The Nobel Koel

With only two weeks left before the AFL season gets underway, its time to get you and your mates involved in what we believe is one of the most fun and challenging competitions in AFL fantasy.

Yes we’re talking about the prestidous “Nobel Koel” or the trophy awarded to our sites fantasy coach of the year.

If your new to the site or you havn’t quite caught on yet, here’s the Top 10 most frequently asked questions regarding our Nobel Koel Competition.


What is the Nobel Koel?

It is a competition across three formats of salary cap fantasy that will eventually decide in Round 23 who The Coaches Panel coach of the year will be.

How do you enter?

Just join either one or all three of the Super Coach, Real Dream Team and AFL Fantasy groups and you are in the competition.We suggest you join all 3 to maximize your potential of winning


SuperCoach – click here

RealDreamTeam – click here

How do you score points?

Each week we award each of the formats highest points scorers with points, !0 points for highest, 9 for second highest, 8 for third highest, 7 for fourth, 6 for fifth, 5 for sixth, 4 for seventh, 3 for eighth, 2 for ninth and 1 point for tenth, so there is 155 points available per week across all three formats.

What if coaches receiving points draw for points?

Both coaches receive the maximum points for their placing as there is no half points.

Can I have different team names in different formats?

Yes for sure you can, just let us know if your challenging and we havn’t cuffed your points together, it  can be hard at times to know who’s who if you have 3 different team names.

Who won last year and how many points did they score?

Troy Hallam won with a total of 80 points, second was Coaches Panel Kane Grimster on 69 and a gun called Shane Mitchell filled out the podium on 65 points. Troy finished overall 22nd in SC where he got 49 points, 153rd overall in RDT which got him another 24 points and 1316th in AF that got him 7 points, which in hindsight he may not of needed to win the comp. So in hindsight 3.48 points per week would have won you the comp, easily said then done.

How many coaches will I be competing against?

As of 9/3/16 we have 245 teams in our SC group, 118 teams in our RDT group, and 118 teams in our AF group, but expect those numbers to rise.

Is there a cut off point for entry?

No we take coaches up to Round 23 but don’t expect to score points if your not in any groups.

When do points get tallied and is there a leader board?

Straight after lockout points are tallied in all three formats, and a leaderboard will be on the site weekly of the Top 10 coaches.

Is there a trophy?

Yes you betcha, a trophy will be sent out to the winner with your name on it, but just as  importantly you will be remembered as being part of the Coaches Panel history.

So there you have it, the Nobel Koel name will always be a very treasured part of the Coaches Panel Community and we would love to invite all players, coaches and friends to participate in this great competition, cheers Fox.

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  1. Troy Hallam

    Can’t remember if I mentioned this, but I jumped in the comp after the bye rounds. Figured I’d give everyone a head start! 😉 But in all seriousness that just shows how anyone can win at any time. It’s a heap of fun and highly recommended to all.

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