Weekend Warm Up: Round 16

Hey it’s MJ, thankfully the byes are over! Not only does that mean 8 games remain in the round but also a full 22 players count towards your total score, so  let’s jump into this weekend warm up.

Going Loopy

Yet again this week DreamTeam & AFLFantasy coaches get to experience what SuperCoach players get every week and use the vice captaincy option. It’s simply done by placing the vice captaincy on someone from last night’s game, and then if you are satisfied with the score, simply place the captaincy on  non playing player. Popular options that were considered included: Jordan Lewis, Sam Mitchell, Robbie Gray and even Ollie Wines & Josh Gibson being used.

With only 4 players going 100+ last night the options of loopholing are limited. Let’s rule Matthew Broadbent out right now, not because his score isn’t worth considering but rather less than 1% of people own him and if you do… I’d be shocked if you did VC him. I’ll also pass on Jordan Lewis’ ton seeing as though it’s not quite enough for me to encourage you to pass on other options. Both Robbie Gray & Luke Hodge both scored enough to be considered as genuine options. While is not a ‘must’ to take them, especially given the tasty match ups Tom Rockliff, Jack Steven, Nick Riewoldt, Lachie Neale & even Max Gawn have it’s one to ponder especially given the low scores last week of some popular captains options.

In all honesty it’s comes down to how you like to play the game. If you love taking the game on and being aggressive in your moves then you cannot take sub 120 scores as a captain. However, if you rather take the known quantities and then hope some of the above names don’t go 150+ you really won’t miss out too much. Whichever you choose I hope the luck falls your way.

It’s gotta be different

You want to win it this season? Regardless of if it’s leagues or rankings you are going to need to do something that will set your side apart. I’m not talking about picking someone unique for the hell of it. Rather wanting to ensure that the unique you pick is capable of at least matching the popular premiums around. Look at it in its most simplistic form, the more uniques you have the greater the variables increase of you gaining points on your competition. I’ve seven that in some league match ups 2 sides have 3-4 different players. It can almost mean that if one player goes sub 80 or another 130 it’s curtains, prize money decided on just one 50/50 call in one week.

I know sometimes the temptation can be gready to go and get Patrick Dangefield or a Heath Shaw & make a defensive move. Now while I understand the logic, my encouragement for you is to not focus on what the popular owned player has already done this year, but over the now 8 weeks remaining what they will do. Could you find someone with a fsvputsble fixture, good history against upcoming opponents & a similar enough recent form with low ownership… Trust me, they exist. All it takes is a few rounds of your unique options to fly and a few quieter weeks from the popular picks and you could make up several hundred points  on just 1-2 players.

At thhe end of the day you play the games the way you want too and the way you enjoy them. However, my encouragement to you is to back your side in and give yourself a chance to really win it big & pick someone whose unique. That low ownership move could be the difference.


If you can only pick 1

During our midweek trade & strategy podcast (which you can get via iTunes & SoundCloud) the panel all shared 1 player from each club they’d like to own in an UltimateFooty Keeper league. A number of people have got in touch & wanted to know mine seeing as I didn’t share them on the podcast, so here they are.

Adelaide –  Brad Crouch: Highly talented & a huge ball magnet. Despite having some reoccurring injuries he’s shown over the last few seasons just how good he can be. If he can get a break with his body he’ll become one of the best ball winners on the league. Honorable mention to Rory Laird.

Brisbane – Tom Rockliff: When he’s on, he’s almost unmatched in points scoring potential. Easy pick here.

Carlton – Sam Docherty: Time to move away from the midfielders for a moment. If you are in a keeper league ATM you’ll know that outside a small handful of options all the premium defensive options are in the later stages of their career. Sam however isn’t, and although I thought at the start of the season he’d be a solid 80-85 defender which you can build on, he’s shown he’s capable of much more. Any defender who can push an average of nearly 100 (and is 22), must be high on every radar.

Collingwood – Adam Treloar: Young, talented and rarely makes a mistake on the field. Great contested player & with strong outside speed who can also impact the scoreboard. Arguably a first round selection in a keeper league and I’d understand why.

Essendon Dyson Heppell: A year on the sidelines certainly isn’t ideal for owners but Dyson has shown he’s capable of delivering some big numbers. His last 2 seasons he’s averaged 100+, and last year he was almost a sole hand in the Essendon midfield. If you are in a keeper league and the owner is in finals contention you may be able to pick him up for considerably less than real market value of they need something available to play now.

Fremantle – Nat Fyfe: He had to fight of Lachie Neale to win this spot, but for me I couldn’t go past Fyfe. What I’ve liked about Fyfe’s past 15-25 games is a gradual increase in his ceiling, let alone the fact that just that damn good and has shown at times he’s almost unstoppable. He can do it all on the field & id happily have him in my side.

Geelong – Patrick Dangerfield: Simialr reasons to Fyfe. Star player, rarely has a poor game & is just a joy to watch. He’s got better at Geelong and late is his footy career could pick up MID/FWD DPP, handy for coaches playing the long game.

Gold Coast – Dion Prestia: Some players are just fun to own & Dion will certainly fit into that category. He has an inside & outside game + can impact the contest. Whether he stays or goes from the Suns he’ll be a fantasy stud for a long time. 105+ seasonal averages are well within reason.

GWS – Dylan Shiel: For me Dylan is one of, if not the best young midfielder in the league. It wouldn’t at all surprise me if he wins a few Brownlow Medals & is spoken about as one of the all time greats. Will average over 100 for the next 8+ seasons.

Hawthorn – Jack Gunston: Most years you can pretty much lock him in for an 85+ average. You can build a forward line around that. Still young enough, and if he kicks a bag is capable of big tons.

Melbourne – Christian Petracca: Easy choice, I see so many similarities between him & Dustin Martin. He’ll maintain that MID/FWD DPP for a very long time (like Dust has) and should become a star of fantasy sides for 10+ seasons

North Melbourne – Todd Goldstein: I must admit this was probably my hardest selection, it just felt like I didn’t have any really young gun standout options. Ziebell is a solid player, but I’m not sure I’d want to own him. For me Todd although on the older scale of what I’d normally draft still is one of the best rucks in the competition.

Port Adelaide – Jasper Pittard: Having long term ‘premium’ defensive options can sometimes hard to pick. With Pittard (especially evident this season) he’s someone that you can happily lock in and build a squad around

Richmond – Dustin Martin: Doesn’t need much explanation, yet again one (if not the) best forward option, and although he could lose DPP in some seasons that’d likely mean he

St Kilda – Jack Steven: You could easily pick several other young saints here, but at 26 Jack’s just entering into his prime, and as the past 18 months has shown us his best is one of the best fantasy footy options.

Sydney – Dan Hannebery: Another one of those tricky selections. You could throw 5-6 names in this spot & all I’d understand. For me though Dan’s the pick of the bunch.  He has an awesome fantasy footy game about him, and at 25 is just ready to give coaches some prime service.

West Coast – Andrew Gaff: He could well be a frustrating player to own due to the amount of outside ball he wins, but if we are talking point scoring potential then he has it by the bucket load. Speed, endurance runner and a great user of the ball. Ticks all the boxes.

Western Bulldogs – Marcus Bontempelli: A star of the competition already, and just like this season can start the year as a MID only, but can spend plenty of time as a threat inside 50 and gain MID/FWD DPP in season.

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