Weekend Warm Up: Round 17

Hey it’s MJ, with 8 games remaining in the round and 7 weeks of fantasy footy left let’s jump into this weekend warm up.


Going Loopy

Yet again this week DreamTeam & AFLFantasy coaches get to experience what SuperCoach players get every week and use the vice captaincy option. It’s simply done by placing the vice captaincy on someone from last night’s game, and then if you are satisfied with the score, simply place the captaincy on  non playing player. Popular options that were considered included: Jordan Lewis, Sam Mitchell, Luke Hodge, Luke Parker, Tom Mitchell, Dan Hannebery & even JPK owners had a crack.

For me if you VC loopholed either Josh KennedySam Mitchell or Shaun Burgoyne I think it’s an easy choice, take the score. Slightly more difficult if you placed it on Tom Mitchell, Jordan Lewis, Jack Gunston or Luke Parker. If you feel like you’ve got a stronger captain option who has a better form/fixture then I’d take them

The Final DPP’s

This week in UltimateFooty they had the final allocations of DPP, here is the list of who has gained it:

Hamish Hartlett gains DEF
Jack Martin gains DEF
Matt Shaw gains DEF
James Harmes gains MID
Matthew Broadbent gains MID
Kyle Langford gains MID
Jason Castagna gains MID
Richard Douglas gains FWD

Early next week AFLFantasy also have the final DPP allocations awarded, here are my reflections for a few of the popular candidates.

Taylor Adams: It’s not hard to build a case for why he should he should get it. Since Anzac Day ‘Tay’ has been based off half back & barely attended a centre bounce prior to his injury layoff after round 10. Last week he spent the entire first term there too until being thrown back into the Pies midfield to give some grunt. Where he lines up this week could determine if he gains MID/DEF or not.

Hayden Crozier: One of the locks for gaining FWD/DEF DPP. Since moving into the Fremantle backline he’s scored: 88, 107, 87, 84, 89 and last week a 90. That’s at a 6 round average of 90.

Nick Riewoldt: Playing all over the ground, and getting plenty of it this year. Still getting plenty of forward minutes but like Matthew Ruchardson in his career twilight ‘Voldt’ has moved up the wing. Should gain MID/FWD status.

Hamish Hartlett: Gained it this week in UltinateFooty & should do so in AF. Playing often as the loose man across half back. Not sure if pick him ahead of others who present more consistency at a similar price tag, but has been known to go on a good run occasionally.

Luke Hodge: The Hawthorn skipper is getting back to his best, and one of the reasons for it (aside from overcoming injury) is he has now spent the past few games based off half back, a role he’s been stunning at in previous seasons. If his past 3 games is enough data for AF to warrant DPP changes then he should gain DEF eligibility.

Richard Douglas: A similar case to Hamish Hartlett, ‘Dougie’ should gain DPP twice in 7 days. With Brad Crouch coming into the side its forced him to be used more inside 50 as Brad takes more midfield minutes. I’m not sure he’s gonna score enough to make him a viable option, but if you think the Crows fixture might be enough to see him average 90+ in the final few weeks then he could be a handy unique in your side.

The Headache Best 22

Over this season we’ve joked on many a podcast about how certain players can be a headache to own, especially in a keeper league / draft side. The following side isn’t saying any of these players are bad, if anything it’s the opposite. Every member of this squad is a very good player and on their day can smash out huge scores. Equally though as likely of snagging you a monster score they can go missing and go sub 60, hence making them a headache to own. Remember we are focussing on fantasy scoring not impact on an actual game…  So let’s get into the headache best 22.


Brodie Smith: First picked in the backline. His best makes him a top 10 defender comfortably, however Smith  can still be locked down too easily and also prone to go missing in games for long periods. Brodie, you are the general of my backline, and well and truly in the leadership group of this side.

Matt Rosa: Scoring isn’t his issue, it’s his body. With every step Matt takes owners must be nervous about whether or not his hammy is gonna blow out again. This paper performer sits nicely alongside Brodie, who combined could get you 250 points in a game or 50.

Matt Suckling: Just when you think he’s finally found consistency at the Bulldogs, just when it looks like his injury was the only reason for his sole poor game of the season Matt delivers us a round 15 shocker and reminds coaches of why Matt belongs in this side. Suckling’s left boot is arguably one of the most damaging in the competition, but equally as damaging is your emotional state when he can go missing for large chunks of games.

Daniel Rich: One of the the best at the Lions and arguably the most influential especially with his ability to hit a target 50m away by foot. However, Dan (like others on this list) hates a tag & completely falls apart when some negative attention comes near him. I’d dislike owning him (even more so in a keeper league) than just about any other back on this team.

Tom Sheridan: Ah the preseason hype guy… We the foolish fantasy coach jumped on expecting his NAB Challenge form to follow through into the season proper and deliver us premium scores for a midprice cost… However what we got was Lumumba V2.0. The ‘Sheet’ belongs in this side well and truly.

Elliot Yeo: The ultimate swing man can also be the ultimate pain. His form basically sums up the Eagles of this season. When at home he dominates the scoreboard and averages enough to be a premium. However, when away from Domain you’d swear they’ve let the water boys take it in turns of ‘who gets to wear his guernsey’ because he seems to get nowhere near it. This backline is strong headache potential, all capable of 100+ scores each week and all capable of combined getting me 200 points in a weekend.    


