Trading through the Byes

The byes. The dreaded byes. It is that time of year where they have reared their ugly head, and for those who have not been basing selection around this consideration, they may well end up fielding donut-laden teams in a couple of these weeks. The beauty of the bye rounds is that for those chasing the pack, it can often be a fantastic time, in fact the time’, to make up some ground. Last round we saw some incredible scores in both the DreamTeam and SuperCoach scoring formats as many of the fantasy favourites played a starring role for their respective sides. Dangerfield, Steven, Martin and the duo of Gawn and Vince were the 5 names who clearly produced game winning performances, with that being recognised in their fantasy scores. Owning this group will undoubtedly have set you well on the way to a fantastic week of scores. As teams edge closer and closer to premium full squads, we can begin to expect some rather large numbers on a weekly basis. Enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Trading Plan

Trading plans are often spoken about in revered terms by the eventual winner of the competition. They collaborate your thoughts and give you an avenue to keep a single-minded focus to upgrade your team rather than focus on the buzz of the week (poor scores, short term injuries, exc.). Unfortunately for those that have a knack of owning the ‘soon to be LTI players’, planning can be a waste of time. Regardless, bye planning truly does take on a whole new meaning as we begin to enter this time. Who do we trade in? Who do we trade out? When do we trade? All valid questions which need some level of thought process. Today I will outline some highly owned rookies from the Round 14 bye, and what we should be doing with them.


Christian Petracca, Marcus Adams, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Mitch Brown, Matt Dea, Josh Wagner, Callum Mills, Josh Dunkley, Darcy Byrne-Jones, George Hewett ,Darcy Parish, Clayton Oliver

These are all the Round 14 rookies who are in over 10% of fantasy sides (in one of the three main fantasy competitions). Very nice list indeed and one we really need to think through. As Brett alluded to in his bye article here, you can easily wreck your team in the byes, as individuals become too bye-conicous and too upgrade-concious. The question that needs to be answered is this, who of the aforementioned group is the perfect bench depth and who is the trade target. Mature agers in the likes of Marcus Adams, Matt Dea, Josh Wagner, Mitch Brown and Tipungwuti, could perhaps all be beneficial in the long run. Owning a Dea at D7 over a Collins may be worth at least 30 points a game! Having strong bench depth is extremely desirable in the run home when trades become scarce. Personally, I would be holding one of these rookies as D7 or potentially two as a swinging D6/7. Don’t go trading out your quality bench depth.

Finally identify your bye-heavy round. Some may have a perfect 20/20/20 playing each week, but for others they may already be at an 18 or less. Round 15 appears to be one in which many have loaded up in. This means that we need to start offloading these types from next week rather than the following. Planning will go a long way. Also keep an eye on trades, you wouldn’t want to be leaving the byes with any less than 5 (and that number is certainly pushing it).

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Final Thoughts

I felt it would be a dereliction of duty to write a football article and not have a picture of the Cats midfield maestro. That’s one of the best individual performances we are likely to witness in our lifetime, and it’s important to recognise that! Hopefully this article has had a little impact on how you approach the byes. Best of luck with navigating Round 13 and beyond…

Thanks for reading CP fan! Discuss your bye strategy over on the Coaches Panel Facebook page or alternatively on my twitter account here. Once again, good luck, we all will need it!

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