Rids Ranks – New Keeper Draft 50 to 41

Welcome to Rid’s Ranks! This series I will be counting down my Top 50 for a new Keeper League. The below is just my opinion but we here at Coaches Panel have been smashed with people asking us what our Keeper League rankings are. Feel free to smash me on anyone you don’t believe should be there but at the end of the day, every list and position is subjective and objective. What does that mean exactly? It means beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Let’s kick this off coaches!


Number 50 – Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin

Age is the only reason why Buddy is at 50. If he was 5 years younger he would be ranked a lot higher. We know exactly what we are going to get with Buddy. He will always be forward eligible which is a massive bonus in regards to planning for the next few years in a Keeper League. And with the Swans midfield his supply will never dry up. How many years is left is arguable however. There is enough though to plan the next 3 to 5 years around him.

Number 49 – Dion Prestia

The forgotten young mid star! Injury has seen Dion drop a lot in Keeper League rankings. If he wasn’t injured we would be talking about this guy in the same conversation as the Neale’s and quite possibly the Treloar’s. Represents an absolute bargain at this ranking in my eyes. Still has plenty to prove and should never be tagged in a midfield that has Dustin Martin and Trent Cotchin. His value will more likely triple after season 2017!

Number 48 – Stefan Martin

The 4th Amigo!. Martin is clearly in the top 4 rucks in the game for fantasy so must always be considered in a Keeper League. It is only age and possible role that doesn’t have him ranked higher. The good thing about Martin is that he has a young apprentice in Archie Smith so you can grab him in the later rounds and handcuff the 2 main rucks at the Lions.

Number 47 – Jacob Hopper

The first of our age vs proven class! I really rate Hopper and can see him being the number 1 mid at the GWS for a very long time within the next 3 years. He has DT pig written all over him. He can also play forward at times which means while he is developing, there is every chance he will be DPP. Was a clear top 2 in the 2015 draft and we all know how well the other guy went. This kid just needs games and will no doubt be much higher in the rankings this time next year!

Number 46 – Kade Kolodjashnij

This might be seen as contentious. I tend to agree. But when I look at the defender options and the age factor there really are not many solid young defenders that will be playing for the next decade. I think this guy is in that bracket and his stocks will be on the rise big time when some of the older guys like Boyd, Simpson and Montagna retire. You are investing for now and the future with Kolodjashnij! Let’s hope he gets his body right and proves me right with a decade of 90+ averages.

Number 45 – Nick Riewoldt

I know I am not the only guy who keeps writing this guy off as too old and ‘in his last year’! The problem I have however is that he keeps proving me wrong and keeps performing on the big stage. He would be close to top 10 if it wasn’t for his age. He will always be a forward. And I believe he will always be a top couple forward while he still has that running ability. Others might dislike this selection which is absolutely fine but I would feel wrong not to include him in this list!

Number 44 – Stephen Coniglio

When I started compiling this list, I had Cogs a lot higher in my rankings. Then I started to look through the stats and numbers and he started to slide. The numbers are more than fine and are trending well. But others were tracking better. I still wouldn’t be surprised however if people had this guy in the top 20 still. There is no doubt he can find the ball. I just worry about his role with the kids coming through. Still an absolute beast!

Number 43 – Dayne Zorko

This guy is a gut feel for me. I think it is a clear win win. If he plays midfield then he averages 100-120. If he plays mid/forward then he regains DPP after 2017. Sometimes we rank guys who lose DPP too harshly and almost write them off totally. Zorko is getting on a little in age but not enough for me to be concerned about him in the very near future. The other huge thing with Zorko is his market value on the trade table (especially if you have a Lion supporter in your league). Zorko has a cult following and will always get you something decent on the trade table.

Number 42 – Brad Crouch

Another guy who would feature a lot higher if it wasn’t for injury. We all know this kid can play. He can find the ball A LOT! If he gets his body right he will be in the top bracket of midfielders in the AFL. I originally left Crouch out of the Top 50. Then I started tinkering with the list and it dawned on me that this kid is very worth a crack this year and if he doesn’t get his body right, then people could simply trade him to a Crows supporter in their league who will always pay overs to land him! Win Win!

Number 41 – Ollie Wines

There is some serious love for this guy around the fantasy circles. And rightly so! The kid is a stud. He is seen more SC relevant currently but I believe this will change as he gets more preseasons and kilometres into his legs. The only knock I have on him is he doesn’t seem to get enough cheap outside ball to become uber DT pig! But he is tracking very nicely and if he can add that to his already impressive game then watch out. He could end up being a 110+ man!

There is the first 10 of the Rid’s Ranks Keeper League series! Stay tuned for 31 to 40 same time tomorrow. Until then feel free to share your thoughts either on the facebook page here or at my twitter handle @CoachRids.


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