Weekend Warm Up: Round 20

4 weeks left to go in your fantasy footy season, and with lockout just hours away i’m back with the round 20 weekend warm up.

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2016 is over

So your season is over is it?  What a horrible feeling it can be. For some the preseason (which starts for hardcore coaches in December) was filled with so much promise and excitement only to turn out nothing like you’d hoped. A series of bad trade calls, injuries and some just plain bad luck could well have determined the verdict of your season seeing you miss out of league finals let alone have a stinker of an overall rank. The good news is one bad year (maybe in 2 or 3 in a row) don’t necessarily make you a bad coach, remember the amount of luck that needs to go your way to be successful is considerable.

If your season is over rather than pretend 2016 never existed and move onto next year, I’d encourage you to do an end of year review. Not a hypothetical review of “what if i had’ and “if only had happened,’ rather I’m talking about looking at the things within your control. What trades did you make this year that were bad? Did you pay top dollar for a player only to have them bottom out 4 weeks later? Did you cull a cash cow too early and in eagerness to complete your side you didn’t squeeze all the value out of the cow? How many injury forced trades did you make? Did you plan ahead for your moves, and if so did you stick to those plans more often or not? Did i burn through my trades too quickly? While on the flip side, was i too conservative and now playing too much ‘catch up’ too late in the year. While this isn’t a definitive question list I am trying to help you to see that ‘poor’ seasons can actually help you moving forward.I’d love to hear from you some of your lessons you’ve learnt in 2016.

When to fire?

So in the limited trade formats of SuperCoach & DreamTeam I don’t know many coaches who have more than 3-4 trades. If you do have some left chances are you’ll be wondering when should I use them. To be honest when to use them depends on 2 things, firstly whether your focus is on overall rankings or league wins. Or, finally what your squads bench depth is like. So let’s look at a series of ‘IF’ scenarios and I’ll share with you my advice.

  • IF, you are battling for a preliminary spot in your league and don’t think you can win without the trade, pull the trigger
  • IF, you are in a do or die elimination final, pull the trigger
  • IF, your going to be copping a 0, pull the trigger
  • IF, the trade is burning a hole in your pocket and you play for pure enjoyment, pull the trigger.
  • IF, your playing for overall and need to keep making ground, pull the trigger.
  • IF, you have strong depth & confident you’ll win your match up for a preliminary final, cease fire.
  • IF, your playing for overall, find yourself with a completed side and have no outs to cover, cease fire  


Trading Libba

Over 30% of SuperCoach players and approximately 15% of DreamTeam & AFLFantasy coaches own Tom Liberatore. With him ruled out for the remainder of the home and away season he’s a must trade. If your looking for some options I suggest listening/downloading our latest podcast episode, we spend 10 minutes looking at the best picks (across all the formats) for Libba. Just click play in the Soundcloud player below.

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