Weekend Warm Up: Round 14

Hey It’s MJ, already one game down on this round and with only 5 games left over the next 3 days let’s jump into this weekend warm up.

Going Loopy

Last night the Crows took on the Kangaroos at Adelaide Oval and unlike what takes place weekly in SuperCoach, AFLFantasy & DreamTeam coaches had the opportunity to have a captaincy loophole by placing the VC on a Crows/Kangaroos player and then if a player delivered a strong enough score they’d have ability to place the captaincy on a non scoring player (most likely a player on the bye this week.)

While Matt Crouch was ultra impressive last night it’d be unlikely you used your VC on him… If you did, then by all means his 120+ score in DT/AF is well worth using the loop hole. In all honesty Rory Sloane is the only player from last night’s match that I’d consider taking, his 130+ score. It is impossible to pass on those numbers and if you did vice captain him you have to take that. Yes Danger, Rocky and even Lewis (and others) can all go better than him, but the risk is too great. Don’t get greedy, you take that score to the captaincy bank everyday!

Awards of 2016 – The Premiums

Last week I shared the first of 3 parts, with my mid season awards of 2016. This week it’s time to look at the big dogs, our preiums of the year that have stood up and delivered.

Premium Defender of the Year – Heath Shaw

As good as Sam DochertyKade SimpsonMatthew Boyd and to a lesser extent Rory Laird have all been, right now none of them compete with taking the mantle away from Heath Shaw. Currently he’s the #2 ranked player in SuperCoach and averaging 117 for 2016 so far. 10 of his 13 games he’s scored 100 or more including his monster double ton (203) against the bulldogs in round 9. In DreamTeam/AFLFantasy he’s ranked 3rd overall with an average of 112 for the season including 9 hundreds and 4 of them over 130 including that monster 176.

Premium Midfielder of the Year – Patrick Dangerfield

Some very honorable mentions here go to Dan Hannebery, Adam Treloar, Lachie Neale, Tom Mitchell, Joel Selwood, Scott Pendlebury and Jack Steven all of whom are having stunning seasons. However, when Patrick Dangerfield is currently the highest scoring player currently in DreamTeam, AFLFantasy & SuperCoach it’s impossible to award it to anyone else. He’s taken his game up another gear in 2016 and with only 2 scores below 100 in DT/AF and 3 in SC (one of which is a 99) he’s been very consistent in hitting the triple figure mark. As highlighted with his scores last two rounds, he’s got the ceiling to go with it too. Over half of every competition owns him, well done to you if you do.

Premium Ruck of the Year – Max Gawn

Across the salary cap formats only one other person currently would’ve challenged Maximum for the title & that’s Todd Godstein. NicNat was on track especially in SuperCoach before injuring himself several weeks ago, but with Max ranked # 3 overall in SuperCoach & #10 in AFLFantasy / DreamTeam it’s an easy award to hand out. Despite 4 scores sub 80 in DT/AF he’s more than made up for those low games with 5 scores of 130 or more, 3 of them have come in the pas month too, that lifts his seasonal average to 103. In SuperCoach he’s had 7 games where he has scored 110 or more including 4 over 160, these numbers have been enough to see him average over 116 for 2016.

Premium Forward of the Year -Dayne Zorko

This is a tricky one due to the fact we are incorporating all of the 3 salary cap formats. If it was for DreamTeam/AFLFantasy it’d easily be Zach Merrett, however in SuperCoach you’d argue Dayne Zorko would be a deserving winner seeing as he’s rankled overall higher. For me though the nod goes to Dayne. The fact that he’s outscoring Zach in SuperCoach & is just 130 points off in DreamTeam/AFLFantasy and he’s played one less game. Currently Dayne is averaging 112.8 in SC for the season and has only 2 scores below 100 for the year. While in DT/AF he is going at 111.9 for 2016 and just like in SuperCoach, he has only 2 games below 100 with the lowest an 89. Although the Lions aren’t winning many games they do have a very fantasy football friendly game style and Dayne is leading the charge. Even though he missed round 1 coaches that have jumped on during the season will have loved his consistency this season.

Nobody wins if only you win

Every trade you make in a keeper draft league, you want to feel like you win, if you don’t why on earth would you do it? What you must also ensure is you want the other coach to leave the trade feeling they have too. Every time you deliberately ‘screw over’ or ‘pull the wool over’ another coach  in your league to get a ‘win trade’ will eventually create distrust and quite likely cause that person to no longer want to trade with you. And while you may think ‘I can deal with that right now’ the loss of access/ability to trade with a coach limits your options and opportunities going forward, especially in a keeper league. Being difficult to trade with (Essendon Bombers style) is one thing, but if an opposition coach doesn’t feel he can trust you due to all your foolishly one sided or biased offers then you’ll never get anywhere with them. All of a sudden the avenues of improving your team minimize.  In a 10 team, 30 players per squad league all of a sudden you’ve just lost access to a bank of players and potentially some of those 30 players may improve your side. That coach may have the abundance of forwards, you a great stash of backs, potentially a trade between you could help you both, but if you’ve continually been difficult, unrealistic or even impossible to deal with your squad as a whole will eventually suffer.  What am I saying? Don’t burn your bridges with a coach, this year or in future years they may hold the key to helping you win the league.

Back Your Gut

Chances are if you’ve ever been asked for fantasy footy advice you’ve uttered this phrase to them “back your gut.” Whether it be in preseason setting your team, right through to 50/50 trade dilemmas in season many of us have been encouraged to back in your research and gut feel and pick the player you think. However, in reality often we doubt ourselves, hesitate and sometimes don’t end up following through with it. Sometimes it’s easier to give the right advice to others rather than to take it on yourself.

While luck is no doubt a factor, 2016 has once again reinforced to me that it’s better to trade in your gut instinct and be wrong rather than miss trading in your gut player and be right. Don’t play the ‘pity party’ when things don’t go your way, don’t play the mental game of “If I’d done this instead I’d be…”, rather use the mistakes of your past to help make better decisions moving forward. Do the work, do the the research and take your own advice and back yourself in.

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