Weekend Warm Up: Round 15

Hey it’s MJ & and with just 5 games left of the round (and the byes for that matter) it’s time to jump into this weekend warm up.


Going Loopy

Yet again this week DreamTeam & AFLFantasy coaches get to experience what SuperCoach players get every week and use the vice captaincy option. It’s simply done by placing the vice captaincy on someone from last night’s game, and then if you are satisfied with the score, simply place the captaincy on  non playing player (eg. Round 15 bye player on field). Last night it was West Coast taking on Essendon. Popular options for utilizing this loophole were: Matt Priddis, Andrew Gaff, Zach Merrett & to a lesser extent JJK, Elliot Yeo  and David Zaharakis.

For me I’d only be taking a few players scores as a VC loophole, that is Andrew Gaff’s 131, James Kelly’s 119 & Zac Merrett’s 123.

Mid Season Awards – The mid-pricer

Over the past 2 weeks I have shared with my mid season awards of 2016. Last week we looked a the premiums, and the week prior it was the rookies. Today let’s look at an area that many have tried to nail & failed, ‘the midprice pick’. Remember this is an all inclusive award for SuperCoach, DreamTeam & AFLFantasy.

Mid-Price Defender – Zac Williams

Prior to this season Zac had played under 40 games of AFL and never really averaged over 70 for a season in any format. Despite not being in the side until round 3, it was from round 5 onwards he showed the fantasy footy community his quality. He’s currently averaging 87 in DreamTeam/AFLFantasy and has a lowest score of 74 in his past 7. His starting price of under $380,000 in DT/AF was a little awkward to begin with but he’s delivering premium defensive numbers and could well be a handy enough inclusion at D6 after the GWS get off the bye. Similarly in SuperCoach, he’s now gone up nearly $100,000  has only 1 score below 80 in his past 11 games & with 4 tons already chalked up this season his seasonal average of 93.8 could still increase with a helpful fixture on the run home.

Mid-Price Midfielder – Lachie Hunter

This was the hot topic one. If you started with any of Bryce Gibbs, David ZaharakisSeb Ross or even Ed Curnow you’d be loving the selection. All 3 have delivered brilliant fantasy footy numbers and are worthy of staying in your side for the remainder of the season. For me though, the standout midprice selection is Bulldog Lachie Hunter. Currently averaging 100 in SuperCoach, he has posted 7 scores of over 100 including 5 over 119. While it’s reasonable on SuperCoach, it’s really his DreamTeam/AFLFantasy numbers that push him above the others. A seasonal average in DT/AF of 108.2 he’s currently ranked 10th overall for points, and like in SC he’s got 7 scores of 100 or more the lowest of which is a 108 from round 1 against the Dockers. Although I wouldn’t be trading him in now (due to better value elsewhere) starting with Lachie was an inspired selection & congratulations to anyone who started with him or got on him very early in the season.

Mid-Price Ruck – Scott Lycett

Not a large amount of competition here, you could argue Tom Hickey, Matthew Leuenberger & maybe even Tom Campbell but for me the standout midprice ruck for 2016 so far has been West Coast’s Scott Lycett. In SuperCoach his seasonal average is 87, which has included 5 scores of 100 or more, and from round 3-10 only twice did his scores drop below 100. In DreamTeam/AFLFantasy he holds a similar average that of 86, while he has only posted 3 hundreds for the season in between rounds 3-10 his lowest score was 85 with 3 scores between 93-98 & those 3 100+ scores.

Mid-Price Forward – Aaron Hall

You could throw a few names in here, the start of season blitz from Jarrad Waite (especially in SuperCoach) was stunning. Delisted Crow Matt Wright has plodded along nicely averaging 86 in DT/AF and 89 in SC. You could also consider Jarryd Lyons who took a few games to crack into the Adelaide best 22, but since round 3 he hasn’t left and currently has a seasonal average of 83 in DT/AF & 87 in SuperCoach. For me though (even though he’s been a little on the noise lately) I’ll award it to Aaron Hall. Before we focus on his past few games (which included him getting dropped) let’s remember how good he was going in the opening 2 months of the season.  In DreamTeam/AFLFantasy at the conclusion of round 10 he was averaging 112 and his lowest score was 94 which also featured 5 scores of 100+. At one point in these formats he was the #1 ranked player for several weeks. In SuperCoach after 8 weeks he was averaging 105 and was on fire especially early in the season when in his opening 4 games he was averaging 125 with a lowest score of 114. Has his past few games been poor? Yes, but at the start of the season if you flew out of the gates in the rankings Hall was likely one of the reasons.

Cash generation in AFLFantasy

If you play AFLFantasy the same way you play DreamTeam then you might be playing it wrong. With different pricing cycles (and player prices) you can’t just do the traditional ‘Downgrade/Upgrade move’ most weeks. With many struggling to see how they’ll generate cash to complete their side (or build good bench depth) some coaches are starting to throw away a bench spot, while I’m not opposed to that idea I do think we can look a little more creatively for a cash generation options. Let me give you a hypothetical scenario. You needed another upgrade in your backline, you have about $150,000 in the kitty and you are one short of 18 on field scoring options.Got it? Let’s try this out!

Fremantle’s Sam Collins is now $258,000, he’s gone up $112,000 and still has more to go after his 81 last week (breakeven of 25) but the fact that he isn’t playing this round (and your short a player) why not consider a different trading mindset instead of just holding him. Invest some of your kitty by upgrading Collins to Matt Suckling a D/F player who has only twice gone under 85 and one of those was injury affected, at $399,000 it’s hard to go wrong. This move gets you the upgrade & 18 on field… But hang on haven’t you culled a rook early? Yes! But how about if the following week you trade Callum Mills who’s currently priced at $324,000 back down to Collins. Both a scoring similar and you’ll make at-least $80,000 and that’s if he doesn’t hit his breakeven of 43. In these trades your upgrading your side, maximizing points on field in a bye round AND generating cash of nearly $100k while others are making. Now while sides may not have those same options it’s the principal to consider. With a ton of premiums out again this week the amount of ‘premium-premium’ sideways trades I’m seeing people make is ridiculous. Now if that’s injury affected fair enough, but every trade should improve your side & if all your doing (by choice) is shuffling deck chairs your not improving your side when full squads start back next week.

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