Brandon Ellis: Almost the heart & soul of this side. If an easy +6 is on offer Brandon is the first to run and find space, however it seems if he needs to create a contest he goes missing. He’s the ultimate outside player and he runs his way easily into this side. Anyone who has a 100 point differential between his best & worst scores and can do that frequently even when not being tagged deserves to be included.

Brent Stanton: The original seagull. Chances are if a contest is own Stant’s is 10-15 metres away awaiting a sneaky handball. At his best he can go on runs of 140+ for weeks in a row, while at his worst it’ll take him weeks to get 140 total points. No ‘headache’ side would be complete without him.

Tom Mitchell: This isn’t Tom’s fault. When he’s released as a ball winning midfielder he racks up massive numbers and becomes one of the new breed of ‘perma captains’; rollin in. However, his coach seems to like to use him at half forward sometimes for 1/2 a match even if the Swans need him in the middle, clearly he has wronged his coach in a personal way. So Sorry Tom, it’s not you… It’s Horse that lands you here.

Hamish Hartlett: I think of all players in this squad, I’d dislike owning Hamish the most. So much potential and yet his ability to score is like a solar eclipse, here one minute gone the next. Maybe one day it’ll all click for him and he’ll deliver in full on what he has shown he can do. However equally as likely is someone covering Eiffel 65’s “Blue” and returning it to the top of the iTunes charts.

Marc Murphy: At 28 is still yet to show that when he’s tagged he can work his way through it at score well from a fantasy footy perspective. When Judd was a round he was a gun, and maybe with Cripps now becoming the main man he could well return to those 100+ averages, but until then he’s staying in this side.

Dyson Heppell: I can speak from personal experience on this one… And the pain hurts. When Watson is in the side and getting attention Dyson is allowed to roam free like a free range chicken, collecting points at will. However, if his man pays any sort of attention to him he’s as hard to find as a sober person at a kebab shop at 3am. Thankfully for owners he’s still young (24) and while he now enters the prime of his career he could very quickly move himself from this squad if he can work his way through the tag in 2017.

Trent Cotchin: Last season Trent would’ve captained this side for me, but this year he’s been much more consistent in his scores. Maybe part of that is due to Dustin Martin full coming of age & him spending much more time in the middle to give Trent support, plus Dusty seems to be getting the tag more often than not if one is given. However, as seen on a few occasions like round 6 &15 against Port + round 1 against the Blues that when a tagger is sent to him you know it’s gonna be a bad night for scoring. He’s just squeezed himself into the team, but if I was needing to take out a midfielder to fit another in he’s the first to safety.


Tom Nicholls: Ah Tom… You my friend have shown yourself capable of being a hugely relevant scoring ruckman one who can win you a match up. You’ve also demonstrated you can be a relevant pain in the… At times he can be dominated by much less talented rucks and even out-bodied by midfielders in a contest. If Dan Currie was fit he’d probably not even be the Suns #1 ruck. However, he is this sides #1 ruck… Welcome Tom, lead us proud!

Max Gawn:  Yes, he’s the #1 ruck across all salary cap formats and will likely end up as the All Australian ruck of the year, but that doesn’t prevent him being a deserved member of this side. On a few occasions this season Max has completely spudded it on the fantasy scoreboard… and why? Because he just does. Somewhere in the depths of every Gawn owner the thought runs through your mind before each game ‘Is this the week? Is it the sub 60 game?’ If he can get these out of his game he’ll be quickly out of this side.


Stephen Motlop: Without even thinking Motlop’s name came straight to mind, and he could well find himself in the leadership group of this illustrious side. Capable of 40’s and 140’s against any opposition in any week. It’s a roll of the dice every single week with what you’ll get as an owner.

Jake Stringer: ‘The package’ slots in nicely to our forward line. Some games he can kick 5 goals and score 50 while others he can score 3 goals and ton up. You could argue it’s because all key forwards are rollercoasters however, Jake isn’t the traditional ‘tall” forward seeing as he spends several minutes on the ball as a tall midfielder. One day it’ll all click for him and the comparisons to Mark Riccuto will likely move from the ‘potential’ tag to reality… But until then, welcome to the team package.

Dale Thomas: If Rids had his way Daisy would be in the list just because of his haircut, but maybe we’ll leave the ‘bad hair 22’ for another time. Daisy at his prime at Collingwood was one of the ‘must’ have forwards, however he’s a shadow of his former self. Daisy is still capable of having a huge impact on games, however it is as rare as a contested ball win for Stanton, so for that reason Daisy makes it in.

Daniel Wells: Scoring potential isn’t the issue here, it’s just his body. He’s already missed a handful of games this season after basically missing 2 whole seasons through injury. While injuries can strike anyone in a game them seem to have a close relationship with him.

Michael Barlow: Similar to “Titch’s” inclusion into the side it isn’t Barlow’s fault he lands himself in this squad. When he’s allowed to play in the midfield over his career he’s a proven consistent 100+ averaging player who rarely has a poor game. However, in the past 18 months Ross Lyon has used him as a high half forward, forward pocket, WAFL player and whipping boy. The few games he’s been allowed back in the midfield he’s delivered great numbers. However, week by week you can never know what Ross will do, therefore Michael I’m sorry… Your on the list.

Justin Westhoff: The final piece of the puzzle, at his best he’d be a top 6 option, but sadly his fantasy best appears for only 5-10 minutes in a game, or at best a 2-3 week period. He has all the tricks to be a fantasy beast, but all the consistency of Telstra mobile data service… You’ll know know which day it all goes out (and for no reason.)

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