Rids Ranks – New Keeper Draft 20 to 11

Welcome to Rid’s Ranks! This series I will be counting down my Top 50 for a new Keeper League. The below is just my opinion but we here at Coaches Panel have been smashed with people asking us what our Keeper League rankings are. Feel free to smash me on anyone you don’t believe should be there but at the end of the day, every list and position is subjective and objective. What does that mean exactly? It means beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Time to countdown 20 to 11!


Number 20 – Callum Mills

What an amazing debut season by Mills! The way he reads the play means he is going to be very relevant for many years to come in whatever role he has at that point in time. I don’t think it matters where he plays tbh. He is going to be a premium in all positions. As a mid he will rack them up. As a defender he will intercept and link. As a forward he will kick multiple goals and set up even more. You can never go wrong with this sort of kid! You will need to jump early however as plenty will have him in their pre-ranks.

Number 19 – Josh Kelly

I have some serious man love for this guy! I think he goes nuts for a decade now. Everything I have seen and heard screams 110 average. Huge tank. Massive endurance. Gut runner. Inside and outside. He really is the perfect DT prototype. He tends to slide as well so keep a sneaky eye on him always! Entering his 3rd year and coming off a 90 year the sky is the limit for this kid!

Number 18 – Dustin Martin

Another win win type! If he plays pure midfield then lock him in for 105-115 averages as he racks it up! If he plays forward then he will be a top 3 forward in every year! Can you go wrong with Dusty? Nope. He just keeps getting it done and is always building that tank. Plus he is a Tiger which is a massive bonus!

Number 17 – Lachie Neale

This might surprise a little as I am sure people will have him higher than my rankings. I think Neale is a beast and will continue to be a beast for many years to come. The one question I have is whether he can be a 110 beast in the same team as Fyfe and Blakely. Will there be enough contested ball to share between the 3. If he backs up last year’s uber premium break out then he will feature top 5 next year for me! I am just a little more sure about the higher ranked guys for now.

Number 16 – Taylor Adams

Another guy I have a massive man crush on. This is not a secret! People will probably be surprised he isn’t top 10 which is a very fair call. I am not going to rehash what I keep saying about Tay Tay. All I need to say is he will be a beast for a very long time!

Number 15 – Nathan Fyfe

Only injury has seen Nathan Fyfe drop down this list. This is the lowest value Fyfe has had for a couple of years now. If the keeper league was SC scoring then he would be top 5 for me. DT however he is somewhat under-rated. 110 is around the mark I see Fyfe going. I also see Fyfe as a win win in regards to position and role. If he plays mid then he will always score well. If he goes forward and impacts the scoreboard then Dual Position is always a possibility. Great player to watch as well also helps!

Number 14 – Patrick Cripps

What a superstar Patty Cripps is! He is coming off an average of 99 in his 3rd season and has plenty of scope for improvement. I love the fact he tends to spend large chunks of time forward as well which obviously increases the DPP possibilities for years to come. And the other thing I love about him is that everyone rates him! He really is my sort of keeper premium young gun and was unlucky to miss the top 10.

Number 13 – Sam Docherty

Back to back Carlton players here. Sam Docherty’s 2016 season was arguably the most impressive season from an individual players from a DT perspective. Not only did he break into that uber status, but he smashed all the barriers going at 101 from all games. He is also likely to improve as his younger teammates develop. Another fun guy to own and another unlucky to miss the top 10.

Number 12 – Luke Parker

Luke Parker is a DT stud. You know exactly what you will get with owning him in a keeper league. His ceiling is enormous and he hits it often. He is also starting to accumulate some crazy large possession numbers averaging 28 touches a game in 2016. 3 out of the last 4 seasons he has also played 22 games so durability is no longer an issue. And I haven’t mentioned the 6 tackles a game. He really is the full package!

Number 11 – Dan Hannebery

Why not go back to back Swans! And what a pair they are. The man I love to call Hanners is one of my favourites. Hanners cracked the 110 barrier in 2015 and then backed it up with a 108 in 2016. Only the elite can go back to back 110+ years and Hanners has proved to me he is very much elite! Like Parker, you just know what you get especially in regards to effort.

There is the next 10 of the Rid’s Ranks Keeper League series! Stay tuned for the top 10 same time tomorrow. Until then feel free to share your thoughts either on the facebook page here or at my twitter handle @CoachRids.

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