Rid’s Take – NAB week 4

As people would know, I am a footy addict. And I tend to see things differently to most. There is no right way or wrong way to watch these sort of games. Some people like to watch the stats. Some people like to watch the roles. Some people only watch the rookies. Some people like to be logged in and make changes upon every piece of play that happens at that very point of time. This is a game after all coaches. Do what makes you happy. If this means that you sit on the lounge in your jocks with a beer while the wifey is out shopping for the weekly groceries, then DO IT! I know a guy who does exactly this. No! Not me. A guy ok… anyways, back on to topic. Point of this is do what makes you happy and what gives you the most enjoyment!

I have a few different categories below than one would usually see. I do expect to see everyone’s list in the comments here or on the facebook page etc. Yada yada yada. You will find links at the bottom in the usual spot.

I’m a Rookie! Get me in to there!

GOLD – Clayton Oliver looked like a footballer on the weekend. He played brilliantly well for a kid in his first preseason. Last year through the juniors his conditioning was in question. But not anymore.Being in the AFL system through the preseason has done wonders for him. Thankfully he was one rookie that stood up and is now crucial to our team set-ups for the start of the year. His price tag still concerns me in regards to cash generation but the rookie options are drying up very very fast.

SILVER – Mitchell McGovern looked great on the weekend. He has the ‘McGovern’ hands and took some great marks. Also hit the scoreboard a couple of times and made a few tackles along the way. Did everything asked of him in this game and must be in the sights of the selection committee for the round 1 team. Not sure about his JS as one poor game could mean the SANFL, but he is a definite round 1 chance.

BRONZE – Took me a while on Friday night to work out who the dark haired guy was roaming the half back line for the Swans. Nic Newman impressed me a lot this week! So much so, I am now considering him for my round 1 team. I really don’t know much about him other than he is a rookie and mature aged (turned 23 in January). Afterwards I found out he didn’t have much of a 2015 due to a knee injury and that he was the Fothergill-Round medallist in 2014 as the best young player in the VFL. Welcome to my radar Nic!

Premiums that DID premium things

Last hit out before the real stuff starts and the premiums came out to play! Multiple options for the prizes this week but there can be only 3.

GOLD – Sam Mitchell had some serious competition this week but anyone that racks up 45 touches in a game of footy whilst being tagged by the best in the business should always win gold! Amazing game of footy by Mitch. He even had time to elbow an opponent and get a reprimand.

SILVERFirst runner up was none other than Daniel Hannebery. On any other week he wins gold I think. 38 touches with 10 marks multiple tackles and a goal would have made his owners cry. All this performance does for them is make him more popular! Outstanding game by Hanners.

BRONZE – This could have seriously gone to about 10 blokes. But I finally settled on Bachar Houli. He was the only Tiger to show up and deliver something that looked like a 4 quarter effort. The run and carry he provides from the half back line is huge. I do wonder how he works with Yarran in the team. It might just make Houli more relevant for 2016!

Apologies to Matthew Priddis, Patrick Dangerfield, Taylor Adams, Dayne Zorko, Jack Steven, David Mundy who were all outstanding!

Bye Bye! It is YOU not ME. Win back my trust!

No more opportunities to win back the trust this week! Time has arrived to back your gut coaches.

GOLD – As everyone knows, I am a Tiger fan. Anyone else featuring in the Gold position this week would not be correct. Dustin Martin endured a match from hell. He was in the contest early but then went into meltdown. We learned during the game that his father had been locked up over VISA issues and was a chance to be deported. I personally think that it showed during the game with Dusty and that this game should be taken with a pinch of salt. No doubt this will be a talking point over the next 10 days till round 1.

SILVER – Jed Anderson is a very talented kid. But his role sucks! He is currently playing as a perma small forward for the Roos. He pushses up to the wings here and there and has minimal centre square involvements. I don’t think I could go there at the moment. He is one to watch however as the season progresses. The smallest indication of role change could mean he becomes very relevant especially in AFL Fantasy.

BRONZE – Nakia Cockatoo, Dale Thomas, Dayne Zorko, Jeremy Cameron – Thanks lads! Suspensions in NAB is plain stupid. We the DT coaching community would like to thank you for eliminating yourself as options for round 1 for our teams. I am in particular looking at you Zorko and Daisy!

Welcome to the Watch List

GOLD – Jason Johannisen was nothing short of brilliant this weekend. See ball, get ball, run with ball, kick ball. Rinse and repeat. He could not do any more to attract our attention! Welcome to the watch list. You join another 30 mid price back option JJ. That game though was pure Wow! Talk about jumping the queue in one large leap!

SILVER – Mark Baguley is the last Bomber defender standing in many ways. He is clearly the best kick in the Bombers backline in 2016. I can see the Bombers chipping it around deep in their backline a lot in 2016. I envisage that Baguley will be a key part of this and therefore becomes very relevant especially in DT and Draft leagues.

BRONZE – Lachie Hunter isn’t just on my watch list, he has actually made his way into my AFL Fantasy team! He has his preferred spot cemented now on a wing. He has his role cemented now. Roam and get ball. And he has the talent to do this regularly in a game of AFL footy! Great bye round to boot. I am brave enough! Are you?



Well there you go. But it shouldn’t stop now. I want to see who won your Gold for each category! Do so in the comments below, facebook page here or at my twitter handle @CoachRids. Footy is back I am loving it! NAB is over and it is time to get on to the good stuff!

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