Rids Ranks – New Keeper Draft 10 to 1

Welcome to Rid’s Ranks! This series I will be counting down my Top 50 for a new Keeper League. The below is just my opinion but we here at Coaches Panel have been smashed with people asking us what our Keeper League rankings are. Feel free to smash me on anyone you don’t believe should be there but at the end of the day, every list and position is subjective and objective. What does that mean exactly? It means beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Time to countdown 10 to 1!


Number 10 – Jackson Macrae

Not many kids have made such an impact in such a short period of time. Hard to believe that Macrae has only 4 years of senior AFL experience coming into 2017! The most impressive thing however is his yearly averages coupled with the games he has played.

2013 – 13 games @ 63.5

2014 – 21 games @ 104.4

2015 – 20 games @ 104.6

2016 – 18 games @ 98.8

And now he has DPP. Wowsers! Talk about fantasy relevant!!! Still has a decade to go as well.

Number 9 – Marcus Bontempelli

This kid is probably my favourite player to watch currently in the game! The way he glides and moves through congestion is simply amazing to watch. And to think he has only played 3 seasons! I have mentioned this a lot but fun is why we play keeper leagues and nothing is more fun than owning someone you love to watch. Helps as well that he is very much a fantasy beast!

Number 8 – Tom Rockliff

All things being equal, Rocky would be the number 1 guy in these rankings. But as we know things are not always equal and not all are on a level playing field. We all know what this guy can do. There is no-one in the fantasy game that can go with Rocky on his day. However, new coach and a recent run of bad luck with injuries and questions start to be asked. This guy is still top 10!

Number 7 – Brodie Grundy

A lot has changed since round 1 2016 when Buckley decided that Brodie Grundy was not his number 1 ruck. Round 2 came with q change of mind and the rest as they say is history. Grundy went from VFL to top 2 in fantasy ruck rankings all in the space of 22 rounds of footy. I will bank in now that 2016 will not be the only year Grundy has a seasonal average of 100+. And he only turns 23 in April! A decade of a top ruck man in a keeper league is exactly what you should be after! This is not the year the rucks will slide either so jump in early!!!

Number 6 – Max Gawn

Gawn is approximately 18 months older than Grundy so it was a toss up as to which ruck I rated higher. In all honesty though, there is nothing between them. The only reason the coin landed on Gawn was due to the new ruck rules that have been introduced this year. I think they absolutely favour Gawn over Grundy! This guy could actually benefit 5 to 10 points a game because of them! Crazy to think after his massive 2016.

Number 5 – Tom Mitchell

I have been critical of the hype of Tom Mitchell in fantasy circles in previous years! So what has changed in 2017? His club and coach is what!!!

The Hawks traded their top 2 midfielders in Sam Mitchell and Jordan Lewis at the end of 2016 which raised many eyebrows. They replaced them with a couple of beauties though! None better than this guy. We know he is a pig when given the right role! And to be very frank, he WILL have the right role at Hawks. Get on now because in 12 months time he won’t be sliding in any draft!

Number 4 – Isaac Heeney

People who are in keeper leagues with me know how highly I rate this kid! We need to separate single season and keeper season here. Make no mistake, Heeney is a beast and will be for a very very long time! Will it be this year or next year he becomes the full time mid it doesn’t matter. When he does, he will be top few across all players! If he maintains his DPP because he is also very dangerous around goals, then even better!

Number 3 – Adam Treloar

We know we must be entering the top few when Treloar’s name appears! I found it very difficult to split the top 3. There is not much between them in my eyes. Treloar is going to have a decade of 110+ averages. He is great to watch and more importantly, he is highly rated across the board. Not many guys can back up their first 110 year but I think Treloar will and on multiple occasions though out his career.

Number 2 – Patrick Dangerfield

How can I not have Dangerfield top 3? Amazing year really where he broke all his personal bests across every format. The reigning Brownlow medalist went just shy of 118 in DT in 2016. Not many can crack the 120 mark but I get the feeling Dangerfield will and quite possibly a few times over the next few years.  Not much else to say really. We all know what he can do!

Number 1 – Zach Merrett

This might come as a surprise but it shouldn’t. I want people to think back to the absolute best of the best DT’ers not named Gary Ablett. Dane Swan and Tom Rockliff are 2 that come to mind. They just know how to find the ball. They don’t do anything amazing but know exactly where to go and how to read the play. Zach Merrett reminds me exactly of this. The kid just finds the ball. It doesn’t matter what role he has. I personally think his role will be pure mid anyways, but even as a high half forward he will still find it. There is not 1 thing to not like about this kid! And he will only get better as his tank and gut running improve. Do yourself a favour and jump on this kid early! You will not regret it!!

Well there you have it! The Top 50 Rid’s Ranks Keeper League series! Stay tuned next week for the next Rid’s Ranks series. Until then feel free to share your thoughts either on the facebook page here or at my twitter handle @CoachRids. Let me know if you think I have missed anyone. I will do my best to reply to all questions.

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