Rids Ranks – New Keeper Draft 30 to 21

Welcome to Rid’s Ranks! This series I will be counting down my Top 50 for a new Keeper League. The below is just my opinion but we here at Coaches Panel have been smashed with people asking us what our Keeper League rankings are. Feel free to smash me on anyone you don’t believe should be there but at the end of the day, every list and position is subjective and objective. What does that mean exactly? It means beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Time to count down 30 to 21.


Number 30 – Luke Dahlhaus

Dahlhaus makes the top 30 ONLY because he retained DPP in a year that I thought he should not have. This means trying to guess whether he keeps it or not moving forward becomes rather speculative. As a forward eligible player, Dahlhaus is young enough and prolific enough to be a top forward for the next 6 years. I love a tackling contested ball beast and Dahlhaus fits that perfectly. The great thing about Dahlhaus is you know exactly what you will get from him!

Number 29 – Toby Greene

Toby had an All-Australian year in 2016 as a forward. We all saw what he is capable of when playing more midfield as well. Kid is just a DT stud! No matter which way you look at it or whatever role he has. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if Greene stays at GWS as a forward or a mid or even if he moves to another AFL team as a mid, kid needs to be ranked very very high in any draft rankings!

Number 28 – Josh P Kennedy

JPK’s 2016 was so good that he has since been named sole captain of the Sydney Swans. The thing I like the most about JPK is his consistency and the fact he is very underrated especially in Keeper leagues for DT.  He has gone 3 seasons in a row now of 100+ scores moving ever closer to that magical 110 barrier! The other thing I like is his height. There is every chance he moves forward when he starts losing his legs. Always nice to have a possible DPP stud in his twilight years!

Number 27 – Jason Johannisen

One aspect of being a Keeper league coach that often gets overlook is enjoyment! Owning guys you love to watch. There is no more exciting player in the AFL than the man we call JJ. Explosive runner with a massive ceiling! He hurts teams a lot with his run and carry off half back. JJ is also underrated as far as defender premium options as considered. I have him on par with the next guy even though in many keeper drafts there could be quite a few picks between the 2.

Number 26 – Rory Laird

Rory Laird burst on to the scene a couple of years ago. His game is very very suited to DT. His disposal is not damaging but he can find plenty of it. He often plays that link guy out of defence for the Crows. There is not much to dislike about Laird. He is a very very popular defender 1 for Keeper leagues and at his age he is perfect to couple with some of the older defenders for that title stint!

Number 25 – Matt Crouch

I think he is the better of the 2 Crouch brothers. His tank is on the build and his role is much more defined moving into season 2017! But the real value in either Crouch brother is how the rest of the draft coaches view them. Nothing better than owning players who are very valuable! Also nothing better when they have a lot of potential ala Matt. Kid has always been a prolific ball winner and nothing I have seen so far makes me think he won’t be at the highest level!

Number 24 – Scott Pendlebury

This is crazy I know! The guy who I possibly rank top 5 all time is now featuring at number 24 and I have no reason why. Pendles is a stud! He always has been a stud! And will be a stud for a few years yet! If you get him in the second round then happy days. I am not interested in saying any more!

Number 23 – Lachie Hunter

Owning fun guys to watch is huge for me! Just like JJ, I love watching Hunter just run around grabbing junk ball at will. He should never be tagged either as there are a lot more damaging teammates. In his 4th year this kid became a premium! Averaging 103. The sky really is the limit for Hunter and he is very justified being at 23! I see a good decade of 100+ averages ahead.

Number 22 – Rory Sloane

I didn’t want to have Sloane this high truth be told, but due to the high regard he is held in, especially by people who live in Adelaide, he has to feature at 22. He has only had 2 100+ seasons but there is no doubting his potential to go 110+. My suggestion however is if you grab him around this mark, then try to trade. His value on the market is a lot higher than his true worth! This should anger a few people haha (sorry Fox!).

Number 21 – Todd Goldstein

Good old Goldy-saurus! Goldstein and I have a very love hate relationship. I love to hate him! But he is in the top bracket of rucks in the league and is still around the age to be there for another 3 to 5 years. The only worry I have from a Keeper’s perspective is how much improvement Majak Daw has. But having said that, you can always use one of your last picks to grab Daw and have the 2 North guys! Not too bad a strategy moving forward.

Your Say!

There is the next 10 of the Rid’s Ranks Keeper League series! Stay tuned for 11 to 20 same time tomorrow. Until then feel free to share your thoughts either on the facebook page here or at my twitter handle @CoachRids.

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