Rids Ranks – New Keeper Draft 40 to 31

Welcome to Rid’s Ranks! This series I will be counting down my Top 50 for a new Keeper League. The below is just my opinion but we here at Coaches Panel have been smashed with people asking us what our Keeper League rankings are. Feel free to smash me on anyone you don’t believe should be there but at the end of the day, every list and position is subjective and objective. What does that mean exactly? It means beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Time to count down 40 to 31.


Number 40 – Christian Petracca

I have a serious man crush on this kid! He is going to be a serious jet very very soon. Had the unfortunate knee injury that saw him miss his whole first season. Finally broke into the team last year and did some things I am not sure anyone else in the league can do. Another preseason under his belt to build that tank and the sky is the limit! Probably unlucky only to be 40th in this list!

Number 39 – Dylan Shiel

I am convinced this kid will win a Brownlow before his career is finished. Has all the gifts! He is almost my favourite young midfielder currently to watch. The one thing however that has stopped him from featuring higher is that I still think he can be tagged. I would also like to see some bigger season averages soon! He is very capable of doing so. I think 2017 could very well be his year to break into the uber fantasy mid category.

Number 38 – Jaegar O’Meara

This guy was the hardest one to place for me. I knew he needed to be in my Top 50 list but I really struggled to place him. O’Meara’s form in his first 2 seasons was elite. He was tracking and was receiving the plaudits of becoming the next elite midfielder! So I sat back and thought this through. O’Meara turns 23 later this month. He has had 2 years out of the game now but from all reports the Hawk medicos have got him back on track for an early season return. Whatever happens from here will be determined by hindsight but at this current point in time, O’Meara still holds a lot of currency in Keeper leagues.

Number 37 – Jack Billings

Another highly touted youngster that hasn’t quite lived up to expectations due to injuries. 2017 is the year that I believe Billings goes bang! He is super skilful and very elusive. I expect him to start playing through the midfield a lot more from now on. In his first 3 seasons, Billings has averaged 67, 85 and 79 from 16, 9 and 17 games. And this is from disappointing seasons. Kid is a young jet and keep an eye on him as he is likely to slide!

Number 36 – Jacob Weitering

This one might surprise a few people but it should highlight how much I rate this kid! Yes, he is a key position defender but I don’t see this affecting his output. It is no secret that the bigger kids take a little longer than usual to develop. Yet, this kid came out and played 20 games in 2016 at a very respectable average of 57. And that was with him playing one on one on many of the leagues best forwards. I don’t won’t to overstate this but that is amazing! Wait till the Carlton youngsters improve around him and he has a lot more support. He will definitely slide in a new Keeper League draft but I would suggest going that little bit earlier to snatch him up.

Number 35 – Jesse Hogan

Talk about good young tall kids! They don’t come any more impressive than Jesse Hogan. At first I wasn’t going to include Hogan but then I started doing some research and was blown away by this kid! Sometimes it is very easy to forget that he is only really entering his 3rd season in the top flight (he didn’t play a game of seniors back in 2014). The fact that he didn’t play a lot of good footy in 2016 and still averaged close enough to 80 is outstanding! Just to put it into perspective a little, Nick Riewoldt played 6 games in his debut season and then averaged 78 and 83 for the next 2. While they are definitely different types, I reckon Hogan will go close enough to being a forward premium for the next decade.

Number 34 – Darcy Parish

What an amazing debut season for Parish. In a season where a lot of the senior team were sitting out opportunity presented which Parish grabbed with both hands playing 20 games of senior footy at an amazing average of 74. There were plenty of comparisons made in his draft year with Joel Selwood. I could see why after 2016! This kid is going to be a mainstay in our keeper leagues over the next decade. I reckon he will go by unnoticed in many new keeper drafts especially if there are no Bomber fans.

Number 33 – Touk Miller

Miller keeping his DPP status meant that he had to be considered in my rankings. It was the rules I set myself in regards to treating guys with their current positioning. The fact that Miller has DPP is enough for me to think that he is every chance to maintain it for a while. The kid can find the ball averaging 21 touches a game in his second full season at a very respectable 81.6 DT points a game. In the last 3 games however we saw a glimpse of his real potential when he played as a pure mid. In this time, Miller had 39, 32 and 28 touches translating into 139, 105 and 98 DT points. Role is the key with him moving forward as I am still not sold he is top 50 if he doesn’t maintain his DPP.

Number 32 – Dayne Beams

In many ways Beams has become draft footy’s forgotten man!  He has gone from a top 5 prospect to someone who is very hard to predict where to draft. I still rate him however very highly. The guy is a ball magnet and this translate beautifully into DT scoring. He has averaged over 100 on 5 occasions. His scoring however is not in question. It is his durability that sees him falling down everyone’s lists. If he stays on the park, then you have snared him very cheaply and it will be sold as a draft bonanza!

Number 31 – Dyson Heppell

I am critical of this guy from a fantasy perspective. I think he could actually be a top 5 scoring mid in DT. There are a few questions marks still hanging around a little. Having said that, I would happily take him in a keeper league early. Taking his age and the fact he has posted 2 100+ season averages already! There is no doubting the potential this guy has in a new keeper league. I might even have him slightly low in my rankings.

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There is the next 10 of the Rid’s Ranks Keeper League series! Stay tuned for 21 to 30 same time tomorrow. Until then feel free to share your thoughts either on the facebook page here or at my twitter handle @CoachRids.

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