sucks then so be it but got to back your gut!

  4. Adam Smith

    as I posted in the other forums

    IF you fancy a quick cash spinner, then opt against Dusty for rd1 (as he plays Carlton, who he’s only topped 80 against 3 times in his career with a peak of 91) and bring him in for rd2 (114 average in his last 3 vs Collingwood)

    not saying it’s a great strategy, but if you’re happy with the rookies (although always a risk given rd1) then maybe consider it

    1. Rids (Post author)

      I think I have convinced myself that Dusty will start everywhere. I dont like the idea of having to find a way to bring him in after round 1. Couple that with the chance that injuries hit me in round 1 and my plans might need to change, there is just too much risk I wont have who I think will be the number 1 fwd in my team early.

      1. David Grant

        Agree Rids, something always goes wrong and you end up with an incomplete team in the prelim and get smashed. Start with as many as you can that you want in your final team with a strategy to get to full premo ASAP, be it guns and rooks, mid price mayhem or a combo. hard not to combo this year with so much value.

  5. Corey Wade

    so there’s no worry around Lobbe for you Rids? Yes it’s only preseason, but he wasn’t very good on the weekend.

    1. Rids (Post author)

      Of course there are worries around Lobbe. To the point where he isn’t in my team at the moment. But one good performance puts him back in. Mind you this team was posted on 13th Feb so plenty has changed since then!

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